Another Dire Warning About Aluminum


‘Galvanized iron–that is the only metal Dr Reich said to put in his orginite I own several of Karl welz machines I’m in contact with one of his salesman on a regular now Mr croft I’ve got some very high contacts in the kingdom of heavon so buyer beware and putting aluminum in is death grenades so I should of listend several years back.’



Thousands of people use aluminum exclusively for orgonite and many of their viable field reports are on If any harm could be done this way, then it would have been obvious, I think. Dr Reich warned people not to consider his word to be unquestionable in light of future contradictory findings. Dr Reich probably didn’t know about orgonite.

Perhaps in regard to your claim about high contacts in heaven, he also advised people to be informed of mystical processes without being mystics and I think he was right on target with that.


the detractor tries to create a diversion for people still on the fence about orgonite.

Supposedly Reich claimed that aluminum attracts DOR. That would be all the more reason to use it in orgonite. Attract the DOR and turn it to POR. Mission accomplished.

There are fine points to the feeling that the various metals and fineness of metals give off, but as Don states, it is difficult or near impossible to make negative orgonite.

when you look at some of the orgonite for sale on ebay, it looks like people should be reminded to put plenty metal into the mold. It is tempting to leave a lot of clear resin showing, but i think care should be taken to get a 50/50 mix of metal to resin in general.

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Aluminium is in fact the best option for field orgonite, due to it’s price and light weight for carrying many TBs in each gifting run. Shredded aluminium foil is even better as it’s clean, cheap and easy to find Wink

Off course the best metal is the one one is able to find for a good price, perhaps even for free Cool . I gifted tower busters made with cast iron, steel, bronze and brass and all had the exact same DOR to POR and death tech disabling effect that I accomplished with shredded aluminium foil TBs.

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