Alien Spider Infestation--How weird to you think life can be

When CArol gifted some of the power spots in Ireland, three years ago, she encountered a creepy offworld specie who resemble a form that shifts beteen spider and octopus. It happened when she climbed down into a narrow crevice to leave a HHg. The crevice is actually a deep faultline in one of the main vortices of Ireland. She may comment more about that in the thread.

We got a late start in the 'MASH" chat tonight due to hacker interference and some hangfires but spent a long time dealing with a new appearance of these ancient parasites on Dr STevo and CArol. Stevo had given Carol some Himalayan sea salt during their visit last week and it became apparent that when Carol drank the salt mixture in following days the spider parasite, which had been hidden for three years, was driven to the surface, so to speak.

Today, Stevo was violently and painfully assaulted by one of them, which apparently planted eggs in his back between the right shoulder blade and spine. Carol, Dooney and STevo mae it to the chatroom a couple of hours after the scheduled start and they were all seeing the same stuff happening with these spiders, which Dooney’s dodecahedron technique gradually eliminated, including the eggs. They found a batch of eggs behind Carol’s heart, next to her liver and elsewhere in her abdomen. I know that sounds pretty creepy but parasites are as parasites do, after all.

By the way, a guy emailed me the other day to report phemenal visual results with his new cloudbuster, in conjunction with busting a lot of death towers for some distance around his home. He made a point of saying that my talk about aliens really put him off but I deserve some recognition for what he’s done with orgonite, at least. I told him not to focus on whateer I say about aliens because that’s not very important. I’m just stating some observations for the record, not to convince people that this stuff is real. I suggested that all of this will sort itself out for him if it’s important.

For folks who have these experiences an see similar sights, reports like this are quite a comfort because we often naturally wonder if we’re nuts after we think about what we’ve seen.

We haven’t yet seen this specie in perspective but it almost seems as though the spider aliens were tagged to do what everyone else among the sewer rat hierarchies have failed to do, which is to eliminate our psychics. Dooney was dusted with a cloud of nanobots from a very low-flying, four engine plane some months ago when she was standing outside of their house. She got quite sick from that but fortyunately we had a group session that evening and managed to get her well and to disable the nanobots in her body, which were apparently an experimental joint proect of the US Air Force and the Chinese military, sprayed on people in certain isolated spots in Western North America, including Western Montana where Dooney and Stevo live. We heard of no more similar sprayings since then, so apparently we got to that particular sewer rat hierarchy effectivly.

These spider/octopus parasites are not widespread but after Carol came home from Ireland a few people in hte network, also a few people who are not part of the network, contacted us about having disquieting experiences with these aliens. That went on for a few months and then gradually subsided. Now, I’m wondering whether these folks should have some followup in case they’re hosting eggs, too.

The dodeca technique is an incredibly effective weapon and protective measure and it’s stood up well in all situations since Dooney introduced it several months ago. I think it’s a ‘next level’ development, like orgonite was the next level after orgone accumulators.

Every time i express a solid hunch in the presence of our marvellous psychics they rib me about my claim that I’m not psychic <img border=“0” alt=“Undecided” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-undecided.gif” />

So, I offer this analogy: In my view, the really talented psychics in our chat sessions are like virtuosi; ffeatured soloists in an orchestra. I’m like the guy who gets to hit the big cymbal once in awhile, on cue. A peek at our sheet music gives another view of our respective measures of talent.

STevo rubbed it in again, tonight, on account of my posted report of seeing purple water in that vortex Jeff and I had just gifted offshore in the Gulf, near Marco Island.

This morning, by the way , during my walk I saw another UFO up close, about a quarter mile away.

I’d only seen one other UFO in Florida since we got here (we saw a wide variety when we spent a few months in Florida in late 00 to mid 01). Jeff and I saw that one weaving in and out of a DOR bank above the seaside nuke plant we had just gifted but it was pretty far away. It was in March, I think . It was metallic but moved in a way that only antigrav craft can do. It was apparently being used to try to bolster that DOR bank, which may actually have been a thoughtform. Soon after that, that persistent DOR bank near the nuke plant disappeared for good and even the sea in front of the plant, where they continuosly dump their radioactive effluvia, cleared up from Mississippi opaque brown to lovely, clear aquamarine. I can’t express how gratifying it is to clean up a horrid patch of water with orgonite.

The UFO I saw this morning had several white lights around it and one red ligh, so I thought it was a helicopter at first. This was an hour beore sunrise, so it was dark. When i saw the thing quickly duck down behind some trees I immediately took off my walkman headset to listen for chopper blades and watch for it to pop up again but it had made no sound at all and I didn’t see it again.

I asked the psychics, this evening, whether the ship belongs to good guys or bad guys and STevo looked at it and told me it’s a good one, which felt very comforting. I’d never seen a UFO light configuration like that one…

We helped Igor get his naturopath friend in Central Italy clear of the Jesuit freaks who were trying to destroy him and several other reputable healers. Some whales took an interest in destroying teh crystal that these Vatican parasites were ritually chanting into, then Dooney dodeca’d all six of them out of our dimension. We’ll do some followup for him on Sunday. Igor had to down a lot of coffee to participate in tonight’s chat because it started at 2AM for him. What a guy! Jeff an Carol were successfully blocked out by government-employed hackers this time but we managed to get it all done. CArol gave me some cues on teh phone, since she was still able to read the postings. She’ll be back home next week.

We sent a bunch of energy to our new friend in Nairobi, Shiro, who is in dire straits on account of her new commitment to gifting. You’ll be hearing that name quite a bit once she hits her stride, pretty soon I believe.


Don had the idea during this chat to make the water dodecs I was building around the spiders salt water dodecs, and that gave us some amazing results. These spiders are in the etheric space, so when I dodec someone who has spiders, I see tens or hundreds of the creatures scurrying out of that person’s space. It’s pretty creepy, but most darkside stuff is. The spiders lay lots of eggs, which I dodec individually, and they explode after being dodec’d.

Stevo has felt tons better since we got rid of his spiders. We haven’t found any on me, but then we haven’t really looked. We found a number of people in today’s chat with spiders and we were able to get rid of them. This is not the first time we have seen insect aliens, so they seem to be a big part of controlling this planet. Today we connected the spiders with the Jesuits, which was interesting. We also saw the spiders connected with voodoo, so I think we’ve discovered a big part of their arsenal against us.

As Don says, this might just be too weird for some of you to contemplate. In my experience, every time we destroy some aliens we physically feel better. The correlation is too strong to be coincidence. But that is something you will have to decide for yourself.


Thanks, Dooney. Indications are that these spider parasites are a temporary obstacle, by the way. It may be that these creatures were simply tagged to do what everyone else in the World Odor has failed to accomplish and the dodecahedron has proven its durability as a weapon, again and again, since you introduced it last spring. Even I’m getting proficient with it, which means just about anyone can do it.

Eliminating these parasites has shown the dodec’s potential as a healing device, too, which is in line with all the other etheric weapons that people in this network have developed in recent years.

You and Stevo have taken us all to new levels in the past year or so and it’s become a wonderful habit for us to follow in your smooth wake. Remember when taking down predators was really hard to do?


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