Another Big H-bomb/tsunami Plan for The US Coast

(Don Croft) #1

We’ve apparently disabled several of these US bombs in the past year and a half and this weekend we need to get a group session going to disable the latest one(s), which are probably off the NW coast.

Unlike the ones we disabled off the SE coast, NY and LA this one seems to be set to do minimal damage in terms of loss of life and property since that coastline doesn’t have any major cities on it.

We found and disabled (with the cetaceans’ help) about fifty similar bombs to the one that generated last year’s tsunami in SE Asia, on the seabed throughout the world during the first few months of this year.

I think the sewer rats were trying to fulfill some old prophecies in yet another attempt to instigate martial law and genocide. By now I doubt that anything will work for them because humanity’s probably too far along the path of accountability but they’ll keep trying until we, as a specie, bring THEM to accountability, of course.

I’m told there are anti-gov’t riots in China, which is the most overtly totalitarian regime left on the globe, so the end of this ancient world regime might be a lot closer than most of us are willing to consider.

I’m posting this for the record because that’s usually all it takes to stop something like this but we’ll get busy with it, too, in the chatroom tomorrow. It’s likely that the sewer rats are desperate enough by now to disregard practical stuff.