Antenna Tuscany

Gifting the arrays of Tuscany, a wide central Italy region. There are lots of antennas on the mountains and hills, who knows of people that have already done gifting in Tuscany?

I took a break and went down to Pisa to gift Mount Serra in Calci, with the last orgonite from the summer and polishing off various pieces that I kept for home, I estimate nearly 30 antennas up there, altought some of them dindt have switched on transformer.

After Mount Calci I and Peter drove south 100km and went to Piombino a industrial city and port promontory on the Marreman coast, over there I expected a dozen of antennas but found 20, we coped somehow and also spared 1 pyramid for the lady woman that runs the Bed & Breakfast.

Pisa 3am short stroll and a few gifts, a nice tormaline and quartz orgonite block by the Cittadella Bridge.

Calci 5am photo of the rock and a bit of ‘sleep’ in th car, outside is raining.

Mount Serra 7am, at 900 mt behind Pisa, foggy and humid, sourrounded gifting under the trees, then went up from the main road, altogether about 10-12kg orgonite, pyramids, coffe tin pipes, dodec, hhgs, and some 50 tbs. After nearly 3 hours after the last piece was gifted, suddenly the sky opened. The wind soon brought new clouds from the coast and it kept moving until it was raining by the time we reached the plane.…erra-pisa/

By the second day spent in Piombino, the shitrats promoted the city and us to 4 tankers spew planes, good on them!

A word about Piombino, there are industries like metllurgy, chemical, and an electric station. It is located in front of the Elba Island it must a been a beautiful place, the orgin of the nearby Populonia are Etruscan, it is the nearest sea side they ever built. The Acropolis (city) on the hill top of the prommontory and the Necropolis (graves) at the bottom near the sea in the middle of the bay. The etruscan side is unspoiled, but it is etherically bad, same for the medioeval castle next the acropolis. Also I think some more uncovered necropolis is under there.…-piombino/

It is hard to gift a circle around when moving under the trees and stepping over bushes, but I dont know if it good enough just to half flip an area with many antennas when they are so close together, that was my supposition and so we started with the 3 antennas that are separated from the main group,

The Mount Serra is a sort of single mountain situated not far from the sea and that overview in all directions and overlooking nearby important historical cities, the closest are Pisa and Lucca.

If I have had more orgonite I would have use to spread a bit more, considering that maybe at the moment the areas around and the cities are not gifted and it would produce a more consolidated benefit. I put a photo with the whole array, I think it extends for about 1km.

The photo also show that in the sky there is a sort of dark irregular line like a fracture, there are also 3 darker ovals along the the horizontal, like eyes or islands.

Later from down the valley when it was raining I was looking back and the ‘fracture’ had become like a oblonged grey cloud but smoother with the ‘eyes’ as exapnding the cloud with curves.

I wanted to add photos of a place that we visited on the way back to Milan, still in the Tuscany region but in a area called Lunigiana, the castle is called Castello Virgoletta, in Villafranca Lunigiana, this place felt like it had a natural subtle energy and maybe also being gifted by somebody, it maintained a blue hole over the a large area. We eat at a restaurant there, btw the statue is of the poet Dante it is sourrounded by 9 circles each one quotes a canto of the divine comedy and it has a planetary symbol, the first one being the moon, and the more external the empireo (paradise.), there is also a 10 circle that is a channel that sorround the whole.…lunigiana/

New round of gifting in Tuscany. Only did hill tops, from the Lunigiana Valley, Arzelato with 5 antennas, and Aulla 4, then antenna array witth 11 antennas in Carrara di Massa a place know for the marble extraction and for being of ancient origin.

I first gifted Arzelato 850mt altitude, then gifted in Podenzana Aulla, then the main array on the hill top near Carrara, a place called Santa Lucia in Fontia.

When I asked road direction to a foreigner woman with her son, she told me they live exactly where I was heading, and by the way she told me there was a local public transport strike on that day. So i gave them a lift with the car, in the car I explained what I was doing there and donated them and a couple of tbs.

Gifting Carrara mountain top array produced a noticeable and spectacular transformation of the clouds from dull to a feast of sylphs and an eruption of gorgeous white cumulus.…podenzana/

A new trip, the Monte Secchietta (1500 mt altitude, 40 km East from Florence) and some work in the southern area of the Maremma and some Etruscan and archeo site, also I drove by I did a random gifting from the road into rivers that electricity lines or antennas in the area Valdarno that is south of Florence-

The are more arrays visible from Florence, altough monte Secchietta at about 1500mt of altitude is tha main group for this area, whilst Mt Serra is the main array for the area near Pisa and Lucca and other, there is also a line of hills with arrays lined to South on various summits in a range of hills from Cecina down and further after Siena, on some of these hills there are wind turbines and antennas. I travelled up to Monte Argentario which is an island/promontory united to the coast in Orbetello with a road that also separates 2 lakes of sea water, it is about 200 km south of Florence, on the Tirrean sea and the border with the Latium region of Rome is near. The Giglio Island (Concordia ship disaster) is located more outside in the sea but visible from Argentario.

The first and main target was the Monte Secchietta, there are some villages to pass before entering the wild forest of Vallombrosa, the last landmark is the Vallombrosa 11th century benedictine abbey at about 900mt. Passing Reggello where there was a couple of cell phone antennas I spotted also a sign of a Saint Michael church, which I left for visiting when I had finished gifting above, after Saltino suddenly after a curve there were two stray dogs marching fast in the road, they heard me in time and I only had to break a bit. From this point I tossed orgonite at the mountain forest and when I was seeing water stream coming down the steep mountain. I gifted a fountain of Santa Caterina, it had also three stones with spirals that I never seen before, I wonder it is only aestetycal decor or there is another meaning.
Many trees fall down because the soil is soft mixed with small stones and larger boulders, there is also wood cutters, and at the top there was a lot of tree cut down, I really hope they are not cutting for making space for more antennas some antennas are fenced as military area.
It is a pleasure to gift the mountain, you can feel some place have bad vibes or suffer, and with the time the enviroment will improve from the orgonite and if some orgonite is not far in line of sight from the top it works for gifting the antennas, it also saves time and less troubles if there are people once you reach the top. I used a mixed of normal tbs and larger volume pieces like 2 to 4 times a normal tb, I hope they get more orgone in the mountain and reach further in the atmosphere to create a multiplied field of positive orgone, it is a bit different approach compared to gifting an antenna by the road or in town.
There are various groups of antennas distributed along a lenght of the mountain top, the nazi executed a group of partisans in 1944 and there is a monument near the antennas, there are some buildings and 3 wind tubines.
There was an airplane that sprayed some chemtrail, but after few passages it stopped spraying. The cloud become like lines of consecutives arches, only after some time the clouds picked up and existence of their own and turned into various interesting shapes. After gifting the highest point three antennas a falcon bird arrived hovered another nice confirmation surprise once I returned, down in Reggello there was an old man by the road looking up in wonder at the display of interesting clouds in the sky above the mountain peak.
I headed south in direction of Siena and then Grosseto Piombino area, along the road I did some gifting of antennas or water but I could not afford to use to much ammonitions. The area of Siena is dried altought fertile there is a small difference, if it gets gifted will improve positively.
Near Grosseto there is an important Etruscan and Roman archeological site called Roselle, I wasnt planning to be there to gift it, but as I passed I felt I could not take my eyes of that hill and that it was calling to be gifted, so I did the necropolis without needing to go inside the city, I felt this was the more the right spot to do quickly. I did also various antennas of Roselle.
After i went toward Follonica, and saw more antennas on the hills but without knowing the road path it would have been hard to get there succesfully at that time of the afternoon. From Follonica it was possible to see a weather ball, I found some guys to ask information and they told me is the military aeronautic site of Poggioballone. They refresh my memory that it was the radar that saw ‘everything’ when a civil airplane was struck by a missile of a foreign country in the disater of Ustica island in Ustica, and some personall from the radar was later made dead so to prevent revealing any secret.

Overnight was a bit hard to kill time waiting for the morning in the car alone. I drove up and down and slept less than two hours, in the morning at 6.30 I was in Monte Argentario, unfortunately I had not studied the map well and could only find a really ardous dirt path, and impossible to drive on, I asked but find no good info, the fact is the proper road is on another side of the Argentario, starting from Terrarossa, whilst I was in Porto Ercole. I gifted with 2 large block the area above Fort Stella, and below in Orbetello the lake with nearby antenna on a hotel. It is still valid, as pre-gift, orgonite never goes to waste.
I headed toward north where I was the night before, and gifted another Etruscan site called Vetulonia, a city on a hill, that is also visible behind the hill with the weather ball, I gifted near the necropolis which is below and at the top where is the ruins of the city and the bordering walls, the place become windy after applying the orgonite, the same had happened in Roselle necropolis the day before, I had the impression these sites are on Earth energy vortexes or ley lines.
I headed to Scarlino for antennas that I was indicated by the guys in Follonica, and did some antennas by the road, but I was feeling followed fron the afternoon before, so I did not stop to gift all antennas in a sequential style, I gifted in Follonica and there also I missed a few until next time but did the main part, after I also went up to Massa Marittima, that is the first hill town behind Follonica at about 400mt altitude.

The Mine of San Silvestro, it is like a castle town build there in medioeval era, by the lords Gherardesca, the minining exits from thousands years, and also the Etruscan had busy extraction economy, the undeground is rich with copper, silver, zinc, lead. The mediovaltown is a ghost town ruins, for this time I gifted near the enatrnce, there is also an antenna, also here I noticed that a breeze arrived after gifting, near the entrance there is a sort of bar in one building that is also archeological, over there there were tables of blackened wood with benches for sitting, I had the impression that there was invisible beings trapped at those tables, and the wind that arrived after placing orgonite clened some of that ghost forces, it was not impressed tough and put an orgonite down a sort of chimeny of stone that was sprouting from the ground in front of the bar, the orgonite took a while falling before reaching something metallic, maybe a grate.
After this I felt really peaceful and so it looked for the environment, two hazel white doves on a post were rubbing each other slowly, later when I was down on the plain and looked back I saw two dark grey clouds near the mountain, and after they vanished the sky of the area above the Mine of San Silvestro was really blue, the same or similar doves passed and they seem to fly one above the other almost joined as they have one single hearth beat.

The last target was to gift the sea by rocks in the Gulf of Baratti, near the location called Villa of the Baron, this is opposite side extremity of the Etruscan site of Populonia. I placed a piece of about 1kg , inside the water bottle, i left the PET plastic so that it maybe be last longer from corrosion.…leombrosa/…-scarlino/

Florence, Monte Morello array, just north of the city between Sesto Fiorentino and Fiesole.

Asked direction to the road up hill to the postman of Sesto he told me the road was interrupted since last year, I could go passing from Florence, via the Careggi hospital, Serpiolle and than join back on the SP130 road. Also help findig direction was not too difficult old man, local gal in moto scooter was going near there.

Monte Morello about 560 mt high. From cloudy become windy and cleared all area and inland. Thanks gladly also gifted also along the road in the forrest.

Church is Sant Andrea in Careggi, originally mentioned in 880 AD as Santa Gerusalemme.…e-morello/

This 2015 return to Tuscany is also the longest giftin, 4 days. whilst the weather warfare is getting decimated the first word goes to acknoledge the it would not have been possible by my own means. There were EW readers that listened to the prayer and the others veterans that helped solidly, with orgonite and with founds, Laurent, Braikar, Habibi, So this summer effort speaks at least 4 languages German, French, Swiss, and Italian, plus some American thanks to Pip and Bestgolfgear from EW

This is not the full report yet, as the gifting is not yet completed until thursday.

Here is a pic of this morning on the Mount Amiata, which is a 1750 mt high sleeping volcano, that is bristle with antennas on the summit. As I was going to the top I put earth pipes at various altitudes starting from 1100 mt, in one of the places I had the conincidence to find this strange piramid stone with a black cloth with red stars. How many chances to strike it?

Today, I had raised at 6.00 am with only 3 hours sleep after a night of nightmares. This afternoon I gifted the antennas of the Eremo Sant’Anna, where I repetedly perceived a shadow moving fast and cutting the way before my passage, the weather ball and radar antennas of Castiglione della Pescaia, by coincidence the place I found to stay, is called Tirli, is on the same hills and thus made it easy to identify this targets. This evening there is quite a noticeable windy air and the sky is superblue.…-grosseto/

Gifting from Monday to Wednesay

Monday I started with water gifting, put 3 dozens of tbs at the mouth of the river Magra (Bocca di Magra) in the North at the border with Liguria region near the city of La Spezia.

The weather forecast was rain for the morning, but the gifting lifted back the clouds and it kept opening the sky for a sector of maybe 20kms, then I saw the clouds were compact in the area of Massa and Camaiore, where there are yet ungifted arrays, whilst near the river the array of Carrara Fonte is gifted. There is another ungifted array in Carrara, above the famous white marble caves used from the Romans to Michelangelo till now. So this region is sensitive, and last year they made a mess with torrential rain and flooding. I have the impression as I drove over the Cisa Pass, that this aint risking occouring more at the same gravity, since the gifting of the Appennines is already enough to dissipate the strong compression of the cloud energy.

Once that this whole area is gifted it will revolution the weather, the ambience and the mentality, Lunigiana, Garfagnana, Apuan Alps, and some of Liguria Levante. Typically when I was there, starting from Aulla going to Bocca di Magra, the feeling is that the earth energy is slowed down and compressed.

Bocca di Magra

After this went South of Tuscany, made only a stop in Rosignano Marittimo to gift the antennas near the Motorway, pay toll barrier. Finally I arrived at small lake of carsic water called Lago dell’Accesa (that springs from the underground) it was known to the Etruscans, located in a hidden valley near Massa Marittima. I put 2 dozens of tbs, later I saw that clouds were forming over the lake, the phenomen of clouds forming above newly gifted areas is very interesting demonstration of some effect, maybe combined from the earth to the sky.

From Lake Accesa I went to do an array on the Montieri (1050mt altitude), it is after Massa Marittima which antennas is already gifted from last year. There are 5 antenna in Montieri top and 2 near the village, it become really windy during the gifting.

In the evening I arrived at the B&B in the meantime i flipped antennas seen from the road, then in the evening river near the road junction to Castiglione della Pescaia, and the lower part of the woods by the road in the hill that brings from there to Tirli, also near a car accident tombstone.

Tuesday the Monte Amiata summit array (1750 mt altitude), more than 100km from the B&B, it takes a while to get to the large dorment vulcano Amiata that is the second highest vulcano of Italy after the Etna in Sicily. It is the highest antenna array in Tuscany, but there are other array in the region not far and it would be good to to them, there work would have been done with more resources, for example Monte Cetona and also Gaiole in Chianti also in Tuscany, also some 4 antennas are near the Amiata on the Montelaterone at maybe 700mt altitude.

During the driving I gifted the road side antennas of the road from Paganico to Grosseto, I didnt get the chance to add more gifting from last year in Roselle the Roman-Etruscan city with atennas. In Grosseto I gifted only the main antenna of the Telecom and 2 antennas in the areas near the electricity lines.

Tuesday afternnon I gifted the antenna on the hill of Tirly and of the near by weather ball of the ill fated PoggioBallone. Military offficers died preamaturely because they had some witnessing in the Strage of Ustica a passenger plane destroyed by an unknown missile. Near the ill fated Poggioballone site there is also a car accident tomb stone, in memory of 5 military that died in the crash, there is an horrid glass cointainer under the plaque that contains all sort of pieces, like twisted metal, strings, etc.

On the Mount Amiata I used also 7 earth pipes that I planted at various altitudes from 1100mt to 1600mts, when I was above it was not possible to bury the orgonite, so I throw it in all directions, I buried a couple of hhgs, and maybe throw another 3 hhgs and 60 tbs. One guy at the souvenir shop when saw the white clouds said it was like going to snow!

Wednesday I did more gifting in this area, but there was less to do then the previous days, Gavorrano is another hill that has a minerary and archeological site, there are 5 antennas, here I also planted 1 ep, and flung an ep over the cliff, some clouds started to form soon and increased. I think there was a psyop going on with some skillful team, they only managed to alter me, but the gifting went on, going back I planted another ep near the oxide industry in Follonica. After I went to the beach, (sorry) in the evening I put 2 of Habibi hhg and a tb in the sea harbour of Punta Ala which is a promontory, I missed to do the ‘cell tower’, but the hhgs are also needed in the sea and there are a lot of boats and people.

July 2015, gifted with more of 50kgs of orgonite in 4 days tour from North down to Maremma in the South of Tuscany,

Places gifted

Bocca di Magra river, 3 dozens of tbs in the river mouth.

Hill top arrays,

Rosignano Marittima




Monte Amiata

Some gifting at some of the antennas on the Cisa pass road on the way back from the coast to inland, used ep as well.


Radar Poggioballone near Castiglione della Pescaia.

Gifted also roadside antenna as I drove by going to the various mountains.

Gifted the carsic water lake of the Accesa (know to the Etruscan people), near Massa Marittima with 2 dozens of tbs.…-grosseto/

Okay friends, any boosting for this new mission in Tuscany is welcomed, until monday night. Else people close yell at me and my greedy sadistic boss at work may dismiss me by the end next month.

It does feel a bit like this lately…

I’ll pack up then. Cheerio

Thanks to all, thanks also those who provided material support in various way.

Here is a first photo, is the view from the motorway of the location of the weather ball of Livorno city over Colle Salvetti, one day after the gifting of it and of some in Livorno city in Tuscany. Please repeat click to zoom to see the weather ball.

Hello there, here’s a report of the gifting of the 12-13 June.

From the beginning, I found myself glad of keeping the promise to a hunch I had to put an EP at the Chiaravalle della Colomba abbey, which is a 1136 Cistercencian just passed the city of Fiorenzuola D’arda near, Piacenza, an important place for history which also the templars have used for some event and procession, there is a tradition in the month of May and June to make a carpet of flowers over the floor of the chuirch, with some type of design. This event is called La Infiorata. A small antenna near there was gifted before, and here was beginning to rain.

I headed for the coast via the Cisa pass, stopped for an antenna in Fornovo Taro next the pasta factory Barilla, which is located in Fornovo sul Taro. Other antennas on the motorway I could not stop safely, but I was interested to gift Aulla at the end of the Cisa motorway, I had gifted the antennas on the hill in Podenzano, but never found the time to gift the 3 antennas in Aulla which is a city where two roads that pass through the Lunigiana region meet, there is a fortress castle belonged to the Malaspina family. The river Magra passes in Aulla and reaches the estuary in Santo Stefano, Bocca di Magra. After finished Aulla by mistake I missed the exit and had to turn back and so found and gifted the antenna outside the motorway in Santo Stefano di Magra.

I had selected a main target in the city of Livorno and the weather ball radar in the nearby hill of Vallebenedetta. Livorno has a big oil refinery, and a port, I had in mind to gift the area of the refinery and then the old city center sorrounded by canals, but the plan changed as the gifting evoled in response to the changes in the sky. A writer title a novel book on Livorno, called ’ Sul Lungomai di Livorno’ which translates as on the long never of Livorno. I have a feeling Livorno is very important eteheric target, and asset for the control of the spirit of Italy. I am yet not to find more exaplanatory words, but will be coming to Livorno again.

The area of the refinery is a suburb called Stagno, there are electricity line weaving in a chaotic way all over the area, ideal place to gift when is also combine with antennas, There where many bushes or areas with high wild canes and it was easy to fling orgonite from the car.

The photos show that in less than an hour, thanks to the intervention of elemtals too, the sky went from fully overcloud to cllean and bursting wit cumulous cloud. The reaction definitevile amazed me. I found myself taking another wrong exit and being in a kind of round stadium which by chance I read that the Dalai Lama was going to be there from the 13 to the 14 of June. There is a Buddist place in a hill village called Pomania not distant, which on the ley aligned with the refinery, the weather ball, La Spezia city and Rome. (ley map source is After gifting 13 antennas in Livorno from the refinerey area to the Pala Mascagni stadium and the train station I had already used at least 50 tbs. I headed for the weather ball in Vallebenedetta nearby, at the top there is a church and some villas and the cemetery, the road continues in the valley gifted the forad for a couple of kilometers, on two places I saw man coming out from the woods bare chested, it looked it was somebody living there. I put an EP in a place where there is a sort of escavation, and there are a signs of path going into the woods, it was very hard soil, i didnt have water to soften the ground and only put 1 EP, I feel this place was relevant for the mission, and would have put more EP. Anyway i headed back to try to get close as possible to the weather ball, withouth trespassing the signs of off limits. There was people and cyclists visting the hill, so in order to be prudent i gifted again from another path from the back with about 10 orgonite mixed tbs and hhg. Here I felt a feeling of anger as it was from somebody physically there. A peculiar butterfly appeared and stopped on the ground, not moving or flying anymore, so I took some photos from close by.

The gifting was enough for Livorno for the time being, the next targe was more than 150km to the south, the Mount Argentario, a promontory island attached to the peninsula by a small itsmo string of land with two salted water lakes.

The Argentario mount is in front of the Island of the Giglio, the antennas are big, I could not gift the last 3 antennas that are further afar, altought they are smaller antennas, because I would have to leave the car alone and there was people there at the car park. I used 3 EP as well as hhgs an tbs, I did not notice any particular reaction, only that the sky was preatty clear over the antennas, whilst over the sea there was a whiteout, a coupe of photos show that where the blue and the white meet there is a sort of sylph, somehow show that there is something intervening and is modifying the aspect of the white area. It is a fact the there is intense spraying of chemtrails in the sea. Its a really nice treat to be on the sunny part of the sky being freed by that cold lifeless blanket of chemtrail.

The day wasnt over, I turn back to North and reached Piombino, where I had booked a room, which is another industrual city and harbour. This city has also a lot of antennas and they were gifted before, even by German gifters I have read. Piombino was occupied by the Nazifascists during wwii and was heavly bombed by the allied army.

After a swhower I went to the other side of the Piombino promontory which is a Etruscan city called Populonia, I went to see the sea, after less then an hour the sky above the car which had the orgonite inside, was showing a round blue hole and a anouther cloud like a sylph. They anticipated that I was going to look to put orgonite in Populonia, since 2 years ago I did not like the place and was also psy attacked. After a couple of gifts near the necropolis, the sky started to print some strange shapes of clouds, then I went up the hill toward the Etruscan Aropolis, on a bend there is a place marked because a child died in a accident, the next bend, I saw a metal hut. Somebedy sprayed vertically the word ‘sodom’ with a a symbol, and in huge capital letters SODOMY, there is another word on the side but I am not sure what it is, here I found a soft spot for a EP. I saw a shadow the size of a big cat crossing the road super fast. This cat must have realized he was not in the different role of the mouse. I think there was a evil a cunning thought form and unlucky scenario there, The next time I probably vistis also the caves and other parts of this archaeological park, also the castle. Anyway the sunset sky soon after show a pretty beautiful light and the clouds are only far in the sea.

I also was able to pass behind the next day and I took the photos of the sky behind the Vallebendetta Collesalvetti, it looks beautiful as it is an epicenter area bursting out small round clouds in all directions. As a contrast the clouds far from there were slightly higher in altitude, flat and compact like a blanket of whiteout.

to be continued

pics here, they can be downloaded and magnified!album-2!album-1!album-2!album-0

Sorry for breaking. There has been various episods of violent rain in southern Tuscany since last year, flipping the new antennas of this mission can be a positive test for orgonite to mitigate weather as it is hoped.

In the main city of Grosseto I added 2 antennas to the other 4 done last year. From Grosseto to Albinia Argentario circa 100km there are about 18 antenna, up to now a third of them is gifted with orgonite.

The second day, in the early morning I visited around Piombino, there was no people around and I could do a little of gifting, first I went to see a industrial quarter called Cotone and discovered a square with a large monument to the victime of the war and to the community of Cotone. This monument was wailing, as I went close I was automatically reacting to cry, with one tb the feeling dimished a lot, I buried another one in the trees nearby. Two local seagulls passed above after a moment. Interesting experience, so was worth it, then as I drove around I got near to a large antenna in the middle of the town next to a school, that was not fully reversed to POR generator since the last time, I found a park where to bury the tbs, also another smaller antenna was near there, then only few more tbs along the main road and near the place I was staying since their house was hit by a lighting bolt. They still have a small pyramid that I gave them two years ago. They told me that Piombino is not a rainy town, but there and in Populonia it happened a very strong storm, the same in Grosseto.

I left by 9.30 in order to do more gifting on the way back. I stopped in the gulf of Baratti and spent an hour on the beach in the bay next to Populonia. The next village is San Vincenzo where I gifted 7 towers, 5 of them up on a hill are visible from the motorway, there where sylphs kind of clouds already there, 1 other tower in town was done in a previous trip. The panorama view was very interesting since the sea was covered by the clouds and coast had clear sky. I hope is going to work as a protection from anymore bad weather. The next test would be normally after the second half of August.

After San Vincenzo I took the motorway, toward Livorno and when I was near the Collesalvetti Vallebenedetta area with the weather ball now gifted, the sky had very different type of clouds, round like pieces of cotton at low altitude and it seem to be expanding from a centre, and propagating in all directions. With not so many ammunitions, I decide to leave Livorno as it was and go to a different area altogheter near Lucca, called Pescia.

There is a valley that starts in Pescia, is part of the Valleriana, Pescia has a river. When I arrived there was a thunder storm on the mountains of the valley, and maybe it was about to come down hill, I found a big building which is the flower market, it almost look like an industrial plant since it has very high white poles around it, they are strange since are groups of three each with a higher one in the middle which is taller thean the building, a few of them have antenna panels, it is not clear what is the purpose of the construction. To start I put a fat tb in the stream that goes inside the area of the plant. The arrived by the river and gifted the various bridges, I found the church of Mary Magdalene, and other churches not far from the river.

I wanted to go up the valley a bit and gifted the river a bit under the rain, then I had to visit the place called Pieve of Castelvecchio which 10km distant from Pescia, a 9th century church site with many symbolic images and on the top it has one man that protects two women with his hands, one woman head is almost leaning on the shoulder of the man.

I put 1 EP as soon as arrived near the tower of the church, soon after there was some people not distant, I added some more gites in the bushes, then another EP and hhg outside the village of Castelvecchio.

link to the pics here, the images are downloadable!album-0

I have corrected some typing errors in the previous post. In Grosseto city there are now 6 gifted towers, outside town there is an antenna array with 5 antennas on the hill of the archeological Etruscan and Roman site called Roselle. There i had gifted 2 years ago the array with 5 tbs only, beacause I thought that a person from Genoa had been there, I remember I took a photo of the clear sky that time, before and after the gifting, and it seemed that the blue was deeper tone after the gifting, altought since I had orgonite in the car it could be that it was also contributing to flipping the towers, I had gifted a bit the archeological site itself and other antennas on that road that lead toward inside the region, to Siena or to Mount Amiata. The antennas from Grosseto to Albinia are probably 18.

About Populonia, the child died on a bend where there is the beginninag of the archeological site where there is the path that goes up to the hill where there is the Etruscan acropolis. There was be a couple of tbs already there, but I think the point is to put enough orgonite in the area to reverse it completely, because that it could be a DOR accumulator as a whole, beside possible evil that is perpretated. I still have the feeling that there are secret sites under that archeological territory, near the necropolis in the low territory of the necropolis. Near the Museum info point there are some paths for exrcusions, and there is a restaurant, since was late and the musuem was closed, the restaurant owner stop me, said that it was closed and beside dangerous because there are caves, wild boars, and there is man warden. Well guarded secret? I also put hhg brick in the sea near the harbour, altought the water is a bit shallow, its a bit heavy, hopefullu goes under the sand and it should stay there.

Here is the photo of Piazza Rinascita, with the wailing women monument and a house for sale with various stucco like decorations.

Castelvecchio is 10km distant from Pescia, a internet site says it is the oldest church of the area.

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Please boost me and my gifting trip to Ligurian border, Tuscany and seaside regions, water and arrays, leaving in a few hours. Thanks you all thank to those EW buddies that supported materially.

On 7 / 7 I realised I was going to change something and leave my job.

In the morning, the undergound metro was stopped because allegedly a person had trespassed and enterd the tunnel walking. I cursed the metro with my voice out and a woman next to me said it is worst than you said. The anger was becoming a part of my relation with work activity due to the vexation from my superiors. ‘That’s not my way’

The last thursday I informed them to not renew my contract, they are asking me to stay (at the same conditions, shortsighted foxes) but its no, I turn the boat now.

Mission ongoing until Tuesday. Gifted the biggest geothermical electricity plant of Italy and maybe Europe. Situated in Pomarance Larderello Castelnuovo Val di Cecina. It exploits the vapor from vulcanic activity.

There are several geothermical plants in the area.

Few days ago did the plant in Monterotondo.

Today did Castelnuovo Val di Cecina andand the area of Larderello In cadtelnuovo place there used to a mine exactly where is the plant. There was a SS massacre, on the 13-14 June 1944 the SS killed 77 innocent miners workers… Named the massacre of the Niccioletta.

On the other side of the hill there is Larderello Pomarance here there are 4 geothermical production plants.

There are antennas too. The plants use water to cool down the chimneys or maybe something else inside. .

Did this hardcore gifting to gain earth grid and atmospheric benefits.

Used only 7 eps, 6 hhgs and 2 dozens tbs.

The Eps are 13 inch lenght. Due to hard soil I dig and use water to make mud. Dig is necessary also because it must be done quietly.

I am staying in Massa Marittima, a ancient burg fortress of some importance , there is the Sun JHS symbol over a lateral entrance of the city wall. Discovered by following a dog that arrived in the square on his own at the same time. He took the stairs down, a girl saw him too, but soon was out of sight. Put a tb in a dark hole like a cell. Already put a pyramid by prison on the new side the city, where the forest start. Psychic attack gone now. Done loads of towers from here to Grosseto and the array if Roselle. On the way here 80 tbs in water in Livorno. Travelled and gifted across Appennines via Canossa, than Cervarezza, Fivignano in Lunigiana, down to Aulla.

EDIT please read, I have rewritten the report

Hi, this the gifting report update in chronological order,

I had about 300 tbs, a dozen hhg, and a dozen EPS, since I have a week of time I have improvised and adjusted the gifting as it happened, hoping to make something meaningful in the end. The effect of the June mission in Livorno with the other areas such as the Argentario promontory, was calling for something substantial. The number one objective was to protect the local people from the same kind of rain and floods disasters happened up to last year. But it is also nice to gift one whole area and to see what are the effects to reclaiming it as much as possible from the influence of the conspirator powers that be… were.

Gifted in this mission a total of about 58 towers, including 33 in the area of Grosseto, Val di Cornia and geothermal plants, 11 in La Spezia Mount Parodi array and 14 from the Appennines to Livorno.

I had a week fom the 28th of July, the morning that I was heading to Tuscany from Milan, I decided to improvise and so left the motorway and took a route to go across the Appennines via the Land of Canossa. The first gifting was 2 towers in Montecchio, then went up to Canossa Rock, the castle of Matilda of Canossa had been gifted by Carol Croft in her Italian trip, I was oblige to go have a look and I saw a couple of antennas past behind the rock and gifted them.

When I arrived at the junction tha leads to the rise to the rock, there was a woman with two children by a water fountain, The woman was wearing a head scarf and turned the back to me, whilst I was staring at the young boy’s eyes and he was checking her mum’s in response. After the antennnas I throw some tbs by the roadside. at the base of the rock.

From Canossa I reached Castelnuovo Ne Monti, where there is the Pietra Bismantova, and I took to Cervarezza, here there are some thermal spa Fonti of Santa Lucia, I gifted the fountain, and a church a the cemetery, the mountain Ventasso is the main natural feature of this area. Cervarezza is actually not far from the Monteduro antenna array that I gifted before. I had a feeling passing near the Spa that there was something about kids, but I was too tired to gift any furher. (I only slept 2 hours the night before and was on a average of four hours for the past week).

The next place I stop was Cerreto Laghi, I think this location is mainly touristic and made up with a lake and skying and touristic resort, I gifted the one antenna that I found and a war memorial to three partisan antifascists fighter that had been killed there by the nazi on the 25th April 1945.

In the next village Fivizzano, there is an array of 5 antennas, unfortuantely the road that leads up on the hill was narrow and dodgy so I gifted a bit a distance but I think there was and effect, I put some of the orgonite including a HHG by the electrity lines and by a water stream under the hill.

After I stop in the Tirrenian sea port city of Livorno, which has a English name that is Leghorn, apparently the Italian name is derived from te name of the pre Roman Ligurian tribe that founded the city.

Last month, I had gifted most of the antennas, this time I added gifting in the center of the city using the canals. I gifted the cittadel inside the canals, the old and new fortress, one of the canal has all the possible banks branches. I used 40 tbs, and I found some antennas where on the roofs of the houses. I skipped to gift the port and went to a a southern suburb Antignano and Calafuria (fury bay) and put 40 tbs into the sea. A sylph came in the sky in direction of Livorno, when I stop to take a picture I noticed that a car with a guy inside stopped at short distance behind, I grabbed the camera and was going to take the photo of both sylph and him in the car, when he saw my camera he looked astonished and run away immeditely.

The next day I went to gift the geothermical electricity production plant of Monterotondo, there is a site where the vapour of water and sulfur derived from undergound volcanic activity comes out from the earth. I used a couple of EPs and more orgonite to try to make the place have a reaction. I almost destroyed my hand trying to pierce and hammer a hole in into the ground. At that time I got a sort of call to gift the beach near San Vincenzo.

The next day in the afternoon I put 2 EPS in the beach, near the Populonia, Villa of the Baron, 3 ravens arrived on the beach after gifting, staryed a little while than flew back inside. In the following days I could admire how clean and pleasent was the air and the water. I guess it could be a alternative worth trying, a way for gifting near the seaside.

All antennas in the city of Grosseto are now gifted, there is a funny church in the center near a big antenna that looks like a minareth, on the same day I went backl to the Etruscan site Roselle, where there 9 towers, altought not big ones, in Roselle there is also an astronomy observatory, 2 yeasrs ago I had oput 5 tbs for the antenna, I added a HHG and tbs to make the site fully reversed. One antenna is separated from the array and is further up, its inside somebody property but is within range enough for the orgonite. I gifted the villages of Castiglione, Marina, Principina. Before Grosseto I stopped at a protected area called Torre Trappola, here there is the river Ombrone, a few kilometers before reaching the sea. I was able to find a spot with a a path among the canes that is probably used by somebody fishing, just near 2 dead trees one each on the opposite side of the river, I throw a pyramid in the water there. Near Castiglione there is a hill with 2 new antennas, but there is no apparent road, altough is ot a high hill, I also missed another antenna that is only visible when you come from the otehr direction. One antenna was by thge side of the canal by the port and gifted in the water with 4 tbs to add some effect, there was immedtialy an arrival of wind.

The mist and the haze had complety gone, the area become slightly breezy, permanently, and vibrant, I touche villages at sea level and those on the hills.

On Sunday I headed back inland again in order to continue on the project of gifting a vulcanic area with the electricity production plants.

The drive to go there was beautiful, as there are dozen of kilometers of uniterrupted oak tree woods. I reached Castelnuovo and Larderello Pomarance, here there are the main geothermical electricity plants that convert the vapours from the earth into power to make the turbines to turn and produce electricity. The site is the largest in Italy, is vast and there are 5 electricity plants. I think the whole area comprehends 7 or 8 plants. One of the site, was formerly a mine and during the WWII, on the the 13-14 of June 1944 the SS nazi killed 77 miner workers.

I had EPS and HHGs as main tool, unfortunately the soil was very hard everywhere I tried, I could only succed by using water in order to soften the ground and to be able to dig the soft mud, it took a long a time, for 2 eps I had to hide the part that was sticking out with soil and leaves. I think at least the photos show that there is beginning of a cloud formation after the orgonite gifting, I employed among the Castelnuovo plant and the Lardarello Pomarance sites 4 EPs and 5 HHGs and 2 dozens of tbs. Whilst in the previous gifting of Monterotondo 2 Eps 1 HHG and a dozen tbs at the site, plus another EP at a junction where there is a obelisk dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The monday I continued to find antennas, so I went to Suvereto, as I passed accross te natural area called Marliana, I gifted a ancient river, near by there is the Mount Bamboli, where there was a discovery of fossils alligators and an biped ape from whom the humans are not discendent tough. I also gifted 1 antenna in Campiglia to gift an antenna I missed to do before.

So now the area called Val di Cornia is entirely gifted, from San Vincenzo down to Grosseto. Including a lake called Lago dell’Accesa that was gifted last year, this is a lake has no rivers so the water is from uinderground, it was known by the Etruscans. This side of the valley including Massa Marittima seems to be the place where the puffly low clouds form and originates first.

Massa Marittima is a burg on a hill top, I gifted its antennas 2 summers ago, now as I was staying there I reliased that i dont like the place. All of its medioeval buildings, and walls. its also the bithplace of a saint called San Bernardino da Siena, whose native home in the center of the city at piazza Cavour has a plaque from 1980 and a big JHS sun above to commemorate 6 centuries from the saint birth. Bernardino now owes to them as he is double spinning in its grave for being sponsored by the jetsuits.

Most of the people in Massa Marittima seemed to be a bit like strange automatons and characters, including some of the tuurists. The first moring I put a pyrmid near the prison, the night I put a tb on the rood o a memorial next to the cemetery, in the following days, reluctantly added a few more tbs in the area, when I gifted the city wall near the library, face inland, the morning after the atmosphere I went to check the wall, the place was so charged that I felt the hairs was going to stand on my skin. There is a square with a park called Piazza 24 Maggio, here there is also the Hotel La Fenice (phoenix), the square is a probably, almost certain, conception of freemason mentality, 2 pillars, at the gate with the steps, than in the center the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and a stuatue of a woman with the helmet that simbolyzes Victory. This place was emitting dark energy aura which was visible from inland the first day when I came back from the Monterotondo plant. I think there are probaby tunnels undergound from old times of mining in the city Massa Marittima. I saw some weird foreigner tourists on the 30th when there was a festival called ‘The moon and the Tower’.

In my return on the last day I gifted La Spezia mountain array of Monte Parodi, which has at leat 11 towers on its side and top, using an hhg base with a pipe inside, 2 dozens of tb and the inside of 2 EPs, 1 inserted inside a metal balaustre near the road, after half an hour the montain become windy.

Picures, follow up soon.

Hi here a map of the last 3 years of gifting, highlighting all the antenna arrays gifted and other some other places of gifting. To enlarge the map, click 3 times.

(Please re read the report as I rewrote it from last night.)

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Hi here is the photo album of the last trip, dowanloadable for higher resolution.!album-4

(updated the above map, as it was missing Argentario and Camaiore)