Alert For New England Gifters

The local Little-Bo-Peep news service reported that Rye Beach, New Hampshire was in consideration of placing a tower that resembles an evergreen tree. This is the first indication of such consideration broadcast for this area. Of course, it has been in general use for years in other parts of the country. The idea was touted as such a wonderful thing for improved cell phone reception without the obtrusive tower structure (sic).

We are already aware of the placement in church steeples, public buildings and in one case in Portland, atop retirement housing.

They just don’t give up. Like a deer that has been shot, they keep on running because they don’t know they are dead.

I just love those “disguised” cell towers that look like trees. They’re so obvious. Every one I’ve seen is the wrong type of tree for the area its in and they all seem to look like the Christmas tree you just dragged out to the curb to have the trash haulers take it away after Christmas (wink). Do they really think we’re THAT gullible? (hehe)

Even with all the extra money to paint it and decorate it to look like an out of place tree, one single little TB STILL claims them for the good guys (wink).