Another Odd Map With Circles Around Each Weather Ball!

Received this strange circular patterns map the other day and passed it out there to get impressions of what it means…

Wow that’s really interesting thx! Passing this on to a few People see if We can get some impressions of what this means?

I’m assuming the big light blue circles indicate rain in that entire area west of the Great Lakes which is a nice confirmation cause We’ve sent 6000 tbs there from Thailand to a massive gifter over the last 6 months…

Also Dave K and crew just gifted 1000+ tower busters plus 150 extra large earth pipes to Winnipeg last weekend… Which is just north of that big Rain area… That was the second trip there and I asked them to get 6 ep’s around the weather ball at the airport… They must have had a successful mission cause every-time I try to call it s blocked lol. How typical…

I’ve never seen anything like this!

Here’s what a massive Gifter came back with…
"those are weather ball rings. In the center of each circle is a weather ball. Bastards! however it shows us what needs to gifted. Those are turned up and down at times based oin moon cycle.
blue is from colder temps from Canada

seen them many times…been watching them for years…I hate them and attack them but still manage circles,however they are friendlies now

to prove it have the guy click on doppler weather sites on left side. Each one IS a weather ball! It’s how I busted all of them in WI Have a few more though in ILL and MN…

The one in the lower right quadrant of Michigan I have gifted. It’s on I-75 as it branches over I-69… I passed it a few times heading to Muskeagon, then the last time I went I tossed a TB within about 100 yards from it. Looks like it is working as the ball in lower right of Michigan has a tiny radius, and looks deflated… I suspect if I hit it with more TB’s it might totally eliminate it’s functionality - I will be sure to do this next time I head out that way.

The other one to the north of Michigan looks to be outside of Traverse city. Adding that to my list. I would guess the lower left one is Holland Michigan, some one else will have to do that one.

The weatherball in SW Kansas was gifted a few years ago, with amazing confirmation that day. It is about where you find that ring in SW Kansas, south of Garden City, maybe 20 miles or so, if memory serves.

The others I did not find when I lived in Kansas. But the one in SE Kansas is probably in Wichita, and NE Kansas is probably Topeka. I did tons of gifting in Topeka, all the towers in Lawrence a few years ago, and much in surrounding areas, but I never saw that weatherball in NE Kansas. It and the one in Wichita probably both need to be gifted. Hopefully Wichita has a gifter who reads EW, because there are hundreds of towers there. More than I could handle the couple times I was there after beginning to gift.

Good work Guys!
Is easy to see where the WBALL in Winnipeg is that got gifted last weekend with 3 earth pipes and i’m sure many many tbs as there was over 1000 poured for that trip and the WBALL was the number 1 target! only 3 sides were accessible for that WBALL but I’m sure it is now flipped! …
It is in south central Manitoba south of that huge lake and se of the smaller other large lake shown in southern Manitoba…
Hoping I get that report with pics this weekend so it can be posted in the Winnipeg gifted thread here:

Btw the blue circles are cold air from Canada so must represent snow and the green circles are rain…

Just received this in email from a massive Gifter who has been inside of those circles in real time!

Hey Gare read ew post on map of weather balls…looks like this will help to cause! Good Job! wanted to mention that the colored circles are not precip but rather feedback from the high powered death tech. The feedback is colored based on temp only. I’ve been watching for years and being in the colored circles know for sure NO PRECIP! These weapons are not easily busted I dowsed 8 pieces, but also a few ep’s are needed to disable these Bastards! I’ve seen reports where someone said 1 tb tossed. Like Don said don’t wound them! KILL THEM

My reply…

Ok no precipitation then, yes that’s important to know thx for telling Me that and I better add this to the post for , as far as I know, Your the only Gifter that has been recognizing these circles for years and gifting accordingly! Yes yes kill those WBALLS! I’ve always over gifted them, even the one back at UTAPOE AIRFIELD Thailand I went back to 3 times before I felt it finally had enough Orgonite there… My feelings were confirmed when I seen THEY couldn’t make wavy ripple patterns in the sky anymore and more recently when a new Customer from Pattaya ordered a box of Orgonite I threw in a coupe extra large 8 oz tbs and asked Him to bury it for Me on opposite side of the highway from the BASE across from WBALL just to be sure!

This image clearly states the green is rain and the blue is snow. It’s pretty obvious rain doesn’t naturally fall in near perfect circles like that so what exactly can we gather from this?

I believe most weather balls have been gifted by now: they are big, easy to spot, juicy targets. I’m sure many of those were gifted by anonymous gifters who never get or want any air time at EW. It’s nice to register things for posterity though, so maybe this is a good page to list all the gifted weather balls we did personally in the US?

And another thing: weather balls don’t put out a lot of DOR, therefore do not need a lot of orgonite to be flipped. I think 2-3 TBs would be more than enough but perhaps someone has a different experience?
There are possibly going to be exceptions to this. For instance if the weather ball is near other death tech you will get the urge to drop more TBs, obviously. If it’s on military ground you might feel like sticking a an earth pipe or two on account of underground installations. The prompt for placing that “extra” orgonite would have been there on account of the other weaponry, not the weather balls themselves.

There’s no need to make the weather balls sound more powerful that what they really are. In that sense I think they are a lot like the Powers That Were: look impressive and are apparently very powerful but get easily flipped by a little orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found];

In any case it’s always good to trust your intuintion and/or dowse for how much orgonite is needed and where to put it.

Usually a ball is just a cover for a satellite dish that turns around all day long, it’s just there to protect the dish.

here’s an picture when they changed the protection ball on one weather radar in belgium:

So usually, I agree these things are not very bad, but weather balls that are not official meteorological radars could hide something else, that ball is just a protection for the dish, or anything else that’s under it…
When there are strange totally round shaped detection areas above a weather ball, it means either 2 things, the weather ball doppler system is malfunctioning and mis-detecting rain (the sensitivity is being recalibrated or maybe just very unusual conditions make it temporary fail at detecting correctly)
OR and !!that’s what I’m almost certain, is what happens most of the time we see these ‘errors’!!, there are interferences due to another signal, broadcasted at similar frequencies that makes the detection fail.
Kind of like if you’re tuning to 123.45 MHz FM on a radio and another signal is being temporarily broadcasted close to that frequency, you won’t receive the broadcast correctly, you’ll just receive a lot of interferences…

So I think for that image of all radars showing circles, another signal was going all above the US/Canada and causing interferences everywhere… My question is always, what is that signal that is causing the interferences [Image Can Not Be Found]

thx Carlos thats great that We can have discussions like this! if anybody can be accused of over gifting I’m certainly guilty as charged lol

perhaps I’ve been mistaken all these years thinking that those WBALLS were part of HAARP and the telltale wavy ripples in the CHEMCRUD? this summer I deliberately under GIfted that Huge thai ARMY,NAVY, AIRFORCE BASE just to show that YOu dont need to over gift to make a huge differance and felt it was that way as the big WBALL at UTAPHOE AIRFIELD was still able to make ripples all but smaller and smaller as each gifting drive by added to the Por field hmmm I could be wrong though and what YOu said above makes a lot of sense Carlos so I’m going to have to re-evaluate My thinking on this… its more than possible that the ripples were getting less and less as We gifted more and more iTOWER locations…

in re-evaluating My thinking on this I keep coming back to that WBALL at reginas airport… always hard to get on airport grounds to gift and closest spot was half mile away but buried at that distance years ago but never felt it properly flipped until We ep’ed it on all sides 2 summers ago then the folllowing winter had the most snow on record but only in regina and southern sask… saskatoon 255 km north had a lot of snow as well but still 2 feet less than reginas 6’ plus… been crediting those huge earth pipes for that winter that reminded Me of the 1960’s but it wasn’t just the WBALL that got piped so I could be very well wrong on that as well??

like Your thinking Carlos and Your’s as well Btaiker thank You both for contributing to this thread it gives one lots to rethink about! nice pic btw…

The Doppler radar sites put out massive fields of deadly energy, according to reputable people who see or sense such things accurately. I assumed they wre harmless, too, until Carol got kind of frantic about busting one on one of our campaigns in the early years. The old radio and TV towers are also weaponized. I think it’s a disinformation coup that we refer to weather weaponry as HAARP, which might be obsolete equipment by now. Maybe that assumption is simiilar to the way Pajama People call the new death towers, ‘cell towers’ without giving it a thought. Some of the worst weather weapons that Carol has seen are the old radio and TV station towers. I think that all you need to see to know that a tower is now a weapon is to look at the powerlines running up the tower–those very thick ones are coaxial cables that are made to carry enough power to light a small city. These nearly always originate underground and it really seems to do a lot of damage to this agenda when we find the dual, rectangular ponds that evidently are used to cool and vent (deadly orgone radiation into teh atmosphere) compact underground nuclear generators that probably are used to power all of the weaponry. There are probably tens of thousands of these around the world and are energy weapons all by themselves but easily neutralized with orgonite.

Note the ‘interrupted’ circle at Omaha, Nebraska [Image Can Not Be Found] which was Carol’s main concern on our coast-to-coast campaign two years ago to stop the new tornado-mass-murder agenda. We thoroughly earthpiped Offutt Air Force Base, which she felt certain is the US air force’s headquarters for weather sabotage of North America. The first one we did was a weather weapon array over Rapid City, South Dakota and the anxious feds were on us like trailer trash on Velveeta that time–just like in the old days! Nice confirmation.

We missed the major weather weaponry coordination centers at Tulsa and just over the border in Canada on account of time and money constraints and the only mass murder the air force managed to commit this year was in Joplin, Missouri, which isn’t very far from Tulsa. Joplin is probably also the most likely town for natural tornado disasters, historically, so was less challenging for the air force to murder families there than in heavily-gifted Montgomery, Alabama was the year before, which is where the most killing happened in that year. I assume they were concerned about Louis Onder in that case and probably had to expend a sea of their resources to accomplish it because it had to be done from far away, obviously–he’d flipped every death tower and weather weapon in the region.

If anyone cares to overlay that satellite map on a roadmap it would be easy to see where the weather weaponry is that made those circles. I wonder if they were trying to create tornadoes and floods but were only able to generate gentle rain and snow, instead, heheh.

Anyone who travels across the US will see that there are still a lot of unflipped death towers and weather weaponry intact or (worse) only partly gifted. What Carol assumes when we see the partly-gifted and still operational weaponry is that someone had taken the bad advice that’s pimped on the faker forums, which of course are the first to attract people who first take an interest in orgonite and use the search engines to find information.

After 12 years of the existence and growth of this unorganized effort we’ve only started to reverse the millions of weapons that the corporate order suddenly spread across the globe (even on the seabed) over ten years ago. People have tended to focus mainly on the cities with towerbusting, in fact, but what has been done has so severely handicapped this agenda that it’s probably not salvageable so the only benefit to the old order is that they can stil sicken and confuse millions of Pajama People with the towers. That’s probably a payoff of sorts, since their terrorism agenda completely failed to turn the europoid PJ folks in the US and UK into a Qur’an-burning, Arab-hating mob. I bet the corporate/occult sewer rats pine for the old days of easy fascism, now [Image Can Not Be Found] and some of the wealthy old pedophiles who enjoyed that coup are still around to remember it, haha.

Thousands of orgonite cloudbusters apparently did the same thing to the chemtrail agenda and the terrorized ninnies (who didn’t notice chemtrails back when they still dropped down and filled the hospitals to overflowing) who rant about chemtrails and wave [unknown] ‘experts’ findings’ in your face to ‘prove it’ are the sound and fury that signify nothing in that case. The smaller, perhaps alternate ground-based bioweaponry campaigns since 2002 aren’t producing significant numbers of sickened people, fortunately. Lots of people who get sickened by the newer weaponry are buying our zappers and curing themselves, as the chemtrail-sickened folks could have done if they started in time, before their vital organs were damaged by repeated exposure. I was sickened by chemtrails in Southern California in 1995 during the experimental phase but six months later I cured myself in a day with my first zapper. Maybe it took hundreds of exposures to make someone chronically ill through organ damage. We didn’t see those numbers climb until late 1999, about a year after chemtrails became omnipresent throughout all the developed countries. We’ve corresponded with tens of thousands of sick people so it’s been pretty easy to track endemics like that one was.

Whenever I see images like that, too, I have to allow that there might be some editing involved for disinformation purposes. I know the Weather Channel does that because we caught them at it in Florida, a few times, when we were stopping the hurricane agenda in 2005/6. In that case, by the way, the $#1+rats’ main weapon facility, the underground ‘Hurricane Detection [Direction [Image Can Not Be Found] ] Center,’ south of Miami was probably also a crucial asset, like Offutt was for the air force. We’d never seen so many weatherballs in one place.

The darkest energy Carol has seen has come off those weatherballs, which of course are usually covering radar equipment. We just like the term, ‘weatherball.’ They’re also among the easiest targets to flip with orgonite, too, at least in our experience. it’s funny how they’re so vulnerable.

The air force is the ugly twin of the CIA–born on the same day in 1947 and both were already staffed with SS war criminals. I don’t mean to disparage people in the air force, some of which veterans are close associates and personal friends of mine. One of them even sells a lot of zappers and one combat veteran pilot is a mentor of mine. My own father left the family business in 1944 and joined the Army air force (that became the USAF in '47) so he could fly for a living and was shot down in North Korea and captured in 1952. Most of the US air force was destroyed in Korea and I think it’s because the Russians got the best of the SS aeronautical engineers. The City of London and it’s puppet regime in Washington evidently got their antigravity tech, though [Image Can Not Be Found] I can picture Joe Stalin and his alleged cousin, Churchill (both of the bastards may have shared a Rothschild grandparent), working that out after Stalin was given China in 1945. He was going to get it even if Chiang Kai Shek defeated Mao because that deal, which included six thousand Russian pilots and massive aid, was already on before the 1940s. Did you know Stalin expired on the eve of the signing of the armistice that ended the Korean War? I think he bit off more than the vultures who succeeded him could chew.


I was just informed in email from a EW contributor in Europe who is in touch with some of the Africans that one of them told him he uses an average of nine per acre. Sometimes I just get things wrong, of course, but all of this will get sorted out in a timely way. It’s good that this has a slight competitive element, I think. Friendly competition is productive and none of us here are vicious people, after all.


While I haven’t seem a weather ball myself I would like to add that my experience matches with Gare’s observations of death tech effects in the clouds. The following is my understanding of the subject according to my own observations of death towers:

Death tech of every kind seems to trap air moisture in a hazy form, that is very hard to precipitate in contrast with regular moisture, that form clouds and rain. This hazy stuff will form ripple patterns, centralized around the weapon, as if some sort of standing wave kept the haze concentrated and dispersed in alternating bands. By moving this wave they seem to be able to disperse or steer air moisture to other places. This is exactly what we see around those weather ball rings, were rain actually doesn’t happens or happens in an scarce manner. What the radar sees is the water trapped in the haze. This only seems to happens whe there is an excess of DOR in the surrounding atmosphere.

But there is another element in this dynamics and this is the chemtrails. Chemtrails seem to be carriers of some sort o chemically attached DOR. Unlike towers and weather balls, which generate DOR in a continuous maner, chemtrails add it in a bulk manner, until they naturally disperse.

So imagine the following hypothetical situation:

There is a death tower that produces, lets say, a maximun of about 10 DOR units per second. Them you go and gift it with a TB that has the capacity of transmuting from DOR to POR a maximal capacity of 15 units/second.

When you first place it, there will be an excess of DOR field in the surrounding area, lets say 9000 units of DOR. Just after gifting, the TB will be busy converting the towers continuous output of 10 DOR units PLUS it will use its remaining 5 units/s capability to convert the excess of DOR in the surrounding area. So after 30 minutes, it will have transmuted the 9000 DOR units excess to POR, resulting in a sudden blow of 9000 units of POR good orgone energy in the surrounding area. The hazy rippled moisture over the area will disapear, as the net “charge” of the atmosphere turns from “bad” to “good”. The TB will them resume to duty power, converting the tower’s 10 DOR units/s output into 10 POR units/s, trasforming it in a life force generator in a practical sense.

Any observant gifter will recognize this scenario hehe. But…

Let’s say it comes a day of heavy chemtrail spraying and in one morning, all of sudden a surplus of 90,000 DOR units in chemtrail is delivered in the surrounding area. The TB will be overwhelmed and it will take it alone 5 hours to transmute all the excess DOR into POR, while keeping the tower 10 units/s in check (This is why they don’t turn the towers off [Image Can Not Be Found] ). It will fail to properly do so, because the chem will probably require more than the 5 DOR to POR units/s avaiable. The result will be that, although the tower is “gifted”, the atmosphere will have a momentaneous EXCESS of DOR, and the tower will resume to work, although in a much less efficient manner. The haze will form again and the ripples will also appear again, even over a gifted area. The sky always have the final word about the balance of the nergy over one area.

This can be seem in days of heavy spraying, when the chem haze will stick for long right above the places where most gifted arrays are concentrated. So here we have the importance of gifting some more TBs than usual in any target

This is my understanding based on my field observations.

I transposed this over a Michigan map.

Clearly the one I gifted that’s disabled on the map is the one on the highway around Lansing.

The ungifted ones are - just south of Traverse City, and around the ‘junction’ of 4 major highways in Grand Rapids.