An NSA schmuck in our driveway and some boat & trailer sabot

It’s a good idea to post accounts like this so that others can watch for these sewer rats and confront them.

A couple of mornings ago, when Carol was out on an errand, a van drove in, turned around and parked near the house. It had Florida plates and the graphics on it indicated ‘California Closets.’

There’s a franchise location for that company in town, apparently, according to the Google search I just did. As you probably know, the sewer rats are likely to use any corporation’s vehicles. Maybe that’s a new surveillance feature since the treasonous Patriot Acts were enforced. When we were gifting ATlanta a lot of the surveillors drove ‘Coca Cola’ vehicles, for instance, and another popular choice for them is ‘Verizon,’ especially the cherry pickers when they’re putting surveillance cameras on nearby phone poles or rooftops.

He was parked there for about five minutes until I went out, looked into the back of the van (lots of boxes), then approached the driver. He was on the phone, but rolled his window down. He looked pretty anxious and I said, ‘You lost?’

He said, ‘Yes, but I just got directions over the phone,’ then he quickly drove away.

When Carol got back, I asked her to look at what happened and she said right away that the guy is NSA and that they were testing me to see whether I’d contront the guy. She had found several video cameras trained on our house from different angles, so we don’t have any illusions about privacy. Since this house has a lot of space around it, though, and is bordered by a swamp and wide creek on two sides it’s really tough for them to get people close to us during the day without us noticing and this really bothers them.

If we were in a neighborhood they’d have purchased one or two houses nearby, for instance, to use as operations bases in case they were ordered to erase us on short notice. We chased the felonioius feds out of several houses near us in Idaho when we lived there. We did it by gifting all around the houses and by dailly ‘drive bys,’ during which we honked our horn, gave them the finger (they’re all paranoid, so have cameras pointed at the street) and blasted them. It was especially fun to do that on Carol’s motor scooter, with her driving. A genuine warrior uses all the weapons at his disposal<img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />and when any of those thugs were outside, they gave us some pretty nasty looks.

This level of active surveillance is done to a few of us in the network’s front row. and it’s a badge of honor as well as a pain in the butt.

Bradley once took me on a walking tour of his neighborhood in Pasadena to show me the five houses, very close to his, that were purchased by the FBI, NSA, CIA and LAPD (Los Angeles County’s police department is a subgroup of the CIA, of course), right after the untimely death of some of his elderly neighbors. We both saw–up close and personal–a smug, green-skinned ‘woman’ with no nose or ears come out of the NSA house’s driveway, right in front of us that time. That was pretty creepy. I think she’s the one who was later carted away, motionless, on a stretcher with a towel covering her face, later that day after I had trained my brand new Powerwand on the NSA house for an hour or so. I did that because he and his family had been sick for quite awhile from the beaming that was directed at them from that house across the street. Bradley, who was one of the bystanders, told me she was dead. I was away on an errand at the time. Another ambulance took another body away from that house on a stretcher at the same time. I guess the NSA has plenty of ambulances on call and they have a major (thoroughly gifted) underground facility nearby: Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NSA is the tip top of the secret police dung heap in America and that guy’s visit on Monday underscored Carol’s recent impression that the FBI has apparently passed the buck to them, again, having failed ot erase us in the past year. The FBI were getting the local thug cops to surveille us constantly and that suddenly stopped about a month ago, right after the unpleasant SWAT team incident in our yard with the mouth-breathing FBI observers/directors in the church parking lot nearby.

It was the NSA that set up the successful sniper hit in Pasadena in '99 that I’m not supposed to mention. It took three months to set that one up, by the way, so it’s probably a good thing that Carol and I are leaving here in a week or two <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />. If I were them, I’d just shoot us and be done with it but apparently they have more complicated protocols. I’m glad for that, at least. We’ll probably settle in an area where the feds are unpopular. Folks around here will bend over for them, as evidenced by the way the Bush familgy gave the Mafia control of Palm Beach County and its police. The Bush family has a lot of nasty partners in their ‘import business,’ and the FBI runs interference for them when they’re not trying to erase patriots.

Next time one of the NSA rats shows up to bait me, I’ll take his picture and ask someone to post it for me. I’ll take a pistol out with me, too, for effect. Why not have a little fun at their expense? There probably won’t be a next time, though, after this post. I wonder if those Nervous Nellies get hazardous duty pay for exposing themselves to Carol and I. I wonder if they draw straws for those jobs

The FBI were stealing gas from our boat and I eventually put a lock on the hatch where the gas tank is accessed. That stopped but two weeks ago, when Carol and I were on the first of the two day Florida Keys gifting sortie, the motor started cutting out when we were about 30 miles west of Key West (a little distraughtening [Image Can Not Be Found] and she felt it was due to a little tampering by humans in conjunction with some beaming by draconians. We were halway to the Dry Tortugas in an area where there were no other boats.

Since we were approaching a big underwater/underground base (marked on the charts as a restricted area) we kept going and just blasted back.

The next day, Jeff, Bob, Carol and I gifted the remaining sixy miles of the Florida Keys and the motor was fine throughout but we took the boat in for a tuneup, yesterday, and the mechanic called and said he couldn’t figure out how we were able to run the engine at all because the line was full of fresh water and there was a huge amount of water in the fuel tank. He asked if we were using the boat in fresh water or whether we’d gotten some bad fuel and I said, ‘No, we always gas the car from the same pump on the same day but do you think it was done deliberately? It apparently happened the night before when we were at a motel.’’

I think he had a hard time wrapping his brain around the idea of sabotage but when we went back to look at the problem we explained to the guys in the shop what we had been using the boat for and one of the mechanics said he’d heard about orgonite from a friend. He showed us how to check the fuel separator for water, which we’ll do each time we go out on long gifting sorties from now on. It’s obvious that The Operators were watching out for us, this time, but ‘Trust in God but tie your camel,’ of course. They’re draining the tank today, so we’ll find out how much water is in there and I’ll post a followup.

Folks, one reason it’s so important to post stuff like this is that it exposes the sewer rats’ modus operendi, effectively forcing them to look for other ways to interfere with us. This keeps us in the proactive mode and them in the reactive mode. Until they’re finally brought to justice this is probably the best we can do. I certainly don’t advise shooting these traitors because that would cause us to lose our initiative, even if it werent’ just plain inappropriate to do physical violence to them except in self defense or in the defense of other innocents. The sewer rats are sneaky cowards, though, so you don’t need to worry about having to sanction them that way. Their offworlder predator buddies are fair game, though.


Actually, this might accurately sum up the distinction between the stupid FBI and the more resourceful NSA: FBI steals your gas but NSA p!$$es in your gas tank

I would be pleased to post any stinky agent/fed photo for you in my website, of course, if you get to pass the hackers effciciently

Jose, after we move I’ll get some professional help to get photos past the sewer rats and into my posts, etc. It’s too bad that the secret police apparently own all of the public photo album sites, or at least the free ones. I’ll sure take you up on your generous offer, then, thanks! The trick, for now, is to be able to send photos via email successfully. Years ago, it became obvious that certain photos, like the one of Carol crouching in the short doorway of the old Celtic underground chamber in Hudson Valley, just couldn’t be sent, even though it was shot at the same time, with the same camera, as several other photos which I have been able to send, at least until I set up EW a couple of years ago. Come to think of it, that door was so short I’m wondering if leprechauns built that chamber <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />.

Here’s a note from a gal who has a history of involvement with high-level government/satanic rituals (only women–certain ones–can conduct these, apparently) in an altered state but is breaking clear of her dissociative Monarch programming now:

Hi Don ,
> Just want to share my own “spook” experience of late.
> On a nice sunny and clear day last week the power went out. We live in a
> rural area and our ancient line does go through many trees. Thing is we
> are the
> only ones on this particular line. So I phoned the electric company to
> ask
> what the nature of the outage was as we had just been to the grocery and
> stood
> to loose $$$$ worth of food .It was hot and humid that day. The person on
> the
> other end told me it was a main transformer .About an hour later a
> company
> employee shows up (mirrored sunglasses) and says that it is the
> transformer on
> our pole. Before saying this he said he had been to a couple of other
> peoples houses whose power was out as well. Again we are the only ones on
> this line
> who use this pole transformer.He seemed surprised that both me and my
> husband were here and I followed him around as he checked the connection
> to the
> house. “Yep” he said.It’s your pole.(HUH?) I’ll send some one out to work
> on
> your pole transformer." He left .The remained off for another 4 hours. No
> one
> ever showed to work on our pole.
> Fast forward 2 days….A new unmarked white van with blacked out
> windows
> pulls cautiously up the drive in the afternoon…(our driveway is @ 700
> ft.
> long) Guy gets out ,shiny clean and neat doesn’t appear to have been
> working
> like an electrician ,just like the first guy. My husband is an
> electrician.This guy says that the fellow up the road is getting shocked
> when he touches his
> water spigots and he needs to check our ground . Again this doesn’t float
> because we are the only ones on our line. He disappeared into the brush
> supposedly looking for the ground. I couldn’t follow him around as I had
> a toddler
> to tend to and the septic inspector showed up at this time. No word from
> this
> guy before he left. Hmmm………
> %%%%

Thanks, %%%%, and congrats! You just achieved a higher level of active surveillance. You been gifting or something? Have you learned to blast these sewer rats yet? If not, maybe it’s a good time for you to get some lessons from Dooney. Also, if you’ll keep a Succor Punch running in house, purse and/or car you’ll get your privacy back, or at least the audible part. ~Don

Carol and I picked up the boat from the shop on Wednesday and we were told that there were several gallons of water in the tank and that it could only have gotten there by someone putting it in with a hose, intentionally of course. The guys in the shop, including a couple of Haitians, were happy to get some orgonite, which we passed out. The shop manager was eager to see how his personalized towerbuster, even when hidden, can stop bad customers from going off on him

The folks who own and operate that business cater to the yuppies and money people in Palm Beach County, by the way, and they sell a lot of expensive boats so I doubt anyone’s more mainstream than them. It was quite heartening to be able to tell them about our weather warfare and reef-healing successes and get a fair, appreciative hearing. You ought to try it where you live; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the opening awareness of the PJ folks.


Carol took the camper trailer to get serviced prior to our next move across the country and when she was halfway across the field between our house and the fundamentlist, Fed-friendly church’s parking lot the brakes on the trailer locked and she plowed a couple of dark furrows for fifty yards or so
There’s a wire cable that plugs into the emergency brake on the trailer and attaches to the trailer hitch in case the trailer comes entirely loose on the highway. A fed, apparently, had unplugged the cable from the brake. When we hitched the trailer, we wondered why the cable seemed longer than usual. That was a pretty good joke on us but at least, now, I know where to plug the cable back in on the trailer tongue.

I’m hoping that we’ll be buzzed by a very low and slow flying saucer when we leave Florida, this time, as happened last time. That was really neat, though I think we were supposed to be freaked out. I know that we freaked out another UFO pilot a few months before that when we and he were monitoring a much larger, orange UFO some distance away. Carol and I left the interstate that night to get closer to the big, oval shaped object in the sky and after ten minutes or so of driving, we realized that the UFO was so huge that it must be very, very far away since it wasn’t getting any bigger during our approach. We parked the car by the side of the road to watch it and we heard a sound, coming from the right side of the car sort of like steady wind in a tree. We looked that way just in time to see one of those big, triangle antigrav craft–about a quarter mile away and at treetop level–bank sharply and fly kind of slowly away from us. I think he noticed us right before we noticed the craft.

Florida can be kind of interesting. The big orange ship was apparently over an underground base. Carol got the impression that the guys in the orange ship were little Andromedans–the good guys. We saw another one, just like that, one night near our town in Idaho a couple years later in the middle of the night. Too bad all the UFO socieites, including MUFON, are owned and operated by the CIA because some of the unwitting contributors to those organizations have genuine experiences like this one and it would otherwise be possible to correlate a lot of useful info if not for those organizations.


Hey Don-

Great thread. I am coming back from taking a “spiritual detour” as I like to call it and getting back into the net research and gifting again since last spring.

I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that the feds sometimes use Verizon vans for surveillance because I have noticed a lot of such vans when I am out and about gifting or just out biking. This one time I was pulling into the parking lot of my school, I saw three guys run out of one of the back entrances of the school and run into their vans and drive away quickly. They looked highly suspicious and they were in Verizon vans all parked right next to each other in a huge parking lot that had no other cars in it. I knew something was up and suspected that they had installed something weird maybe to keep an eye on me when I had my independent thoughts in class discussions (oops).

Needless to say the school is well gifted.

A few months ago I noticed that there were a bunch of weird looking panel like boxes that were on all the powerline and phone line poles around our house. Our house is on a corner so there are powerlines on two sides of our yard. All these panels face our house and there are no other of these particular boxes anywhere else in our neighborhood or anywhere I have noticed. I think they are either some kind of mind alering transmitters, spy technology or transmitters aimed at harming us physically. Gifted them all, but I thought I would mention it to others to see if they have also noticed similar panels mounted around their houses.

Even during the time when I wasn’t gifting that much this past summer I still had plenty of helicopter flyovers and strange things and people that came into my life. Well I am back and with a vengeance, that spiritual detour I had I believe was almost induced on me, but now that I have broken free I can get back at them.

Ned Walsh

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