ALBA Synchrotron

29 Oct 2008 05:24
Subject: ALBA Synchrotron
ALBA Synchrotron – New particle accelerator in Spain for 2009

Image … ex_htm.htm … ex_fla.htm

*Info send me by Lleida Gifter.

29 Oct 2008 07:35
Subject: Re: ALBA Synchrotron
wow JE, an excellent and juicy target easy easy.-…
let’s not become operative this one, and have fun.


Manfred Hotwagner
29 Oct 2008 08:22
Subject: Re: ALBA Synchrotron
Here is a list of this kind of facilities Worldwide:…tion_facilities


29 Oct 2008 14:04
Subject: Re: ALBA Synchrotron
Yes Davide, a fun goal. I think it will never work as they want Laughing

Good info Manfred, Thank you !

02 Nov 2008 04:44
Subject: Re: ALBA Synchrotron
Synchrotron in Spain (Catalunya) is on the floor before inauguration (by Guillix)…ental-t1201.htm

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