Atmosphere Report From Samara, Russia

Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 12:11
Subject: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Hello Don!

Thank you very much for your efforts, I realy appreciate it. I live in
Samara, and I assume difference in shiping cost compared to Moscow
should be minimal, if any.

As for atmosphere, at last few days it is total smog over my city. No
stars, no clouds visible. Just plain grey. And often it is red glowing
in the skies at night, usualy it remarkable at winter. Not sure
regarding it source. But it not always so, we have lots of days with
relative clean blue sky.

And at summer, when I live about two months outside the town, on the
island amidst river Volga, skies are always beautiful. I can email you
some photos, if you wish so.
But from there it is even more noticeable permanent grey smog over
city, which is visible from the island.


Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 15:26
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Hello Don!

I will gladly share with you with any information you need, don’t
hesistate to ask. And I have attached some sky photos to this email.
Can you tell me, please, are there any Sylphs on them? I believe, they
should be there, cause that place is so alive and full of vital

I am just discovered your sites couple of days ago, and now reading
them. I were aware and very interested of dr. Reich studies of orgone
energy long ago, but only now found this valuable exact info on orgone
devices on your sites. And I have intentions on making and trying some
of them here. Just need to find crystal supplier in my area first.

I know about problems with internet in China, but fortunately her, in
Russia, we do not have such access restrictions. I think that you have
no contacts in Russia because lack of knowledge from Russian people
about orgone. There is not much info on this subject available in
russian language.

Thank you very much for your intention to donate zapper and protector
to me, it should realy help me to start here.



Nikolay, thanks very much for the photos. Carol looked at them with me and says that there are Sylphs in over half of the pictures. If that’s your boat you might enjoy seeing the Sylphs multiply in the sky after you distribute a moderate amount of orgonite along the Volga River.

Please write your mailing address out in Cyrillic so that I can print a label, okay? I think that will help ensure that you will get the package.

It may well be that someone in your area is already distributing orgonite but it’s too early to tell. I got a similar report from Kiev, several years ago, from an expatriot Ukrainian woman who had returned there for a visit and found the ambience of the city to be dramatically improved. She and her husband had built Germany’s first orgonite cloudbuster in Koln. They had also built a couple of orgonite cloudbusters in Southwest India so she was familiar with the ‘feel’ of orgonite.

It may be that the smog you’ve reported is a result of the corporate world order’s attempts to restore the poisonous energy balance in your atmosphere. Generally, when orgonite has been distributed these parasites only improve the ambience with their electronic and perhaps radiological assaults. The red smog you mentioned may be evidence of radiological weapon activity.

Doc von Peters told me that he saw no death towers in any of the Russian cities he’s visited in recent years. Is that the case in Samara, too? If there are no death towers or weather weapons in Russia, as there are throughout the rest of the world, I think the Russsian people are exceptionally fortunate but I’d still like to get more information about that.

Six or seven years ago, Putin announced that he was going to make sure the weather was good for his inauguration and, at the time, we assumed that he was either talking about the old Reich-style cloudbusters or the government had adopted and distributed orgonite cloudbusters and related technology. I’m sure that we’ll eventually learn more about this if we’re patient.

Thanks for staying in touch! I’m very happy to hear that the Russians are not restricted on the internet. Good news can travel very fast in your country under the right circumstances.


Yesterday at 10:00
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report From Samara, Russia
Hi Don.
One day chating with Alejandro tell me that a Russian tell you that there arent chemtrails in Rusia, but i found this Photos in Flickr:

Sylphs too

All the best

Yesterday at 10:33
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia

there is also this monster in Moscow, you can tell the sky is being molested.


St. Petersburg



Lake Baikal, Russia.


Don Croft
Yesterday at 13:45
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Thanks a lot, Je and Ale! It’s clear that Russia is getting hit with chemtrails, also that there are Sylphs over some major cities, there. That seems like a clear indicator that people are gifting a lot and that orgonite cloudbusters are distributed in Russia as they are in some other countries we rarely hear from, such as Japan. The death tower situation seems unclear to me for now, unless there just aren’t enough photos available to make an assessment. I’m not seeing clusters of panels on the towers in the photos, for instance. More discussion and observation from Russia will certainly clear this up.

Nikolay read your posts in this thread and emailed the following to me:

Hello Don,

I’ve just read Je and Alejandro posts in Russian report thread.

Not sure about other cities, but here in Samara airtraffic over the
city is strictly prohibited, so were was no any single chemtrails on
my memory over last few years.
But over the island, where I live at summer, there are lot of traffic

  • there is airport nearly. And almost every plane leaves long trail
    beside, not sure if they are chemtrails or contrails though.
    They are usualy disapear in few minutes, maybe due to Sylph’s work,
    and I don’t remember any illness or such effects during this summer

As for death towers, that on the photos are used by TV stations. If
they are considered as death towers too, then I was wrong assumming
that we havn’t such things. There are at least three of them here, in
Samara. Well, from now I’ll always take camera with me and will
explore town for such things.


P.S. Feel free to post any of photos from me on your forum, if you wish so.


Nikolay, I can’t express how grateful I am to finally find someone in Russia who will directly participate with us in this effort but I think that your work with orgonite is going to be as fulfilling and educational for you as the rest of us have been experiencing.

Tetsuzi in Japan is the only Japanese gifter who has been in touch with us, though there have been American residents in Japan who have also been working with us. Years before Tetsuzi-san contacted us we had received reports of characteristic blue holes over Tokyo and other cities, also reports of improved ambience and attitudes that are most likely attributable to gifting on a large scale. As far as I can tell, even Tetsuzi has not been in touch with any of the more seretive gifters in Japan but at least he’s posting wonderfully detailed and illustrated reports of his efforts and he’s apparently selling his finely conceived and crafted orgonite items to Japanese customers.

Under the circumstances one might assume that the Japanese internet is somehow cut off from the world’s, as I thought Russia’s also was, but I think that your assessment is more accurate: that the language barrier is mainly responsible for so little direct contact. Another factor for the secrecy of a lot of gifters may be that they simply don’t want the trouble that sometimes comes to higher profile activists. I suppose that China’s internet is the only one that is actually isolated but I hope I’m wrong about that, too.

I really need to become proficient at posting photos because ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ I struggle to retain even simple instructions for things like this, so when there’s also hacker interference it really throws me off course. I think the sewer rat agencies understand how powerful photos are for recording and conveying the atmospheric results of our gifting efforts. I’ll seek more instruction from Dooney for this. She’s been very patient with me.

If the chronic sicknesses from chemtrails that are endemic throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the Antipodes are more or less absent from Russia, it might mean that the chemtrail assaults began only after enough orgonite cloudbusters were disseminated in that vast country. The island in the Volga River by Samara is quite huge, in case our readers don’t know.


Yesterday at 14:15
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report From Samara, Russia
Ok Don.

My photos was from Moscow. (Alejandro please, put again my references for view it the font an tittle of photo)

In the photos of Ale, i can view one of the baddest weapons of climatic modification thath i can see in Portugal:

Is similar a tube.

Look my photos of Portugal instalations here:




Don Croft
Yesterday at 18:29
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Thanks again, partner. I’m going to ask Carol to look at all those photos and tell me whether they’re weapons or have legitimate uses. If they’re putting out death/decay energy, then they’re weapons, of course. There is no legitimate use for that energy, after all, and the corporate world order use literally nothing else.

One of our zapper distributors travels to Russia as a consultant to the Bolshoi Ballet and told me that the atmosphere and ambience there was wretched during a recent visit. To me, there seems to be overall evidence that Russia’s atmosphere and ambience are improving due to orgonite distribution but I think we’re going

When Carol broke her arm, the nurse in the emergenncy room gave her a little shot of morphine. The experience was horrid for poor Carol. Drug addicts live for the stuff, though. This is how Carol and I see the corporate world order: death-energy addicts Cool

Nikolay kindly corrected my island comment–the Atlas (book of maps for the planet) shows a very large island in the Volga River, next to Samara but that’s actually a peninsula, apparently. He’s been referring to a much smaller island, nearby.


Don Croft
Yesterday at 18:34
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Carol looked at the photos and said that all of the towers shown are weapons. Thanks again, Je! Very important intel! She said that the only two Russian towers that look gifted are the one shown in St Petersburg and Lake Baikal, the latter being perrhaps partially disabled. Lake Baikal is in Siberia, by the way–Doc von Peters wanted to go there via train with a load of orgonite the last time he was in Northern China but he couldn’t make it, then. He took some orgonite to Vladivostok, though, and also busted some death towers in and around Harbin, China.


Yesterday at 22:49
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Famous sukhow tower in Moscow, built in 1920.

Balashiha “radio” towers


seen from above, definately a haarp array, I can see 4 towers on the pic, just look for the shadows.



WOW! “Deep inside the woods of Belarus (Belorussia) right in the middle of nowhere, among swamps and valleys there is a military base. Eighteen tall poles pump out of the ground, visible from many miles away from the site.” Source:

“cell phone” tower in russia.

Tashkent TV tower.

another HAARP tower


Don Croft
Today at 17:05
Subject: Re: Atmosphere Report from Samara, Russia
Excellent data, Ale, thx!

We’re going to eventually get to the heart of this big onion Cool

Weather warfare was a global effort in the 1970s, including a pioneer massive HAARP arrray in Riga, Latvia, which was a soviet state at the time.

I’d love to see photos from Russia of ordinary ‘cell’ towers that proliferate everywhere else. Those are the panel arrays that Carol feels may house powerful mobius coils that generate deadly orgone radiation and direct it. We know that the $#!+birds also weaponized a lot of Dr Reich’s technology, also Tesla’s.

Apparently even ordinary radio transmitter towers in the early 1900s were immediately weaponized because that’s about the time when Sylphs were no apparently longer seen in the sky, except in very remote areas. There were early reports of people who lived near the transmitters getting sick and dying and some governments forced ‘the stations’ to turn down their power in the 1920s or so, causing some broadcasters to set up transmitters outside of those countries.

Tesla apparently knew that teh corporate world order had weaponized alternating current generators by using debilitating 50-60Hz frequencies. I assume this is so because he specifically had advised them to use higher, healthier frequencies, which he said would also be more efficient.

Doc von Peters is the one who told me that he didn’t see any of those ordinary ones in Russia and since he had busted dozens of them around his home in Tennessee, also in and around Harbin, China, I’m confident in that observation.

In Atlanta, much of the ‘work’ was being done by three enormous towers, which we casually named, ‘devil towers,’ since they each had two tall towers on top of a single tower. The same thing is seen on Chicago’s two tallest skyscrapers and since those were around long before the millions of ‘ordinary’ death towers were thrown up at the end of 2001 we might assume that they’re prototypes, perhaps used for mind control

The most obvious mind control transmitter I know of is the enormous delta transmitter on top of the AT&T corporate headquarters building in Manhattan. The only reason the delta transmitter is not a secret is because someone spilled the beans about how it was used at Montauk in the 1980s before it was suddenly dismantled. It went a step beyond mind control in that case, apparently Cool , so we were very relieved that Kam Wong aced that newer, bigger one in the middle of Manhattan in a timely way.

Wong sent us photos of that right after he gifted the place, six years ago. A delta transmitter is an octahedron and in this case it obviously housed something–maybe the power source?

Since all of this tech is a well guarded secret we ought to assume that the military is using it, obviously against us and against the atmosphere.

The more photos we can share, the closer we’ll come to exposing all that secret stuff, I think. The corporate world order has everything vested in keeping teh Pajama People from becoming curious about all this and the shortcut to arousing even their curiosity is for us to start talking about it online in the context of disabling/transmuting all this weaponry with simple orgonite and then telling about the wonderful and consistent, observable results.