Another Rain Success STory from HAARP-molested Australia

Hi Don, This is the only direct email address I could find for you.

It occured to me, and it probably has occured to others but i do not know, coastal
towers are key to better results?

After all, they define the outer boundaries of any area of control.

Where I am in Australia has been in drought for several years, and i had busted
three towers nearby which got some results at first. I got access to a car lately
and busted the rest of the towers – (another 6) it’s crazy, we have so many of them
for an area with a very low population, one of them is a WATER TOWER with
transmitters on it – how low can they get?

Anyway, within a few days of busting the whole shebang we have now had days of rain
and cloud the like of which I haven’t seen for some time, if at all, and the dams
are getting it inland too.

Could it be that the coastal areas are the most important areas to bust?
Just thought I would pass that along.
I don’t read email from this address very often, so no need to reply.



Janis, the fact that you got such dramatic results by only disabling some local HAARP arrays and death towers may indicate that the HAARP drought throughout Australia might be broken or nearly so.

For years, I’ve been asking Ozzie gifters who write to me to just go to the coast and bust those HAARP arrays, the way Georg and TRevor did in Southern AFrica, years ago, to end the HAARP drought there and also end the associated famine threat. I think it’s particularly important to bust the ‘upwind’ HAARP arrays, since moisture is carried from teh sea on prevailing winds, after all. Georg and Trevor caused a lot of rain throughout the Kalahari Desert and into the Namib Desert, in fact, and for years after that the Kalahari has remained green.

Eventually, the world odor tried another drought-generating strategy but Georg went up north and gifted along the Zambezi, including the reservoirs, and he broke the back of that drought, too, immediately.

It may be that someone or several folks have disabled the coastal HAARP arrays in Australia but simply haven’t told anyone. I’ll ask the psychics to go out of body and take a peek. The reason I suspect this is so is because I’ve heard from several local gifters in Australia who are suddenly getting results like yours. Before recently, local gifting didn’t produce a lot of rain there.

Their similar success and the possibility that someone has finally busted the coastal weather weaponry sure doesn’t detract from your own impressive gifting accomplishment–congratulations on your confirmation!