Anyone In New Zealand Want To Meet A Dolphin?

Don Croft
14 Mar 2008 09:26
Subject: Anyone in New Zealand Want to Meet a Dolphin?
I got this newslink from Liz in Colorado and Steve in Toronto:

As you can see, there’s a very gregarious bottlenose dolphin 400km norhteast of Wellington at the beach named in the article and I have a hunch that he’d love to meet a gifter and receive some orgonite. There aren’t a lot of opportunities like this one!

I hope we can keep the dolphin/human relationship regarding orgonite alive and growing, so Carol and I will be going to Hawaii together, soon, with an underwater video camera for a few days.

By the way, the Homeland Security Schmucks promised Carol (when she called these creeps) that they won’t stop us from going to Hawaii but they hinted that they might stop us from getting on a plane on the way back Cool and if these criminals interfere with our God-given right to travel you can bet their @$$es that we’ll turn that event into an internet punching bag Wink

As she says, it’s marvellous whenever anyone will toss a lot of orgonite into the sea for dolphins and whales to distribute but it’s much, much better when we can have direct interactions because many of the dolphins and whales are among The Operators, after all; a little bit like having an opportunity to personally meet Jesus, if you will.

I can tell you from direct experience that when one gets direct psi/emotional communication from cetaceans it changes one’s life in a very positive way.
It’s more substantial when it happens in person (even from a boat) than in dreams or visions so I hope that this year will mark the time when many gifters will make pilgrimages to the sea with this intention.

What you get from the experience directly relates to how open you’re willing to be to it, of course, but even if you’re still struggling under a materialistic paradigm the effects will, without a doubt, be registered by your more essential self and later on you’re going to look back on it as a pivotal point in your life, the way I look back on my 1995 experience with the two pilot whales in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico when I was in my little open sailboat.

Thanks again, Liz and Steve!

Don Croft
14 Mar 2008 09:49
Subject: Re: Anyone in New Zealand Want to Meet a Dolphin?
Toronto Steve also sent me this BBC link:

I think it’s remarkable when a main organ of the What To Think Network is compelled to cover events like this because, at least to me, it reflects disinformation media’s mandate to maintain enough credibility, in the face of rising human awareness, to maintain their traditionally credible position.

I think that this year will mark the time in history when that credibility began to visibly erode and I have a hunch that the vehicle for their demise will be their emerging attacks on orgonite, the ‘magic bullet.’

It would surely be marvellous if orgonite will virtually destroy the What To Think Network the way that it destroys the world order’s death energy matrix through 3D gifting Cool