An Energy Healer's Experience with Orgonite

> I have a Pyramidal Orgone Succor Punch hooked up to a mini zapper that I use
> in my healing temple I work out of along with 9 pieces of orgone in a vortex
> configuration with 3 more pieces along the bottom of my massage table. I
> originally had one piece of orgone at the location of each chakra but it was
> too much, it would just make my whole body vibrate while laying on the table
> and I’m used to high energy, cant imagine what it would have done to someone
> else. When I observe the interaction taking place clairvoyantly there is
> actually spin taking place in the room. I’d read that you suggest not
> programming the orgone to do anything but in the case of the healing temple
> I put together, to optimize the room for maximum healing potential the
> Akashic Records actually had me program 9 of the pieces that line the walls
> and ceiling and the succor punch to specific functions (it was the crystals
> inside the orgone rather than the orgone itself that was being programmed).
> I got 4 pages worth of readings confirmed and fine tuned by another reader
> and the orgone was a key part of the whole system. I’ve used the SP
> before in some interactions with Reptillians and needless to say they
> weren’t huge fans of it. What are some other uses for it?
> A******


Thanks a lot for that, A*****. My programming comment was in teh context of this being un-necessary for field orgonite. I think that personal orgonite can be loaded up with as much extra stuff as the user feels is appropriate and that someone with genuine skill will be inspired to really pile it on in a productive way. Orgonite simply makes all good things work better, after all.

The people who had been heavily promoting the notion of programmed orgonite were egotistical, programmed drones, too, and I was responding to that so that their aggressive promotions would not become adopted as essential.

I breathed a big sigh of relief when our African cohorts started using their orgonite on a large scale to improve agriculture and fishing because this is the simplest possible orgonite (like my stuff [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and it’s producing the most impressive results on the planet in that way.

I absolutely encourage you to continue to follow through on your hunches and I hope you’ll keep me posted. I’m posting this anonymously for our readers, by the way. I reckon you’ll let me know if you don’t feel that’s appropriate and I won’t post any more of your reports after that. Putting someone’s name out there is sometimes not a benefit, at least while the agencies still have the ability to turn someone’s life into a $#!+storm on account of his good work, reported publicly. Keeping your name confidential pretty much guarantees that they won’t bother you for this, I think.

Al Bielek told us that the Van Allen Belt is the Akashic Record. When someone gets information in a meditative state he/she is simply accessing this data bank, evidently. Bad guys can do it just as well as good guys can. What the bad guys have cut themselves off from is information that has not been part of humanity’s universal experience. I think that’s the source of all the new ideas, including the stuff we’re all doing with orgonite. Of course that also becomes part of the record but I suspect that if you ever feel directly inspired to do something original, then the source of that is perhaps the entities whom we affectionately but generically refer to as The Operators. The sewer rats always want you to assume that the source is them. Unquestioned dogma is their favorite hook. Individual discernment is the antidote for dogma.

Parasites do as parasites are but if you’re doing good healing work I assume you’re essentially clear of them.

Thanks for telling me about your work! I know a lot of good, skilled healers and the ones who adopt orgonite as part of their repertoire have become more productive and confident. It just gets better and better after that.

Your note gave me an opportunity to say, again, to that the work we’re doing moves ahead largely on account of the contributions of people who accurately see or sense subtle energy. I was pleased to know that you check your findings with another skilled psychic. The psychics who work together on are showing a new path in scientific enquiry. Someday there will be instruments that adequately measure subtle energies but even when that comes to pass nothing will match the consultation of reputable psychics for exploring this new realm. I expect the instruments, themselves, are going to need to be used by people who are energy sensitive, at least

I have just enough psi experience to appreciate the value of people who have the ability on call, by the way. I’m pretty sure that if I can have certainty about this, so can anyone else who will spend the effort to examine reality independently