April 10 UFO

Monday evening I was sitting the sun after work. There was a large oval dark cloud hanging motionless to west of me. I pointed my cb at it and gave it 6 good blasts. Not thinking much more of it I got up and did some chorse. A bit later fighter jets where buzzing around in pairs with there white flashing lights blinking.

The next day everyone was talking about the jets buzzing around the area. I just heard today that my neighbor (who lives right under the cloud I blasted) phoned the RCMP and CFB ColdLake and reported a UFO. CFB ColdLake scrambled there fighter jets.

If the Canadian Air Force wants, I could build them a small CB to fit into the nose cone of there jets. If there willing to go hunting reptile motherships they might as well be functionaly armed.


I talked to the fella that saw and reported the ufo. I refered him to this sight so he could get some back ground info. It’s my hope he will share his story with us. For the record I’ll post mine.

Apirl 10 1600 hours, I saw a big dark cloud, pie shaped, hovering over the hill to the west, small white clouds were floating by but this big dark one stayed put. I pointed my cb at it and gave it 5 or 6 blasts from my heart. then I used the same method I use when chat blasting, I mentaly went into the cloud/craft, into the “engine room” if one could call it that. There were two long tubes about 6 feet in diamiter, a port and starboard tube with red light swirling in them, I reached up and unfastened a silver latch and let it get sucked down the starboard tubed and watched as it damaged the works of the tube, then I left. Shorty after that fighter jets started flying around in pairs with there landing lights blinking, they never do that, it’s as if they wanted humans to see them.


My neighbor saw a ufo this morning, to the east. about 3:00 am. she drew a picture. i’ll scan it tomorrow. I need help to post it.


UFO to the east, shaded part is cloud, dots are lights https://www.telusplanet.net/public/bmosley2/scan.jpg