Arlington House

Has anyone already gifted the Arlington House in Washington? With [u:35o674zl]earthpipes[/u:35o674zl], i mean.
"Saw"an image of this greek building some days before Ted Kennedy died.
Don’t know what it means, but I feel the urge to post this. I’ve asked Francie to look at it too.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Some days ago, at the beginning of this week, I woke up seeing this clear image of a greek, yellow sandstone building – a triangle “roof” with 6 or so pillars below. Though it was a very clear image, I couldn’t identify it of course, for there are many of such buildings everywhere around the world.
Then two days or so later, I saw the news about Ted Kennedy’s death and that he was going to be buried on Arlington cemetary, Washington. They showed a brief camera view of the Arlington house – and i immeadiately recognized it as the building i had seen. That’s why I acted upon the urge to post about it.

Hi Carolien!


As soon as I looked at the photo I had am image of a large, stone bowl on a pedestal; something used for ceremonial fire and about a meter across. The image was not well lit and seemed to be in a dark place, possibly inside or underground, though usually stone monuments of this size are outside. Then I thought I heard “Hestia”.

I just looked up Hestia"
“The hearth fire of a Greek or a Roman household was not allowed to go out, unless it was ritually extinguished and ritually renewed, accompanied by impressive rituals of completion, purification and renewal. Compare the rituals and connotations of an eternal flame and of sanctuary lamps. At the more developed level of the polis, Hestia symbolizes the alliance between the colonies and their mother cities.”

Also, I read that Hestia symbolized democracy because she established the town hall or meeting place.

I would say Hestia, the eternal flame, and allegiance to mother city would all fit in this case, and it would make sense that Arlington House is dedicated to her.


All my messages seem to support your message that Arlington house needs to be earthpiped. I am not sure if I received anything new though. What a target… arlington cemetary!

Dutch news on 27th August about burial Kennedy on Arlington. Note how they feature the Arlington house and eternal flame Francie is talking about: … ngton.html

If all this is related to any ritual, I wonder if the recent fires in Greece fit in, which were declared “under control” at the day Kennedy died.

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