Are We Just Making All This Up?

Hey Don.

Don’t mean to trouble you but I’m feeling quite low right now. Basically, I have been gathering more and more information about the Chemtrails, and I am feeling hopeless.
One thing that’s really bugging me: even if the Orgonite gets rid of the DOR and converts it to healthy positive energy, how can that get rid of the chemicals they are dropping on us?
Further, I have been watching the sylphs, and wondering. How do we know they are a positive confirmation for us? What if more simply, it’s just the chemicals smearing around the sky with the wind?

I’m pretty distressed. I have a feeling that this chemtrail business is meant to poison us, and ruin our immune systems, in turn making us more succeptible to pandemic diseases…
I’m afraid we can’t stop this. The ones behind the curtain are far too powerful. I believe in the healing power of Orgonite, but I’m not sure it can make these chemicals disappear…

Just confiding a little despair. I believe in the fight.

Take care.



R, if you’re in the habit of reading disinfo websites I doubt I can do much for you. I wrote a bunch of thoughts and observations in this post:……php?t=1814

The chemtrails you see are harmless but even those will sometimes disappear faster if you go out and bust all the death towers and weather weapons in your area, Someone might have already done that if you’re seeing Sylphs.

Disinformation is designed to confuse people and dumb down your intuitive processes, which is where discernment takes place.




Thanks for the link. It helped me feel a lot better. I never intended to get sucked into the disinformation hole… but I guess that’s how it works, right? I was just trying to get to the bottom of all this…

I do have one question. If the harmful chemtrail period was ~1998 – 2002, and the chemtrails we see today are no longer harmful like they were during those years:
does this mean that sooner or later, there will be another period of the toxic chemtrails?

Thanks for taking time to reply to me.



R, evidently all of the corporate world order’s etheric weaponry depends on the existence of sufficient ‘death energy’ in their field of influence. The distribution of orgonite devices, worldwide, seems to have tipped the energy balance decisively away from them, by now. I reckon that we only hear about a small percentage of these efforts. In some coutnries, including Japan, Korea and perhaps Russia, a whole lot of this work has been done, according to the ‘energy signature’ that we can clearly see in films that are made in those countries and from the reports of visitors and sometimes residents, there.

Some years ago, on a popular disinformation website, a fellow was featured who claimed to be a ‘spokesman for the Sylphs.’ He showed up a few years before we started seeing Sylphs and getting reports of their sightings from around the world from gifters. The man spouted a mix of Theosophical and masonic rhetoric, quite saccharine, but when DB challenged him to share photos of Sylphs, as some gifters had been doing online, he rather posted photos of ‘demonic clouds,’ and evidently had no idea how to distinguish these artifacts from lovely Sylphs. He’s still featured on that website, though, and the owner of the site also insists that chemtrails are still killing people [Image Can Not Be Found] .

DB, who had been in the disinfo business before growing out of it in the early 1990s, told us that the corporate world order kites their own innocent, young, trained and extremly talented psychics up into the finer realms, then debriefs them in order to design ever more convincing disinformation to prevent people from getting to those realms, where empowering information comes from. The dark masters, themselves, who are promoted as ‘The Great White Brotherhood,’ evidently can’t get there because they’re too degraded and exploitive. DB had been one of their psychics.

The ‘Sylph Spokesman,’ who had vigorously developed quite a following but whose name I almost never hear any more, was evidently put in place at the behest of the dark masters (note the earlier Theosophy/masonic reference) and given a soapbox on a prominent disinfo site in order to divert attention from Sylphs, which the dark masters’ psychics probably had indicated would likely be coming back in the future. In order to understand how the corporate world order operates, one really ought to read Machiavelli [Image Can Not Be Found]

When you see Sylphs in your sky pay attention to what you’re feeling, okay? We believe that this is their way of commuunicating with us directly. Many people now understand how laughable it is for anyone to presume to be their mouthpiece.

Until you get proficient at gifting you won’t likely see how powerful orgonite is. When you have made that effort I doubt you’ll be worried about the sewer rats making a comeback. If you’re seeing Sylphs it probably means tghat someone in your area has been disablingl the death towers and weather weapons. If that’s so, then your confirmations won’t likely be as visually dramatic as they would be if you were gifting ‘virgin death energy’ territory but I think that if you keep your eyes and other senses open you’re going to clearly see what orgonite can do. Hopefully, you’ll discern your own intuitive promptings in the field and act on them promptly.

I hope you will avoid disinfo sites, at least until you’ve gotten your intuitive and sensory confirmations. If one is inclined to be hypnotized by clever liars one will find it very, very hard to stay away from these websites but that, too, is an evidence that they’re a trap. One rarely finds empowering information on those sites, after all, so what justifies spending so much time on them?

I remember being led by the nose by clever liars when I started using the internet in the late 1990s. Before, I only read books and that’s a much better way to gather useful information, still. The liars have to share some useful info, otherwise everyone would eventually wander away [Image Can Not Be Found] . Some of them used to feature the work we’re all doing, for instance.

They dull the rational mind by appealiing to inappropriate emotions; a sort of ‘etheric porn.’ Under the circumstances, I think that empty, programmed titillation is an inappropriate emotion. That’s a clever disinformant’s stock in trade [Image Can Not Be Found]

We get treated to as many chemtrails as any one else does, by the way, and nearly every death tower and weather weapon within hundreds of miles has been found and disabled by us or by others. The big onslaughts happen on days when there’s sufficient water vapor in the upper atmosphere to create clouds. This is also the best conditions for Sylphs to weave their own lovely garments, of course, which is why people so often see the Sylphs turning chemtrails into their own sculptures.

Of course, the chemtrails ‘smear out’ before this takes place, so it’s easy to see the difference. Seeded clouds of any sort last longer when the humidity is high. Even on the most humid days one will likely see chemtrails that disappear very fast. We assume those are the chemtrails that have bioweaponry in them. Those probably disappear so fast because there’s at least one orgonite cloudbuster within a couple hundred miles.

Before massive-scale international gifting had become established, Sylphs were mainly seen in the wildnerness. The first Sylph images I ever saw were black and white photos at an exhibition in 1979. These magnificent photos were taken at a very remote spot on the coast of Maine in the mid-1930s. The photographer, after reaching the area with difficulty, camped out there during a summer, took the photos and developed them in a portable darkroom–all of it done without electricity. The nearest settlement was very far away.

Carol and I have a framed photo of a magnificent Sylph in a blue sky, taken within the boundaries of that enormous vortex between Bimini and Nassau, in the Bahamas in 1991. The photographer was on a sailboat that was becalmed, there. The Sylph showed up overhead as the only cloud in the sky. We bought the photo in a bookstore in Florida.

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