Another Thai rice field sees consistent 40% yield increases

All Orgonite Gifters know that by tossing a tb near local TOWERs, consistent rains will result and thus yields should improve.

Just last year however I specifically over Gifted a particular rice field and just received the yields- 40% higher yield from every crop since after the tbs were buried

randomly throughout this one particular crop! An earth pipe was also sledged in to one side of the field. Important to note that all the TOWERS were Gifted for several years

before this particular field was Gifted with no resulting increase in yields but abundant rains galore.

How long before this valuable information is able to be discerned by Your average everyday Farmer is unknown so I am putting it out there to be found.

We have thousands of Customers with plain jane Orgonite tbs in Their gardens that I hear from every year with countless stories of abundant yields, healthy disease resistant plants, etc.

Also met yesterday with the Nakhon Sawan, Thailand Family with the rice farm We Gifted 4 years ago and the yields sound like they are increasing even more than the 50% improvement that was initially reported.

It does not matter what the crop is grains, rice, millet, vegetables, flowers of any kind. Orgonite has consistently shown to increase yields abundantly no matter which continent You grow on.

Excellent work, Gare! So far, increased crops from orgonite have been reported, at least to me, from Argentina, Japan, S Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Canada, Spain and now Thailand.

When Japan opened to the West the people were very eager to adopt new technology that held promise. After the first telegraph lines were strung up on poles, farmers were hanging produce on the wires, expecting it to be taken to market as quickly as messages were sent, according to at least one witness. If this eagerness was a global phenomenon the world would be prospering beyond imagination after 16 years of this information being easily available and the Old [Corporate/Occult] Parasite would probably have been exposed and destroyed in the process Cool