Are you still trying to make orgonite with wax?

Some good folks got a little impatient with me, a few years ago, when I held their feet to the fire a bit regarding their casual recommendation of trying wax for orgonite instead of resin. In several postings, I went thru the entire history of how all the various materials were tried and tested but only the solid, crystalline organic matrices actually worked but, sure enough, there was a small stampede to make orgonite with wax and apparently the poison mongers on other forums energized this even further by incessantly promoting wax.

The latter dynamic has done a lot of damage to this movement, which is why I bring it up from time to time. I do that even though it irritates some good folks and if I were running in a popularity contest I wouldn’t dare do stuff like that, of course [Image Can Not Be Found];

I want to share the following with you to demonstrate that it’s been useful for me to harp on stuff like this to some extent:


> Hi,
> thanks to the recent reminder against using beeswax in orgonite, I found
> a few old TBs and HHGs that I had been fooled into making when the hype
> started in the previous forum. I am breaking and melting them in order
> to pour the wax in a candle mold and reuse the metal shavings and
> crystals in hard resin. Wax seems unable to cope with DOR and eventually
> becomes brown then black… here are some untasty pictures.
> E.

I appreciate the feedback, E, and please don’t feel bad that you followed poor advice. We’ve all done that from time to time, of course, and may do so again [Image Can Not Be Found]



In fact, I got fooled by Hulda Clark’s presentations for awhile before I figured out that much of it is kind of silly and distracting, as well as a little disturbing. I gradually stopped promoting her books after I found out that her basic zapper could use a lot of improvement and that most of her claims, warnings and recommendations just didn’t stand up to rational scrutiny or practice. After that, her plagiarisms also started bothering me but, really, plagiarism is a pretty serious matter.

I only mentioned this because it’s a specific example of how I got scammed in the past. I want you to see, too, that the reason we’re doing our best, here, to exercise intellectual honesty and integrity is so that our readers can have confidence in our presentations and recommendations. Don’t you hate it when you feel compelled to sort through someone’s horse$#!+ to get to their usable offerings? It took me a couple of years to go through that process in re: Hulda Clark’s work, for instance.



The stuff made with beeswax? Seems to make a pretty good orgone accumulator. I had a
few little lumps made with beeswax, metal bits, and rose quartz to see how they did
on their own. Well, a bit difficult when they’re surrounded with regular orgonite.
Pick them up and get a rush that would make your hair stand up. A lot like standing
in front of a big ionizer.

Funny thing, when I started out learning about this stuff, I didn’t make orgonite
and look for positive effects – I made something that would be an accumulator and
stuck it in front of a particularly DOR-ish electrical box for awhile. Picked it up,
felt like I’d been punched in the head, and wanted to throw up. Ugh. Kind of painful

Well, beeswax candles simply being used as candles make a room nice and cheery. Sure
smells good too.


Becca, someone told Carol and I that if you roll up the beeswax when it’s in the hexaganal-cell form and flat, burning a candle made that way ionizes the environment, which makes sense to me considering Dr Grebbenikov’s discoveries about vital orgone being generated by resonant cavities in nature.

I posted our experience with the wax/metal combo aborbing DOR at a test site (unbusted, new local death tower) a year ago and how Carol got quite sick when she retrieved it after an hour.

Apparently wax/metal orgone accumulating material won’t absorb DOR when orgonite is around.

I bask in a little infrared (electric) sauna that is also an orgone accumulator and it’s quite vitalizing, even though the room is lit with fluorescent lights, which should charge any accumulator with DOR. The orgonite in the room apparently prevents that and keeps the orgone accumulator (layers of aluminum foil and plastic film) material from getting polluted that way.

Karl Welz still publicly insists that orgonite is merely an orgone accumulator but so many of us, by now, have experienced the transmuting effect of simple orgonite, as opposed to its accumulating effect, that we know that this isn’t so. The metal/resin combo does, indeed, turn bad energy into good energy perpetually and can’t be polluted at all.

Some clever disinformants try to spread rumors, now and then, about alleged cases of polluted orgonite but they don’t stand up to even casual scrutiny, of course. The only way to affect orgonite is by combining components which are intrinsically disharmonious and even that effect is apparently absent unless someone is close enough to be personally affected. A couple of ‘skilled’ vendors sell disharmonious orgonite, apparently made that way intentionally, but most folks avoid these people.


20 December 2007

*"…Dr Grebbenikov’s discoveries about vital orgone being generated by resonant cavities in nature…"

‘The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects
due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)’

Chapter five of “My world” by Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov (published in 1997)

His book is out of print and no longer available in stores or libraries. The rest of the book is only to be read on the Internet at the following Russian website, an online “museum” in his memberance.
(use Google Translate Russian>English)