Atlanta Gifter Under Attack

About 5 years i began gifting. i bought my first cB from Andy and starting learning and reading and i was slow initially to pick up on how things worked.
i spoke to Andy and he gave me some guidance on how to make the CB’s had put up in Metro Atlanta (outside perimeter) work. i did not know that Don and Carol had already done
some gifting inside the perimeter.
but the where i lived and worked outside the perimeter, the smog and the chemtrails were coloring everything even as i drove home in the evening i could see it in the air at ground level.

so i had Andy build about 6 -8 cb’s and i put them outside atlanta area.

that was the beginning of my gifting experiences. Since then i have put out 100’s of tb’s and have recently gifted a ugb, since i initiated my plans to do that with earth pipes, (thanks to dooney we found the underground energy)
very strange attacks have been occurring.
actually prior to that, since 2007 i have been attacked. i first started by gifting my school, when i gifted the school inside i found my students and employees were much happier and
less restless etc. but the attacks continued.
as i told Don recently, the truth really is. I have never been more attacked since I started this work.

My school has been attacked. I have been written (with lies and slander and defamation) about and disparaged personally all over the internet, have had multiple lawsuits filed…and had basically my life threatened.

That’s what started me listening to what Don said to me long ago about energy work and maybe I should learn about what i think i know by working with Dooney, So since then I have worked with Dooney, especially recently.

I have been a prolific gifter since 2007/2008 and much of the atlanta area is still in need of a lot of gifting. As a result…i guess I was retaliated against.

Last week I told dooney about someone who was trying to reach me in my office and according to her it wasn’t even a human being…probably a reptile or drac as you say.

But she said it was good that they have not been able to get to me. (by the way a recent former “friend” of mine born again chump style Pastor Don says, says that what i’m doing orgonite and candles etc. is kin to idolatry and voodoo, well I won’t be talking to him anymore:)

There have been times when energetically I thought I was just getting beat up and kicked until I learned how to fight back with Dooney’s help and lots of grounding and boosting.

Things are a lot calmer over all…but I need some mega boosting to recover my business which is a technology and occupational school, so we can recover financially from these attacks, lawsuits, audits, internet gossip, etc. anything they could throw at me they have tried.

i am still fighting an unlawful, unexplained eviction effort, ( we have another hearing in a month or so) though all rents are paid up…and there is no specific complaint about our tenancy…go figure….they just suddenly (hmmmmmm) don’t really like me and my school…hmmmm

i am still fighting false charges in a lawsuit that is currently under appeal. ( which knew about dodecs and boosting last year this time when the trial happened, the jury would have been much fairer [Image Can Not Be Found] i did gift the place…i knew to do that much.

still fighting some ex employees who want to be paid for their time at home when they were never authorized to work at home…[Image Can Not Be Found] go figure…

still fighting recovering financially from a “consultant” last year (who later threatened me) that gave us very bad advice. i later found that he had agents behind him and was being manipulated and as a result of them sending, Dooney and i found the ugb and gifted it. They didn’t want that to happen:)

we have averted most of the attacks but it seems every week or so something new is going on and i have asked Don and Dooney and Stevo and Carol indirectly to help…that is why i am posting. as much i can think of right now.

We need Mega Boosting focuse on my school.
Seems like we are about to get over this hump but each time it has…another distracting energetic attack occurs.

there is much more. i will also tell about the witches and the 2 (that we know of ) voo doo attacks on me.

it’ s like i am alone out here fight all of this and half the time don’t know what i’m fighting…. i need the teams help! i need some group mega boosting and hope i can get some support.

this is only a fraction of the things that i am able to share without making this too long. but the attacks have continued and we continue to gifit and dodec and cv etc. each time. i am learning how to fight back from Dooney and Don. i suggested to

Don, maybe there is a little extra special attention being paid because i am black american? The history of who how black americans have been treated hasn’t been pleasant and i’m sure that once you were owned and controlled by such powers and entities they especially don’t want you getting

liberated of course. [Image Can Not Be Found] they are used to this Don, can tell you of some agents and what they said to some blacks in Atlanta years ago when he tried to get them into gifting.

i don’t know but whatever it is i really could use everyone’s help in getting to the bottom of these attacks and then able to move forward.

i will write more. hope this is enough to share to give everyone some idea of what i 've been going through.

thanks to Don and Carol and Stevo and Dooney for all they do and share to empower and teach us and help us continue to take territory for good life and healing and the health of humanity! [Image Can Not Be Found]

Klaus, thanks a lot for agreeing to outline your history of gifting in Atlanta and the subsequent oppression. I have a sense that this effort to expose the tactics that are being used to destroy your livlihood and reputation will be effective at undermining the corporate order’s agenda against you.

I’m going to write to all of our East African wadugu to boost your situation, since Dooney reckons there’s more raw power, there, than she’d ever seen from a group [Image Can Not Be Found] and most of them are quite psychic, too, so it will be interesting to see what new intel they might uncover. They do it in a party atmosphere, too, which no doubt adds to the power.

‘Wadugu’ means ‘kinsmen’ in Swahii. I like that better than the word, ‘family,’ because our corporate-sponsored enemies like to say that everyone who makes orgonite is in the same ‘family.’ They may think be trying to emulate the Manson Family. A couple of them who use the word more than most tried to murder Ben Morton in 2004. My use of ‘wadugu’ isn’t the same as Africans,’ of course. It has more of a tribal connotation to most Africans but I’m on safe ground, since no two of us on this planet are more than 52d cousins, after all. Even my CIA-directed/instructed detractors are my distant cousins.

I hope all of our readers will also send you heartfelt energy because this is a lot more powerful than any of the subterfuge and spiritual poison (including filthy ritual magic) that is at the corporate order’s disposal. I boost you each time I think of you, these days. Dooney and Stevo are visiting us this weekend and we’re spending some effort on it, too.

Whenever a Black American demonstrates independent initiative he/she will attract the baleful attention of the FBI. I learned this in Atlanta, as Klaus mentioned. About a year before we went to Atlanta Kanya Vashon McGhee interviewed Carol and I on Blake Radio Network of Harlem and it was this international broadcast, by the way, that inspired the first Black African, our own Dr Paul Batiibwe in Uganda, to construct an orgonite cloudbuster. During the interview, Kanya jokingly said, ‘Why don’t you come to Atlanta and clean up the city?’ I instantly said, ‘Okay,’ and he kindly offered the use of his garage to make orgonite, then brought a dozen or so friends and acquaintances to learn to make it.

Several of them committed to doing this work with us and we built up quite an arsenal of towerbusters in those weeks. On the eve of the appointed day when we were all to meet and arrange the campaign, the FBI went to each person and threatened them in various ways. Kanya was told that if he allowed us back on his property ‘something bad was going to happen to his (elderly) aunt.’ The FBI even visited business owners in the vicinity and threatened them not to work with us.

I later found out that this is also how the FBI deals with Native Americans who exercise their birthrights (the Bill of Rights). You might recall that it was the FBI who oversaw the slaughter of the Waco families and an FBI sniper murdered Randy Weaver’s wife, etc. This unconstitutional organization is no better than the SS and it never was.

Carol and I flipped all the towers around the perimeter of the city and within it, also a whole bunch of them out along the highways leading into the city. We also did a lot of institutional gifting, including a dozen or so TBs around the Center for Disease Control, which we knew was mostly underground but in those days earthpipes hadn’t been invented, yet. We distributed 200 TBs in the two downtown districts and Sylphs showed up overhead that day.

Klaus has committed to a much bigger job that includes the vast network of underground facilities and a vast suburbia where a lot of the filthier corporate facilities are. Our aim was mainly to get rid of the smog in the city, which we did. We really did enjoy our time with Kanya and friends, though.

In Klaus’ case this is probably much more than personal, since education is also the issue and his school has made it possible for a very large number of people who had no other prospects to now make a comfortable living.

You might be aware of the draconian oppression that exists in American and European academia, these days, which is likely a legacy of the SS’ takeover of the secret police apparati of all the ‘victorious’ countries immediately after WWII. The International SS (Vryal) is even more racist than the FBI, many of whom are Ku Klux Klansmen, according to what Carol Two Eagle knows, directly. KKK is a branch of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, evidently established by Confederate General Albert Pike, himself immediately after the Civil War.

Even that is only the tip of the iceberg. The corporate world order is a global behemoth that has arguably been in existence since the days of Babylon and perhaps long before that. Humanity are not naturally inclined to warfare, racial hatred, gender prejudice, religious strife, grinding poverty, ignorance, sickness and hopelessness; all of these problems are bequeathed to most of humanity in a systematic way, especially in the ‘developed’ countries. The parts of the world, such as Africa and the Americas, where these problems were not so extreme were only recently ‘influenced’ to become that way. I’ve always felt that it would be easier to fix these problems in ‘the third world’ where native traditions are still alive.

The corporate order probably know and fear this, which may be why some of our African friends were murdered three years ago, right before the initial successes occurred, there.

The reason I’ve been pimping Farrell’s books so aggressively is that he pulls together the substantive material of several authors regarding the extent and history of the corporate world order, which is based on usury, in case you haven’t noticed. One author, David Astle, who self-published Babylon’s Woe in the early1960s, had figured out that the current usury practices were established in very, very ancient times and have been in operation ever since then. Astle had been a British naval officer in WWII–typical patriot–but his interest in archeaology led him to recognize that the British Empire was founded on the same parasitic principles that kept the very ancient, bloody empires going. Every professional archaeologist is apparently mandated to ignore the evidence of all this [Image Can Not Be Found] but every scientist in academia, now, is required to support, or at least is forbidden to criticise, such scams as global warming, Einsteinoid physics and atheism, so one shouldn’t be surprised. One of the contributors to EW recently quit a long academic career in disgust and I hope she’ll spill her guts for the record, here, sometime. She’s as courageous as Klaus is and if she wants the same sort of support it’s available, here.

One of the benefits of getting plenty of heart boosting is that when the psychics get busy hunting for the assailants it has become much, much harder for the miscreants to hide from the psychics and/or misdirect them. Since all of the corporate order’s felons are weak in the etheric realm they have to rely on camouflage and misdirection in order to keep safe from us genuine people, there. I think they finally figured out that ritual magic won’t protect them from us or from anyone else who does what we do. There are quite a few others doing this, we learned over the years. Thank God for the internet!

If you want to see what humanity is naturally like without so much corporate/spiritual poisoning, go gift a ghetto. Carol and I did that in Atlanta and purposefully observed the people in the neighborhood, before and after. Everyone we saw, before, was miserable and there was a lot of anger. The day after we did the deed everyone we saw had a bright countenance and we didnt’ sense any anger from people we saw and met.

Georg in Johannesburg had an even more dramatic experience in Soweto Township, which was arguably the most violent city on the planet. When he and Trevor, an Afrikaaner orgonite flinger, tossed a couple hundred DBs from his car they were afraid to stop at intersections because many people were openly enraged by the sight of white folks. I don’t think they had any expectations; they just felt a need to go toss some orgonite into that emotional inferno [Image Can Not Be Found]

A month later, when a Ugandan ‘visiting fireman’ arrived, Georg said, ‘You want to see the most violent place in the world?’ and they went to Soweto. When they arrived everyone was peaceful, many people smiled at Georg, nobody threatened him, the trash was all picked up and trees were even planted.

Several other folks told me that when they put orgonite around drug dealer’s houses they moved away in a short time. There’s no end to the creative, healing activity we’re each inspired to attempt, of course, so the only thing stopping us is to ignore our inspired promptings.

We look forward to meeting and working (3D is always preferable) with Klaus as soon as possible because this is a huge onslaught and Coach Dooney is a little overwhelmed–there’s an awful lot that one or two of us can accomplish against the armies of decay and usury in the etheric realm but the Really Big Issues, like race hatred and genocide, need group work to resolve and as much public exposure as necessary. It might be that the biggest part of success in a case like Klaus’ is the heart energy and scrutiny of a whole lot of good strangers. This ancient order is nothing more than a parasite so it’s time to deal with it appropriately. Shooting the buggers just serves them.

Please keep the information coming, Klaus! I’m sure this will help you prevail. One of Kanya’s friends, a postal worker and retired veteran, advised us that American Blacks are the wild card–unpredictable and hard to manipulate so the government is afraid of them all. The reason the FBI, KKK and other felonious agencies have been successful oppressing Blacks, so far, is that the white majority in America are not aware of it. That’s changing, thanks to the internet and to generally rising awareness.

The secret government got control of the movement in the sixties toward racial equality by sidelining it into a ‘civil rights’ non-issue. They did the same to the rising gender equality movement by making it all about homosexuality and ‘abortion.’ I think it’s time to finally stop swallowing those baited hooks. These are not ‘federal’ issues and never were. These are awareness issues. In spite of the Byzantine operations of Marxists and Nazis who own and operate academia and the media it has become repugnant to express racism and gender prejudice. Interracial marriage is more common in the Southern US, now, than in the Northern US. White liberals in the North are more racially prejudiced than Southern Whites. If you don’t believe me, pay attention in your travels, next time, okay?

I mention stuff like this to help people, who are so inclined, to shake loose from the deep, insidious corporate programming that we’re all bathed in from the moment of conception. I wish someone had talked to me this way, fifty years ago when I was trying to figure things out.

By the way, when I was a youth in Louisiana, working in a sugar mill, I was subjected to a pretty big voodoo onslaught and I prevailed, thank God. It felt just like the dirty magic I had experienced in Germany a couple of years before that. I think they wanted to recruit me in Germany–ugh. What Carol and I have received from the corporate world order over the past eleven years is no different from Louisiana voodoo–just higher tech in some instances [Image Can Not Be Found]


Well Said Don, i will keep the information coming and appreciate all the help we can get until this pocket is busted and healed.

My hat goes off to you for doing a wonderful job! If I understand correctly Atlanta is/was designated to be the headquarters of the NWO and your gifting efforts are of the highest order! Atlanta lies to the east of north Alabama and everything you do helps us out and we are thankful for that too! We are all in this together and nobody is more crucial than you are, I believe you will rise above the attacks and other situations soon and gain an incredible sense of insight to this thing we call life…

May God bless you and yours,


Thanks Louis, your boosts are appreciated very much!

boosting Klaus too [Image Can Not Be Found]

So much sorry for your problems and allow me to boost your heart to give you much energy to sustain you in midst of your difficulties and i know you will be well
Mrs O

I have to agree that They are doing a number on Klaus….throwing everything they can at him. This simply doesn’t happen to a gifter unless they are hitting prime targets, so the good news is that Klaus is doing a heck of a lot of damage to the NWO! [Image Can Not Be Found] In our session this evening, through some imagery that Klaus picked up we found a connection to the Triad (what a surprise), so those of you who are helping by boosting Klaus can also take a whack at those shills for the offworlders. A Triad connection means, in my opinion, that Klaus has gotten attention at the highest levels of nastiness, so your boosts are doubly appreciated. I can’t wait to get together with a group of you folks and nail these guys who are harassing him.

A side benefit of this whole ordeal, for Klaus, is that his etheric skills have improved exponentially. In fact, my own skills have improved simply due to the necessity of accomplishing a lot of work in a short time to keep his head above water. So, as usual, a crisis period breeds extreme productivity, determination and the neutralization of more than one hate-based NWO agent. There have even been a couple of people whom I believe will embrace love again, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Plus, we’ve found some great targets, most notably a huge underground base that Klaus took care of with dispatch. And obviously the Atlanta area is a hot prospect, so if there are any secret gifters out there in Georgia, your efforts are appreciated as well.

Thanks to everyone who is putting some good boosting energy towards this situation!

Thanks Dooney to you for any and all skills or improvement. We are just very stagnant with our sales right now, we can’t seem to bust through this gridlock of spinning our wheels and either breaking even or losing money.
we have candles burning (all 4 colors) in like every major office of the Institute and my home office. So any suggestions or boosting on this issue is greatly appreciated….there is definitely a drive them out of business energy campaign going on and we need all the help we can
get to survive and thrive through this onslaught. it’s draining to me and sometimes to the staff……

thanks Mike for the Boosts and everyone else too! [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

Good Luck Klaus [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m sending some healthy boosting to you right now.

Eric [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks Eric! Boosting really works, i felt it a while ago and said someone is boosting me. but didn’t think to check ew. it was right around the time you posted! [Image Can Not Be Found]
thanks…Please boost the school tomorrow. we have never felt such a strange energy as we did today. this is a big fight we are in. we had an agent visit us today
i actually met him.(by accident….didnt’ want to…don’t want them to get my energy signature)…not sure if was an agent agent or just a spy from the feds….we knew it was some sort of spy posing as a potential student because afterwards we couldn’t find any information on him on the web…and we have all kinds of background check tools
etc. plus cking facebook for a younger person>>> just about all youth have a facebook…he had to be around 28-32…no linked in, no facebook, no trace on background check….hmmmmmm???
is this your real name sir??? obviously not…
i advised staff to start checking something on everyone who comes in…
Dooney has put 8 dodecs on the building, we have earth piped it and have a black tourmaline chrystal near each earth pipe in each corner and the place is full of orgonite in and around the outside.

we actually have 4-5 cb’s that we use as orgone generators (without the poles) internally to help produce more orgone energy.

so we definitely still have work to do…all your boosting as well as everyone else is very much appreciated!! and Needed right now…as we endeavor to survive and stay afloat. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thanks for the update, Klaus. This satanic hidden regime seems to be focusing an awful lot of their ire on your livelihood and reputation right now, in addition to the general American fake, corporate government’s old agenda against black folks and I think we can prevail. We’ve often had to go after some pretty trick radionics setups in these situations. In the US, the NSA seems to do most of the predatory radionics and there’s probably a facility near you that you can earthpipe, as Dooney and Stevo successfully did three years ago in the Bitteroot Mountains. I’ll ask Carol to take a peek at that, tonight, for you but D and S are good at that when it occurs to them to hunt for it. They were here last weekend. We did some work on this and it’s obvious that the Coach will welcome reinforcements in the coming weeks. This is really big–obviously much more than just personally directed at you. Your college seems to be trodding on the corns of academic whoredom in general, for instance, and also on the old federal racism agenda.

It may be that the heart energy from the people reading your reports is a crucial element for our coming success. The Africans are happy to help in a timely way, by the way, and we’ll do some stuff before your arrival, here. It’s helpful during extreme assaults like this one to get some 3D group time to dig for sufficient targeting intel, though you and Coach Dooney evidently figured out that the Triads are primary assailants, presumably using the Ameican sewer rats as intermediaries. By the time we’re all together we’ll have saturated the opposition with healing energy, which tends to erode their camouflage and misdirections quite a lot. Some patience is needed for this but an awful lot has already been done, in spite of the desperate present situation. Sewer rats fight the hardest when they’re feeling exposed and/or cornered, after all.

When Carol and I are under severe assault, this way, it’s kind of stimulating. “‘Trouble’ is just another word for ‘fun,’” comes to mind, at least in my case–really feels like I’m alive when these parasites are arrayed against us [Image Can Not Be Found] but I don’t wish it on anyone and The Operators probably use this flaw in my character to my advantage. I think the $#!+birds think I’m crazy/unpredictable. They’re uncomfortable with this trait, which is so useful for any warrior.
Aside from the recent highway murder attempts on Carol and her daughter our lives have gotten quite peaceful, which feels mundane to me. I don’t count the five months they spent savaging our own livlihood, last year because we didn’t have to go without anything we wanted, except half of our retirement fund [Image Can Not Be Found]

For the sake of the many people who depend on you for their livlihoods I think we need to work extra hard, though, so I’m hoping that our readers will continue to send you their heart energy, which also invigorates and inspires the senders and receivers, after all, and tends to undermine parasitic and predatory influences around the receiver.

Anyone whose heart is relatively clean in the moment can be a champion in the etheric realm and the corporate world order’s predators are each quite weak, there, compared to genuine people. That’s one of the many Big Secrets that can be used to finally destroy this ancient house of cards.


Hi Klaus,

Just boosted you, I happen to be planning a breif visit to Atlanta soon, and think I may know of a way to help out your home and school by increasing the energy level, but I’ve never tried it for this purpose. If your interested in giving it a shot shoot me a PM through this system and maybe we can set something up if there we both have time. I can try a couple of things remotely too with your permission.

I think it’s coming to a head for Klaus, right now, so more boosting can probably get him through the present NSA/CIA/Triad psi corps assault. These $#!+birds are working in shifts to cause him to feel fear so they can get into his body but he’s a particularly hard target. Dooney, Stevo, Carol and I worked with him in a chatroom, last night so he got good intel from three very fine psychics–wars are won or lost on the quality of intel and they’re waging a silent war against this fellow in a very big way, right now. Thanks a lot for boosting his heart!.

We noticed that he gets crucial intel independently and I suggested to him that this is the businessman’s very practical version of high psychism and probably the reason he’s been successful in business [Image Can Not Be Found]


Yea, Don, i see, to everyone else. i was approached by a suspicious character in a beige car with a blue dress shirt on and funny earpieces in his head…he backed his car up in the parking lot as i was entering. didn’t know at first if he was a bill collector or what…but he was on the phone
talking to someone and looked to say as if…oh i think that’s him>>>>?? so he i did a u turn and left the parking lot….he pretended or attempted to follow me…i later returned and went to work.

at first this incident made me nervous but i started boosting theguy as i emailed Don and he explained what it is they are trying to do….trying to actually make me afraid…due to gifting….

Don knows more about this than me. and zerog…if you give your email i would love to connect with you as much as soon as possible…this is all new to me and a bit nerve racking….especially while trying to run a business…but i’ll get used to it.

how do you want to connect…Don can you share our emails with eachother?

THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR BOOSTS… i need them now more than ever….over the next few days… i’m sure we will get through this period fine.
but there is definitely an assault…. Please send me all the boosts that you can!

Zeroq thanks for the boosts. of course you have my permission to help me in anyway!feel free to email me or call me at [email protected] or you may call me at a number i will email you.

I have a powerwand running 24/7. I’m going to write some positive tought for you and put in the power wand. Hope this help!

Hi Klaus,

Sent some boosts your way again today. This is an interesting movement that requires one to be in touch with their 4th chakra (love) but have some fighter in them as well.

I personally learn a lot from listening to how other folks are taking care of their situation and gleaning little tips here and there, so I hope you don’t mind if I throw a little of my own experience out there and if any of it hits home with you, great!

Don brought up an excellent point about your attackers trying to provoke fear in you. This must be resisted above all else as it will pervert your judgment big-time if allowed to take root.

I wanted to pass on a practice of mine that might you maintain an even energy level during your daily work.

My current employment is in Houston and I work in a large corporate environment. It is impossible for me to avoid interacting with lots of ‘odd’ people on a daily basis, which can exert negative influence on my personal energy level simply by attrition.

Several months back I was attacked in the etheric by a masonic co-worker and apparently a separate coworker was assigned to drain my energy at very, very close quarters. It felt like etheric hand-to-hand combat for months and months.

One of my gifting priorities has been masonic places, and in Texas you can almost not run out of targets…haha. Anyway, I noticed that when planning to bring energetic opportunity for healing to these places (gifting the crap out of them!), I sometimes get attacked with what amounts to thoughts and circumstances that try to stir up fear in me.

All that said, I have found a useful and pretty effective personal method for countering these assaults. One is to respond to the first inkling of an assault immediately, don’t let it progress if possible. Then I like to visualize the ‘source’ of the assault as something physical, but necessarily weak. Sometimes I see the source of the attack as a sand castle. I visualize my heart energy as something extremely powerful, like a water rushing from a fire hose, or even water rushing from a Dam release…See it as inexhaustible and send it right to the sand castle.

I dissolve the object for an appropriate amount of time and then go back to what I was doing. The more often I respond this way, the less frequent the attacks have been…yeah!

The whole process might take a minute or two once you get the hang of it. Now it is almost reflex action whenever any impressions of fear come my way. We have a right to live free from tyranny! Send it right back, multiplied many fold. Fearless humanity has got to be one of THEIR biggest fears…funny!

Naturally, this may not work for everyone and you may already have a very effective method for dealing with these fear attacks… Just wanted to add that to the record, in the spirit of trying to be helpful.


Toby this is good. i will do that the next time i see this guy or his friends in my school parking lot. i expect to see them soon…or somewhere else. i will just picture the fire hydrant of water shooting from the 4th chakra (heart) highest good love…and there can be no fear in love. i will practice this as i
ground and meditate. …it’s good i don’t want fear to take root…and have been doing pretty good… I ready to see the guy (s) again….i will even speak with them…if they are willing….
succor punch and all…
remember what Louis said above if this was really intended to be HQ then…maybe we all need to come here and help! [Image Can Not Be Found] its more than a one man job probably…or at least help remotely…how many Hq’s can there be?
i’m gonna catch their backlash…their threats…to try to make me fear….but i will be ready.

your words are encouraging and helpful and practical…thanks. i will be trying this!