Any US East Coasters out there?


I am new to this forum as well as orgonite and am still catching up reading on this forum.

I got into it because I could feel a great shift after receiving the T-Rex as well as one of Carol’s pyramides - so I started reading, then ordering , then gifting locally. I put up two CBs in my yard and the next day despite the weather forecast predicting clouds we had gorgeously blue skies. That was on a Sunday - don’t know if they are off on Sundays, but early Monday morning was definitely a catchup spewing day - I had never seen that many planes in the sky.

Would love to hear and maybe connect with others from the US East Coast to join efforts as well as exchange what may already be taken care of - anybody out there north of NYC? Western CT or MA would probably work too…

feel free to pm me if you don’t want to share your location publicly.

I am looking forward to great team work! Smile


Welcome aboard Ilka !

I have a good idea where a few big gifting spots are, since I have been supplying crystals and shavings to some very generous

orgonite flingers.

New Haven Connecticut has 1000’s of tb’s around it for instance. Western MA has a few big gifters tossing orgonite also.

I have tossed orgonite in Darien and Greenwich. I even have gifted New York City.

I believe there is someone in Brooklyn that has been making orgonite too.

My suggestion is gift locally the death towers, cop shops, grave yards, masonic halls, hospitals, churches,streams, rivers,

then branch out after that.

You live in a very populated area, so you can never have enough orgonite to match all the negative energy and electromagnetic

pollution that is near you.

Please post your observations while gifting and making orgonite .We are all interested in hearing about your experiences with


Having 2 cloud busters in your yard has put you on the map, so if you haven’t seen any spooks drive by or low flying helicopters

pass over you then at some point you will .

Good Luck, Eric

p.s. post a photo of your cloud buster sometime.

Hi Eric,

that is helpful to hear and even though only one couple from CT has responded, it is nice to know to not be alone here on the East Coast. Yes, I did start in my neighborhood and am expanding slowly from there. I thought I will finish this area and then post, but I am realizing one is never really done. So far I have done Kingston, NY and a bit north of it as well as Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Tivoli and Germantown - totaling in about 700TBs and some HHgs throughout that area ( and I think I got at least all the listed towers plus many more that I discovered on my way). I also do the ones I find when I travel to the city or any place. Still more to do and I always find more juicy locations that are worthy of a gift here in my area.

I did feel sometimes that I was guided - everytime I got “lost” I ended up at a much better location than the one I was aiming for. So that is a nice feeling. I can’t really tell about the weather - it has been the best summer ever, with much cooler temperatures as well as less humidity, but I started gifting mid May and this year has been unusual before that. So it is hard to tell if I am causing it.

Luckily no helicopters or similar - oddly more police presence for a little while on my road - again hard to tell if it is coincidence or not. I haven’t noticed it over the last week. I also hear sooo many more birds. I noticed because I always missed the chirping of the birds that I was used from Germany - here there were only tons of crickets. Now the birds are chirping the whole day :-). But still chemtrails and heavy duty spraying several times a week. So no big sensations to report, hence I feel I don’t want to bore people, but I sometimes think there shoudl be a board that is soley about reporting what is gifted, so one can go and look it up. I think that would be helpful - especially for us non psychic gifters.

I would love to hear from the Western MA gifters - did anybody already tackle Albany? that would be a worthy city for a whole bunch of us - just putting it out there and hoping maybe they will respond.

thanks Eric - I am loving your crystals by the way!!