Another good whale contact while gifting

I got this from MaryAnne in Maine, who has been putting a lot of orgonite in the sea, there, over the past several months. Her kayak gifting excursions were most often accompanied by dolphins and here’s her description of a more recent whale connection:

Don, on that note, did not mention something that sent me straight
up in the air with a shout of joy. On the 2nd whale watching
trip, nearly the last of the season, there were many fewer people.
The most remarkable people-difference being lovers of the sea and
cetaceans, not aggressive jostling at the rails for the ultimate
whale “shot.” So, different vibe, and I wasn’t getting elbowed!

I had a hefty load of tb’s, several db’s [dolphin balls]. Two finbacks came in much
closer to the boat. The swells were rolling, with a brisk wind. Going
broadside to the waves was like riding a bronco It was getting cold for
those of us who’d been the whole time on deck. When the on-board
naturalist announced that we’d be heading back to Bar Harbor after one
more wait for a whale to surface, I stood in the port bow of the
catamaran. Most everyone had gone inside. I telepathed the finback,
asking if it were willing to let me know if if liked the orgonite? 30
seconds later, the whale surfaced right under the bow, rolled so I could
see its eye, and bathed me silly with healing energy. The one guy
standing nearby with a camera nearly peed in his britches!!!