All of this after only gifting two death towers

Hi Don:

A while back I wrote and told you and Carol that I had gifted the two major towers in our town.
They sit on mountains and our town is in a valley between them. Of course
after gifting them the chem trails no longer stick, I have also noticed
the black line that the chem planes follow, a new operation here, but it
does not make the chem trails stick any better and they have also been
spraying lower here as well.

The business climate here has been
depressed for years and cooperation between business, or even neighbors
for that matter has been just as depressing. Although since gifting
those towers some good developments are manifesting.

The town officials
decided to start having monthly business meetings, they offer a free
breakfast and we talk about new ideas to help the business community. We
have decided to form a business organization to help promote loc
al business, this in and of itself is no big deal, but the fact that it
is happening here is.

It is very uncharacteristic of what has ever
happened here before and the fact that everyone is excited and interested
is very encouraging. I have made some TBs over the winter and I plan on
making more. I cant wait until the weather warms up because I plan on
gifting all the local lakes.

I feel Lake Champlain can really use some
gifting. They spray heavily over Burlington and it seams to stick there
well. It is a big lake and it will be a big job, the biggest gifting job
I have ever done. It will have to be done in stages, but I look forward
to the conformations. I have been reading that a lot of people are adding
charged water to there TBs, do you think this is necessary, or helpful? I
have never used it before and still received excellent conformations.

Thanks and God Bless


Thx, Mike–I’m posting this on EW so that our readers will see that sometimes grand results can be achieved wtih just a little bit of gifting.

As far as we can tell, charged water ini orgonite can sometimes produce impressive effects but they seem to be temporary. At any rate, orgonite charges water, so whatever you drop in a body of water will turn that water into an effective healing device for the environment. We gifted the big lakes in this region and have been pretty astonished by the effects we’ve observed over the winter, which has been the mildest one we’ve ever experienced, by the way.

It seems to be consistent, though, that the more orgonite one puts in the water, the stronger the effects will be. We dropped 200 towerbusters in teh 25-mile long lake by us, for instance, and in each of the other really big lakes in our immediate region. We restored the reef in the Florida Keys last year by putting one TB every half mile along its 150 mile length. I give these examples to show that we don’t really know much about the parameters. We generally dowse for the amount of ‘ammo’ we’re going to need for a particular mission.