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Hello everyone,

I wanted to share the completion of the gifting on the Amalfitan Coast with the new CB that I made and set up a few days ago. Actually, the gifting of the coast has been going on at various times starting from last year when I first went to visit a couple of friends – now the CB owners – I had made the acquaintance with on the Italian chemtrails forum.

They live in the Tramonti Valley, up the hill, in a wonderful secluded spot amid lemon trees and unspoilt vegetation that you can only reach after climbing more than 300 steps:

Go figure what it was like to carry all the stuff up there.

So they have chosen to live a simple and quiet life in the nature growing their own food and selling the various products of their garden: I think this is just what many would like to do. Every time I visit them I always feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Differently from other farmers of the area who use any kind of destructive chemical fertilizers, they apply the teachings of the Japanese microbiologist Masanobu Fukuoka who developed the so called “do-nothing” method of farming. I don’t know much about Fukuoka-san, but here’s a good link to read about his interesting philosophy which appears to be a spiritual path:

As I was saying before, the gifting of the coast has been going on at various times, mostly because there was a lot to do in the region but I wanted to complete the work done and the setting up of the CB was a good opportunity to do it. I started last year on my first visit to my friends gifting 20km of the coast – a TB every kilometer – and the few towers on my way there. There aren’t many really, the bigger ones are in the mountains, they are busted now so the most important gifting to do was to grid the area with orgonite. Anyway, here’s one of the antennas:

On the day of my first trip I took this photo, it’s the beautiful “Eremo di Santa Maria de Oleara” dating back to the X century:

At the beginning of July my socio and I went to the Coast again to gift Amalfi and the towers there before visiting our friends . Firstly, we tossed some TBs in the harbor then went up the town to bust what seemed to be the main antenna on top of a hill, then we tossed other TBs in a subterranean canal that flows under the town. Amalfi has a history of sea trade in the Middle Ages, it was one of the four Maritime Republics together with Venice, Genoa and Pisa. It had settled colonies all over the Mediterranean especially in the Middle East and was a powerful independent republic. A couple of photos of that day:

On my last trip I decided to get there from the mountains, which is the longest way to reach the Coast, to deploy as much as orgonite possible. I gifted the river that flows in the Tramonti Valley and another couple of towers near Ravello. I also tossed other TBs in the sea at Minori then went to meet my friends to set the CB:

After that we made some more orgonite: I asked them to distribute it in the surroundings to reinforce the grid for the CB to work properly. They are gifting it now in the woods and in the harbor of Maiori:

Especially the lady is attracted to orgonite and gifting because she’s already had good experiences with it after I gave her a pyramid as a present. She told me that she was having very vivid dreams keeping it in the bedroom. She is a very genuine user of the Italian forum and her posts are always interesting and positive. She is also interested in using orgonite in farming so I left her metal shavings and crystals and I’m sure she will try herself at it. Anyway, I’ll pay more visits in the future.

I’m very satisfied with this experience on the Amalfitan Coast, the efforts made all over the province/region are giving good results: we are having a mild summer after the abundant rainfalls of the past months. This is good and an actual proof of the work done with orgonite. As to the unorganized gifting movement in Italy the debunkers attacked us again this week but new gifters are joining us posting photos of their orgonite or asking how to build a CB. Sure we explain that gifting is the most important thing to do first.

I wanted to report another gifting I did in Cilento a couple of weeks ago when I went to Polla for a day trip. Here too the mountain top array of the area had already been gifted last winter so there were only some towers left in the valley. Following my intuition I got here at the first attempt not knowing the way:

Then went outside the town to bust another antenna:

After that I went back to the town and gifted the Tanagro:



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