An Historic Moment in Cinema?

While watching a rented video (DVD) tonight, I spied what looks to me like an orgonite pyramid. The movie is titled, “Stranger Than Fiction” with Emma Thompson, Duston Hoffman and Wil Farrell. 20 minutes and 4 seconds, according to my video counter, into the movie, in the chapter called “Trees are Trees”, the main character in the movie is in the psychiatrists office. This doctor is a very new agey doctor, with quartz crystals on his desk. In the corner of the room is an end table with a lamp, and next to the lamp is a 6" amber pyramid which apparently contains pieces of metal shavings, just like the creations I’ve seen made by the vendors associated with this web site. Is Hollywood finally sneaking orgonite into the mainstream media outlets? You can take a look and see for yourself……This may be history in the making folks. Here’s a photo…


It definitely looks like orgonite. Would be very difficult to fake that look and why would someone go through that rouble…

A historic Moment indeed: Mainstreaming Orgonite!


Not only is there an HHG, the lamp next to it looks almost exactly like one of my Powerwands only twice as tall.

I think I’ll start planning my wealthy retirement.