Alejandro and Don Go to Prison

Last Wednesday, Javiera and Carol flew to Phoenix and rented a car to visit Quartzite and Sedona; Alejandro and I went to Portland after we dropped them at the Spokane Airport and the next day we went to prison.

On Wed evening we went, as free men, to Ya Hala Restaurant to meet Nancy and Chaz, who gift in and around Portland. Chaz has been gifting since 2001, in fact. The day before, he was attacked pretty severely–got quite ill. By the time we met him, though, he was rosey and chipper on account of the good work that the psychics and boosters did on him in the Wed. morning chat session, a few hours before. Nancy and Chaz had known Luis, who had done a lot of gifting with them around Portland before returning to Mexico, several years ago. We had met Luis at the same restaurant, shortly before that, and he helped Carol and I figure out what earthpipes can do when we gifted all arouund a huge underground base west of Portland where some militia guys had apparently been murderered by corporate mercenaries.

Ya Hala is a very fine Lebanese restaurant and we ordered the four-person feast [Image Can Not Be Found] so it took us a couple of hours to get through it. There weren’t a lot of leftovers, either. Lots of Lebanese were eating there, which is probably the best kind of endorsement. I imagined I was in ancient Phoenicia.

The next morning, Ale and I went to prison.

It’s the federal prison, about 50 miles southwest of Portland, which Fritz Springmeier was railroaded into. To be sure it was worth doing for Fritz, I asked Carol on the phone if he was still there and how he’s faring. She got the impression that he was in there and that he was surrounded by black energy.

It was pretty foggy, so the feds couldn’t track us without us spying them, too. We made sure Carol’s Succor Punch was hooked up to the 12v plug in teh console between the front seats, of course, to block their electronic surveillance. In case you don’t know, if you’re a gifter your car, perhaps even your shoes and clothing, not to mention your body, are chock full of tracking devices and transponders, so a Succor Punch is a necessity if you don’t want the agency $#!+birds to track you.

We tossed about 80 towerbusters on three sides of the prison, including about 40 of them in two ponds on one side and very close. Nancy and Chaz had tossed a few there, some time before, and had disabled hte death towers around the prison, which was fortuitous since it was too foggy for us to see them.

We then drove to Kelly’s house in Pullman, Washington–about 8 hours due to the freezing fog. Driving thru the Tri Cities on the way to and from Portland, Alejandro and I got headaches. His was a lot worse, since he has a lot of potential psi ability. He expressed a big urge to persuade Kelly to make a tub full of orgonite and immediately return to those hellholes: Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington, home of the Hanaford Nuclear Horror at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Carol and I had done some gifting there but even 30 earthpipes around the more visible nukes was a drop in teh bucket, of course. I bet there’s more underground in that area than on top of it… At least we saw signs of a lot of new prosperity, this time. Richland is a bastion for the Jehovah’s Witnesses–go figure [Image Can Not Be Found]

It was in Richland that Carol and I discovered, in March, 2002, that if you gift a primary tower then the secondary towers nearby also went down. Unfortunately, within a couple of months the $#!+birds decentralized the entire system and after that one had to gift all the towers. That was our incentive to develop the minimal towerbuster, which we thoroughly field tested in the following summer before we promoted it.

I had posted a notice (early May, 2002) that the then-new death towers could be easily disabled with orgonite. It was on the original cloudbuster forum, which the CIA commandeered the day affter they got me expelled for posing that. I was the administrator but Yahoo, the host of the forum, is administered by the Langley fart hammers, of course. That day, they also savaged my earthlink email account and locked our business website, also hostedon Yahoo. Pretty blatant interference by the $#!+birds, don’t you think?

I left Ale at Kelly’s house around 9PM and went home. I got an email from Ale that night saying that according to the US Bureau of Prisons website, Fritz had been moved to another federal $#!+hole in California. He figured that even if Fritz wasn’t there, at least we helped all the other political prisoners with our gifting. I said that if I had to choose to either believe my wife’s impression or a gov’t claim, it’s a no-brainer but that nobody, even the psychics, should be considered to have authority. The next evening I asked Carol to take a look at Fritz and she saw him surrounded with bright energy.

I’ll ask for some help for Fritz in today’s chat session, since we used his list, after all, to hunt for all the Illuminati families who had been trying their best to cause Armaggedon for the past few centuries. I might not be able to get in the chat today, due to some business arrangements, but if they do the job I’ll ask for details to post in this thread. This month, as you know, we’re focusing mainly on the plethora of false flag attack plans that were made around O’Bomber’s appointment to the presidency. I swear: every succeeding terrorist regime in the US since JFK’s assassination has uglier white house cabinets and now O’Bomber wants uniformed brain police among the populace, too. Dream on, moron.


Carol and Javiera are taking a hike in a canyon full of vortices near Sedona, today. Carol wanted to visit Lori, whom we met in Sedona at the Raw Eaters Soireé in September. Lori was in the booth next to ours.

They did Quartzite for a couple of days. Javiera has a close connection to gems and crystals and Quartzite’s annual gem show is like a Disneyland for energy-sensitive grownups. Carol gets a lot of stuff for the biz there, each year but I think she mainly just likes being around all that stuff. Dooney and Stevo went with us, last January.


Nice work! I wish I could visit that gem show.

Good to hear that about Fritz, if anyone wants his books I can e mail them, have 4, also Brice Taylor’s, Thanks for the memories. [email protected]


Thx, again, for that incredible resource, John!

Here’s a nice update from someone who corresponds with Fritz S. She apparently read the header to this thread and might have worried that Ale and I were also thrown into the massive American Gulag Archipelago with Fritz [Image Can Not Be Found] then she emailed Andy Schwarm ( the following:

Your address is the only one I have at the present time and I was wondering if you could get a message to Don Croft for me. I saw their post about him and Alejandro going to prison….

For the last few years I have been corresponding regularly with Fritz Springmeier. A few months ago my letters/info was returned stating he no longer was at the Sheridan, OR facility. At first I thought it might be a mistake and sent another letter and the same thing was marked on the returned letter.

A previous move of him was on short notice and I have been praying that I would get to hear from him again. PRAISE GOD HE answered my prayers, and today I got a letter from Fritz.

In case anyone needs his new address it is:
Fritz Springmeier #65941-065
Federal Correctional Institution
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Fritz’s letter have always been encouraging and upbeat. He is studying Japanese and hopes to relocate there as he has very good friends and supporters waiting for him. He truly is a light in a dark world. I’m so glad your crew are helping him… His release date is next Sept.

Andy, since you live fairly close do you have a shop that is open to the pubic?

Thanks to all of you who make such sacrifices to make this world a better place.

Sending love and blessing and prayer to all.


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