Another Rational Approach To The 'Vryal' Enquiry

Don Croft
08 May 2008 10:45
Subject: Another Rational Approach to the ‘Vryal’ Enquiry
Dear Don,

Since my comments and data on the SS, I went back copied all the EW forum posts on "VRIL/VYRAL"into one file document and read it all through.

I have a unusually strong 'nagging" thought (“a physic bridge” at work here ???). You know how damn 'logical" I am through my profession and training and life experiences, so to get stuck on this subject means I had to look into it.

A few points after an all-nighter (really I could not sleep)…

  1. The name of Vyral/Vril simply doesn’t sound right to me (you know I speak 8 languages), I have to say that my strong feeling guides me that one has to “think” like these creatures and how they speak (telepathic or otherwise)… going back in NORDIC languages and the way they are structured is my “best guess” of the way to pronounce this, and this may help us home in on the specific targeting. The name “Vril-Ya” is proposed by the writer of the 1870’s book (Sir Edward) [Bulwer-Lytton, scion of Rosicrucians ~D], and claiming that these race are decsendents of Atlantis. I think that too is a variation (or disinformation)

What I have come to at this point in time, is that the name has a high probability of sounding like what the physic team consensus came to, but is not accurate, as it is influenced by the Latin-based language structure, and this is NOT where it came from. Its like the pronunciation of the hieroglyphics, there are several sounds to an “obvious” one…… I will speak to some language experts in the Scandinavian/Nordic field and see what they come up with, then the physics can look into this again – and this may be a breakthrough of sorts.

  1. LINKS: These are interesting, if you have not seen them before, or if “new” data is buried within …
“Vril, The Power of the Coming Race” by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. (all chapters can be downloaded and the book saved)


The Unkown Hitler … ctid=18270

The Cosmic Serpent
DNA & the Origins of Knowledge

by Jeremy Narby


Don, here—I really appreciate it when someone provides a studied opinion on what we’re doing. Consultation is a powerful instrument, after all, and ‘the spark of truth is often produced by the clash of differing opinions.’

The Vryal enquiry was initiated after the psychics repeatedly saw these old-young Nordic characters involved in the upper-dungheap machinations of the world odor. Others have supplied good corroborative evidence over the years, too. The fact that Hitler adored Bulwer-Lytton is probably another confirmation that we’re on the right track, since Hitler’s regime probably most closely resembled what the world odor wanted to establish, globally, and is still trying to set up in America. We’re all still armed and potentilally dangerous (at least to these terrorists Wink ), so of course they’ll fail but it’s a good idea to be informed of their intentions, infrastructure (vulnerable to orgonite Cool ), ideology (Theosophy-based in this case, for popular consumption) and hierarchies so that we’ll know exactly what to discard in coming days.

Karl Welz teaches the ancient runic divination system that the Vryal apparently use, in case you’re interested. It’s got some symbols that are not available, elsewhere. Most of the occult literature that’s publicly available has missing essential parts, of course. We generally prefer to get our personally-applied
intel directly from The Operators via hunches and some self-disciplined study (like the above) but it’s also prudent to look, in a detached way, at whatever went before.

Sure, the psychics struggle with pronunciation and spelling and they feel it’s important to be accurate but when they started listening to the Vryal human-sacrifice rituals the formal language sounded more like Russian to them than modern German. The above suggestions will be helpful, I think.

Thanks for all this help!


Don Croft
08 May 2008 10:48
Subject: Re: Another Rational Approach to the ‘Vryal’ Enquiry
In the year before he died, Norman Mailer published his last book, which was a biography of Hitler that apparently includes some occult background material. Carol and I intend to read this one as soon as possible.


Don Croft
09 May 2008 09:18
Subject: Re: Another Rational Approach to the ‘Vryal’ Enquiry

The Norman Mailer Book (listed as a “Fictional Novel”. Which smells of of disinfo. censoring to not have mainstream PJs reading it) is called “The Castle in the Forest”.

Here is a NYBOOKS review link (Feb. 2007, Mailer died in Nov. 2006 of renal failure……. meaning that in the end he really “got his shit together”. Yes, its morbid, I know, but I could not resist the sarcastic black humor…. Wink

Its able to be ordered as an Ebook, but be careful as some ebook versions are screen read only (cannot output (print) a hard copy.

This is a "limited eBook version (US$16):…he-Forest/22706

Full Printable eBook version (?) – $27
The Random House Publishers one seems to be a “full version” (or they can supply actual book version).…n=9781588365903

Off you go….


Don Croft
14 May 2008 08:56
Subject: Re: Another Rational Approach to the ‘Vryal’ Enquiry
Hi I thought that might interest you,

I don’t know if you already know about that (I feel this page is very interesting but also riddled with disinfo…) and the book vril the power of the coming race.
The Vril-ya which are advanced beings known as Ana living inside the earth ( that quote comes from: the destruction of atlantis by michael tsarion (119min) at 12m 07s ). I guess because the name is like vryal…

I just was wondering if you already tried this spelling vril-ya and in fact arrived to vryal because it is the exact spelling or because vril-ya was intentionally given to the public so that the real name vryal would not be found?



Thanks a lot, Fabien–very helpful! Sure, the Vryal are fond of an undergrond environment, as are rats and some reptiles Wink and it was while the psychics, during one of the international chat sessions, were examining a Vryal ‘temple’ under Lake Geneva that they saw the apparently more accurate spelling of the name of that society. I’ll ask them about the ‘vril-ya’ spelling, which Bullwer-Lytton also published.

In fact Wikipedia is notorious for disinformation. It’s funny that they pretend to be rational and objective about Reich but share some ‘channeled’ silliness in another context as authoritative. The world odor loves to use behavior modification protocols in combination with clever slander.

If you look up ‘Reich,’ ‘orgone’ and ‘orgonite’ on Wikipedia you’ll be treated to a typical display of this poison. Ironically, a picture of the orgonite cloudbuster in our backyard, next to that vortex-generating machine we made five years ago in Moscow, Idaho (Dooney and Stevo run that one in their backyard in Montana, now), is featured in one of those articles. It shows the cloudbuster’s characteristic blue hole in the overcast sky Cool and no mention is made of us, of course. I think the sewer rat agencies learned, the hard way, that any condemnation of Croft, even a subtle one, is a powerful endorsement for this unorganized but effective gifting movement so they fall back on the old ‘slander Dr Reich’ strategy, instead. I think that, too, is finally backfiring on the sewer rat agencies.


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