Arabia & China - Apparently the Saudis aren't pleased with their upper lineage's latest move


Apparently the Saudis aren’t pleased with their upper lineage’s latest move, namely to surrender… So they disconnected from Source and they are keeping alive through bloody & sex rituals as most parasites do.


These guys are about to harness some devilish powers down there. While everything is under control as usual, it would be nice if you “psychics” out there could direct some of your time and attention at the situation, as the area hasn’t been gifted yet.

As for China, it’s quite obvious these guys would give us a though time and thanks to your effort some amazing progress has been done. There’s this radionic machine the chinese have been using against me and Alej too. Russia is pretty much handled by now. Gifting still needed though.

With Love,


The machine the chinese have actually can be handled rather easily. Clue- Remember, the chinese are very good at copying things, so chances are pretty good that what they have is something not too different from what you are used to working with. Of course, however, their intent is different! What they do not seem to realize is that the type of intent they are putting into their efforts will cause them and/or their machine to basically self-destruct!

Shall engage in etheric gifting on this end. Keep us posted!


Steeve, your radionics system is great, I really love it. Electro Digital Radionics, “Pluto”. I read it in the other topic and saw a picture on there too.

As Kulwant said, “etheric gifting” is really something worth of trying for, as it basically works in same style as boosting, but adding “physical” orgone generator in the etheric realm is really powerful tool. I “make” etheric orgone generators by boosting from heart centre to create double dodecahedrons moving in counter-clockwise and clockwise direction at the same time on same axis and use the dodec energy to build up an orgone generator to place.

There seems to be more durable energy field of positive energy (POR), when boosting and etheric gifting are combined. Good to use when you can`t reach a location in terms of physical gifting. I think it is because you focus and storage positive orgone energy into a creation, which is in this case, an etheric orgone generator.

I really like the idea of combining sound/music with orgone and have my own tools as well.

Sending Love with heart frequencies to those locations.

Great work, Steve and Folks !!!

Regarding the Saudis- the rituals they wish to engage in shall similarly destroy them- such things have a way of turning on those who engage in them- they are programming themselves to also self destruct. Shall proceed with Etheric Gifting them too.

The EDR is excellent- really works! Thank you all!