Another False Flag Attack Hopefully Averted Yesterday

Don Croft
11 Aug 2008 09:42
Subject: Another False Flag Attack Hopefully Averted Yesterday
It’s been a hectic month, so far, for the EW psychics. In yesterday’s international chatblast session they apparently found 8 bombs under a stadium in Beijing where Aleister Crowley’s grandson (GW Bush, the fake US Pres.) is to sit, shortly and the arrival of the the massive US Navy attack group in Persia’s waters was apparently timed to enable them to nuke some cities in Iran in ‘reprisal for the Persians’ assassination of the President in Beijing’

All wars are arranged well in advance of the start of hostilities, of course, because they’re managed conflicts. World War One was only initiated after the entire French and German armies had moved to face each other across the border, then the world odor had some chump aristocrat shot in Serbia to ignite the conflict. They’ve been trying to kill this chump fake president to start WWIII for the past six years but some people, including us, have apparently been etherically standing in the way.

The main reason I loathe to see him sacrificed by his father is because I want the opportunity to watch him bite the head off a live chicken one of these days in a press conference. I think that would wake a lot of people up to how unlikely it is that he’s able to run a country, let alone conduct foreign wars.

The psychics looked hard at Russia’s assault on Georgia but they didn’t find this to be any more worrisome than China’s sponsored slaughters in Africa or America’s, Mossadomites’ ® and Britain’s ongoing genocide attempt in Iraq. The Russians are still also committting mass murder in Chechnya, after all, but that’s not getting any attention on the What To Think Network.

Carol and I watched THE VALLEY OF ELAH on DVD last night and I was very pleased to see that accurate portrayal of the mindless slaughter of civilians in Iraq and its effects on our chump soldiers. The movie ended with a scene of a US flag flying upside down in an American schoolyard–very encouraging! Other movies are pointing out the treasonous nature of the government’s widespread use of torture and their indiscriminate roundups of ‘suspected terrorists.’

This criminal regime obviously craves to commit another false flag event in order to persuade the US public to accept the draft. No genuine foreign war can be committed without first initiating the draft, of course, because our army is too small. The ‘invasion’ of Iraq is a case in point: an entire year of round the clock bombing by the US and British air forces destroyed Saddam’s ability to resist an invasion militarily, so the only ‘enemy’ in that counttry are patriots/civilians and they’re apparently winning against the US and British soldiers.

This has made the Vietnam conflict look almost noble by comparison. How pitiful is that?


11 Aug 2008 11:43
Subject: Re: Another False Flag Attack Hopefully Averted Yesterday
In a headline on MSN, W is quoted as saying the games “exceeded my expectations.” I guess that’s so. He’s still walking around in 3D when he expected to be the next lamb led to the slaughter. I’m sure that outcome would “exceed my expectations” also, if I were in his shoes! Much as I hate to say it, I think we’re probably helping keep that chump alive.

Get out and gift and tell your neighbors about what you’re doing. The sooner the world is blanketed with orgonite, the better we’ll all be.