An eagle and a magpie---

Carol works in her sleep most nights and often she even leavces her body before she goes to sleep. I once saw her leaving and put my arm where she’d been lying. Her body was still there, of course, and the shock of the contact slammed her back into her body [Image Can Not Be Found]

A couple of weeks ago, Carol started having a recurring OBE in which she flew through the dark without finding a destination. After a few times, I offered to go with her and help out, so we took a nap together one the afternoon, a couple of days ago. I’ve only had a few OBEs that I can recall and haven’t learned to do it at will but I was confident that I could go along with her, one way or another.

We woke up awhile later and she told me that she had turned into a golden eagle, according to the feathers she saw when she was looking around. She looked behind and saw me as a magpie and said, ‘Oh my God–grow up!’ I liked Heckle and Jekyll cartoons an awful lot when I was a kid and I also like watching the magpies on our porch when I’m doing email. They are, in fact, a juvenile specie. There’s no accounting for personal taste, of course.

The experience that afternoon wasn’t any different for her, otherwise, since the surroundings were still dark and she didn’t know where she was going. I offered to send along an astral GPS with her, next time.

I wonder if Carol and I are just not supposed to know where we’ll land when we leave Florida in a couple of days. Psychics like to know where they’re going more than we ordinary folks might.

For those who have a talent for OB experiencesl and want to sharpen your skills for the benefit of the network, Carol’s happy to answer your specific questions and comments in this thread. I’m still setting her up for answering questions in posts and she’ll probably lose her shyness after we get some rythm. Maybe she’ll just post some general advice and observations, otherwise. I’m constantly surprised by how many people want to be more psychic.

Most of the folks who talk about this can’t be trusted, by the way, because they’re recruiters for the GWB. Agents of those people who ‘owned metaphysics’ and put the stamp of Theosophy on it until gifters came along have tried to paint big bullseyes on the backs of folks like Carol and D Bradley with private-email slander campaigns, as you may have noticed in recent years.

‘It’s better to light a match than to curse the stench in the elevator,’ though, as the sage says.


I’ve always felt inclined upon things of this nature, always had a curiousity in my life about the unknown and psychic issues. But I was always told it was evil and disniformed about it, all kind of stupid things that always kept me with fear, till almost a year that Ive been sharing with you, dear ethericwarriors.

It feels pretty good to be able to have this kind of selfless support in this board, which is one, among a lot other characteristics, that makes it different and enjoyable, from other boards.

Am sure that Carol will do great answering any kind of questions or doubt, as she always have via Don or herlself. And at the same time is a great opportunity for us to break the ice an interact more with her. I think this is a very interesting topic and will do much good to this network. I look forward to do whatever is possible for me, in order to help. I hope you do too [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence, Jose. Carol loves talking about this stuff and has a unique approach, as does Dooney, Dr Stevo, DB and every other reputable psychic I’ve known. For me, the best part of having the bounty of interacting with psychics in this new field of research (new since Dr Reich laid it all out as a functional, scientific approach) is to see these highly individual approaches achieve synergy, as happens during the chat sessions. My second favorite aspect is that we’re wrenching general metaphysical enquiry away from the Theosophists and related pirates, who had claimed ownership of All Things Metaphysical before we all stumbled onto the scene <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> .

Anyone who has the talent for this psychic work and also a sense of commitment to healing is perhaps obligated to develop some skills, also should consider that these may be personal survival skills in the field, which should be honored. I’ve often felt that any gifter who has psi talent has a tremendous personal (potential) contribution to this grassroot network, which The Operators sustain and direct.

Speaking of The Operators, Jeff, Carol, Dave Emmett and I tossed thousands of towerbusters into the sea over the past year and we’re seeing the payoff, now, in terms of HAARPicanes failing to attain proper forms along their pathways. The cloudbusters that are distributed throughout the Caribbean can account for some of this success and key storm-boosting areas (including a significant part of the Bermuda Triangle’s western section) that we’ve gifted can account for some more but the dolphins apparently took much or most of the orgonite that we all tossed and distributed it in vital energy spots all the way to West Africa, where HAARP is generating a new would-be hurricane every week and throwing it at us all.

Carol and I are taking our time packing but we’re both pretty far behind in correspondence and posting. Jeff, also Bob Roper, have generously been helping us when time permits.

Saturday (two nights ago), around midnight, a cherry picker pulled up in our driveway and a crew spent an hour installing a new weapon on the phone pole beside our house. Carol sat in the dark and watched them, also watched an unmarked, white SUV pull up in the church parking lot across the grassy field from our house. A crew member trotted over to confer with the driver of the SUV. She got in all their heads and the crew obviously didnt’ iknow what they were installing; the SUV driver shielded himself or was shielded by a psychic. I’m mentioning this because posting about specific sewer rats’ secret activities that are aimed at any of us goes a long way toward defeating the World Odor which, like any other parasite, needs obscurity to survive.

There were two or three explosions at the transformer as the guys were working on the thing and then she felt the strong energy from the device, a very low-frequency DOR pulse. It may be that my wife didn’t wake me up through all that because she didn’t want me to go out and confront the Florida Power and Light crew and the felonious fed in the SUV, as I did with the Palm Beach County SWAT cops (fat Southern ninjas in body armor) in our yard, last month, who were trying to intimidate us. The only government thing creepier than this new, Russian-directed Homeland Security Abomination, in my opinion, was Hitler’s Vril SS (really, who directed whom in that previous scenario?).

I hope that when Carol has time to comment in this thread that she’ll also say a word or two about this new, cone-shaped device on the transformer on the phone pole next to our house. She’s shielded from the thing as long as she’s wearing a HP or has plenty of orgonite around her, thank grid.


I use to have those dream-time conscious vendors at will time ago. They were interesting, opening the whole concept of reality into living fabrics. I figured out, after departing the body that I was in some kind of spiral continuum, spinning and spinning. The amount of rotating affected how ‘far’ I was going to be from the ordinary reality. The actual ‘real-time’ OBEs I have had only few that I remember. However it sometimes was found out, the dimensions in which I found myself, were ahead of time so to speak. In other words things I saw there came into being later on in my life. The journey once also went further and further, I woke up in different worlds wondering if I finally had waken up in my ordinary world. How wierd was that. Then at one point my awareness was at such a level I just ripped the whole reality of my dreaming into pieces, always continuing higher and higher. My last memoirs from this voyage are about flying in infinite space far away from here, and colourful flames burning in the horizon. That was pretty freeing experience, showed me something about the nature of our true self and consciousness.

What I figured also was, that while having left the body consciousness, breathing through a certain chakra affected the experienced reality. My choice once was the crown chakra and up I went. The universe sure is big a thing I tell you! Though it could be, in order to get some practical use for this stuff, to get it closer to our physical and etheric reality, a heart chakra would have better use maybe?

At some point after having been all around, I begin to feel the same problem Carol seems to be having currently. I had no actualy destination, which soon took the inspiration away from getting in ‘there’. Interesting of course would be how these phenomena would show up after having initiated in gifting, which has very a practical purpose after all.

Have to stop for now. God bless,


Sorry for the lag, due to bad timing. Packing and moving has
pretty much taken Carol out of the loop for awhile but she’ll get to
this thread. I think the ‘no destination’ thing just has to do
with moving, by the way. I"m sorry you got a different impression, Pekka.

She’s been in vagabondage with me for six years, after
all, and would like to have a home, which we hope to remedy shortly.
When she ‘gets back’ she’ll offer a few pointers on how to get the most
from an OBE, which shouldn’t be looked at as bizarre or a way to
grandstand. It’s a functional approach to gathering useful intel,
rather, which a few in this network have been able to exploit.
Dooney’s probably going to bring quite a few more substantive psychics
into the loop before long…

folks have a talent for out of body experiences and some just don’t (a
magpie won’t be an eagle, for instance). The ones who do have this gift
should see it as another opportunity to help humanity, I

D Bradley found the cleverly hidden anchor
point of the city of Glendale’s satanic grid by going out of his body,
for instance, and Carol adn I went with him to gift that secluded
granite pyramid/tomb. You can bet it wasn’t on any map and it was quite
remote. The armed feds who came around on foot after we were done
and were leaving was a nice confirmation. The remaining smog in
that part of Los Angeles disappeared before we even got back to the car
and it felt wonderful there for the first time in perhaps a century.

This is an example of how one can use an OBE to help
humanity. When Carol and I get off the road in a few days she’ll
post something substantive in this thread and answer some of the
comments. Let’s always keep the functional aspect of psychic
skills in the forefront, okay?


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