Another Federal Murder Plot Against the Crofts in the Offing

A natural psychic emailed this specific warning to me and suggested that Carol and I get out of Florida as soon as possible. I"m only posting it to take some of the wind out of the sewer rats’ blood-stained sails in case the plot is real. They absolutely fear and loathe all public discussions of their murder plots, after all, even on an obscure forum like this one. I"ll ask for a little help from our fellow warriors, going against these jerks on Sunday, too.

A local evidence that supports the psychic’s impression is that since the last murder attempt against CArol, in April, aggressive surveilance around us has pretty much disappeared. Part of that is on account of the culprits licking their wounds after we all chased these two-legged federal and Chinese military rats down and punished them in the following chat session but normally they’re back in our faces after a month or so, which leads me to believe that they want us to have a false sense of security right now.

By the way, the World Odor is an entirely potent threat and will remain so until they’ve all been brought to account in lawful courts around the world. The defeat of their latest World War Three attempt, last week, should only underscore that for us!

When the fat lady finally sings, we can put our etheric weaponry down [Image Can Not Be Found]


Last month, SWAT cops swarmed around our house, particularly posing with raised weapons outside the window of our workroom. I posted about that, before, but in light of what the psychic told me I suppose that event may have been an element of the planning stage. For a number of years since we met him, DB kept bullet-proof vests for all his family members in the house, on the advice of a relative who is in the CIA. The fellow had also given DB a very nice 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

Carol and I armed ourselves after the first federal attempt on our lives in October, 2002 but we don’t labor under the illusion that we’d survive a SWAT assault, of course, nor would particularly want to survive it.

Several potential book customers told me this week that when they ordered the book online their computers were hacked and they were assaulted, psychicly, so on Sunday we’ll also see about punishing the sewer rats who are trying to interfere with the sale of the book. All of those folks bought the book (a couple bought several copies) in spite or perhaps because of that confirmation they received from the unwittingly helpful sewer rats but we don’t ever want people to experience that on our account, of course.


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