Another False Flag Attack On US In The Offing Now?

Don Croft
01 Mar 2008 15:53
Subject: Another False Flag Attack on US in the Offing Now? chat is in session, now, and the psychics are all clearly seeing plans to nuke a US city and blame the Persians for it, also to perhaps nuke Israel for good measure. They found the plot by looking at the US Navy ships off the coast of Lebanon. These are presumably implicated in cutting all the communication cables and disabling the communication satellites in the region, last month.

We’re not concerned that we can’t prevent this, as so many previous mass murder attempts have been prevented. I only want to count coup on these world odor freaks by posting about it Wink

The significant consideration, in all this, is not that a few people, acting in the etheric realm in concert, can stop the parasites of teh world order from getting their murderous wishes granted. It’s that this parasitic world order is so weak that this little bit of interference can affect them so significantly.

When even teh Pajama People can no longer ignore some salient facts, such as tghe Chinese ownership of the US Government and the Federal Reserve Corpse, parasitic rule of the world, mainly by subterfuge, will end.


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