Another Etheric Warrior Discovers Orgonite

Dear Don And Carol,
My name is Joel M****. I recently ordered a zapper and two harmonic protectors. I just wanted to tell you how much that the have helped me. I felt like I have been under psychic attack for the last 2 years. I am new to the world of orgonite gifting and haven’t made any of my own yet but plan to in the near future.

I have a lawsuit out against a major pharmaceutical company for murdering my father with a drug called fentanyl. I feel like ever since I started this lawsuit that my health has been deteriorating and that something has been trying to make me sick. I was having terrible breathing problems and I noticed that I had a lump growing in my throat. I was getting chronic recurring infections in my lungs and throat and in my bottom 2 wisdom teeth. I have also had extreme anxiety attacks where I never had any anxiety before which made my breathing problem worse.

I began to believe that there was no hope for myself or humanity because those who are in control were winning. I am so glad that something guided me to your site. It brought a tear to my eye to know that sylphs and other elementals are regulating the terrible things that are unleashed on this planet and that good people like you exist and are successfully fighting against the evil that has a stronghold on this planet.

I had heard the term chemtrails but never noticed them until yesterday when I saw them directly over my house. They were there only a few minutes then a large sylph intervened and they were gone within 20 minutes. It was so amazing to see this right in front of my eyes and reassured my hope for the future.

I have been using our zapper for a week and wearing the harmonic protector. I have noticed that my breathing problems are fading and the lump in my throat is almost gone. I feel better than I have in a long time and have a renewed hope for the future.

I have also noticed that the harmonic protector is helping with whatever negative things that were trying to influence me. I hope to make a succor punch or purchase one in the near future to further protect myself. I hoped to be entirely healed soon. Any thoughts on what I should do would be much appreciated.

thank you so much for everything,
Joel M****


Joel, congratulations on your awakening and progress! Committing to fight the corporate world order, two years ago, probably induced them to retaliate in such a parasitic way against you and you can feel proud for staying in the fight under the circumstances.

If you want to press your advantage, now that their biological weaponry is failing to harm you, I wonder if gifting their corporate real estate would help turn the tide in your favor, assuming you are easily able to reach it.

Otherwise, I"d be pleased to publicly ask someone to do that. Corporate infrastructure needs to receive a lot of orgonite in order to help stop them from exploiting and murdering humanity in large numbers, after all.

Meanwhile, I’m posting your letter anonymously since it will no doubt encourage a lot of our readers to also commit to exposing and discarding this horrible corporate/military parasite that calls itself ‘the new world order.’

It’s good to cure sicknesses but if you’re also interested in increasing your vitality in order to better be able to correct this global madness you’ll no doubt find ways to do that, as we are doing. Carol and I are getting a lot of benefit from the superfood shakes that David Wolfe promotes, for instance, and one of our esteemed psychics, Doc STevo, of is repairing my heart after it was damaged by beryllium poisoning, five years ago.

Another way to undermine that pharmaceutical behemoth is to directly send concentrated life force to each member of the board of directors and to the chairman. This can be done over time at your convenience and simple instructions for doing so are on . Dooney may agree to coach you online while watching your energy so that you can identify the feeling of success and keep repeating that on your own.

I think Andy Schwarm is the closest vendor to you who makes Succor Punches and his are very good. is the site and a Succor Punch is a very fine tool for blocking electronic and sometimes even video surveillance in case you want to do some covert gifting


Beautiful! Go Joel.

Here is an interesting link from Ken:

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