Anyone Make A Cheaper Version Of This?

Hi Mike,

it looks like orgonite made with fine copper poweder and resin with some crystals inside. The pyramid one doesnt say its components so i am unsure as to what it would cost if it has something extra that i ignore. The other ¨ormusite¨ like they are calling seems also like orgonite but mix many metals and some magnetic elements in powder form plus kyanite and some quarzt.

the benefits claimed i think can be gotten with orgonite and some special HHG with good mix of minerals for personal use at home can have superb effect.

Do you think the pyramid has an SP inside or something of sorts?


I was wondering about that – it has a power lead.

any psi’s want to take a look?


Mark, what you might not realize is that when something like this is introduced to EW it has the tendency to distract from simple orgonite, which we all know is valuable and consistent.

The fakers promote a wide variety of ‘replacement’ materials and configurations, none of which have proven especially useful in the field and they’re fond of using terms like ‘scalar’ in order to mystify the less discerning.

This has been going on since before the start of this unorganized movement, in fact.

So, before you promote something, here, would you please take the necessary steps to discern whether it has any value, first?

Powdered metal is what Karl Welz uses in his orgonite devices, which are for radionics. Carol and I experimented with this very early and she determined that fine metal component for orgonite is slightly less suitable for environmental work than what we’ve all been using. It works, of course. Dr Batiibwe and I made hundreds of towerbusters with finely ground metal, which was all that was avaliable to him in rural Uganda, and we then gifted the warzone in the north part of the country with that. The results were as astounding and immediate as one could expect so I know it works well enough.

Welz also uses powdered quartz as the crystal component in his orgonite, which is suitable for radionics but not for field orgonite. In that case, several of the psychics examined orgonite with powdered quartz about eight years ago and they all felt it was ‘hot’ and not suibable for what we’ve been doing.

You probably don’t realize how fast a lot of people will jump from using simple field orgonite to using some arcane and umproven substitute but this movement was nearly destroyed in 2002 because someone was promoting something like this quite aggressively and the majority of people in the forums immediately stopped using orgonite and started using these complex and silly devices, instead. They later came to understand that these expensive devices were only as useful as the small orgonite component they contained, which was about the same as a towerbuster. Police in at least four states found some of these and blew them up because they looked like pipe bombs [Image Can Not Be Found] and it made the newspapers, every time.

This global revolution that’s based on simple field orgonite has grown large and diverse enough, by now, that none of the fakers who pretend to have something superior to orgonite are gaining ground, any more, thank God, but even this forum is easily susceptible to this sort of sabotage if each of us aren’t careful to keep pursuing intellectual integrity.

Otherwise, if you think something has value and you want to promote it, then the proper forum is, which is set up for scientific enquiry. That forum is almost abandoned but Manfred is keeping it alive and someday, God willing, people will approach subjects like this in a balanced way so that if some new thing comes along that has value it won’t be swept away in the present tide of fakery.