Attempted Destruction of a Spanish Orgonite Forum

Typical of how this network operates, there has been a viable Spanish board effort that we were unaware of until the gifter in Spain who sent me the following told me that it’s going down under an avalanche of hacking and even political threats. Jose Baztan Jimenez in Dominican Republic is about to start another Spanish board but we’d like to help this gal in Spain keep hers running, too. That amount of opposition is a good indicator that her board is viable and substantive but the decision is hers, of course. I haven’t yet heard from her and I presume she’s fluent in English. In case you don’t know, only substantive internet forums and sites experience a high level of hacker interference. Watch for the surviving poseur boards faking interference as this point becomes common knowledge

Here’s the revealing note I got from our very resourceful gifter friend in Spain who posts on her board: Troll who has 100% disrupted her is
Heriberto Janosch Gonzálezález&action=edit/a&gt

It looks a false name (in Spanish). And above all “it” is not just one troll more. I visited “its” blogs and immediately my firewall started to luanch till 3 intrusions attempts per second showing a wide range of DNS’s, All them from Spanish main telephone co.!!! Even I had to delete a couple of ports because I was not sure about their integrity. Though, sadly, running under windoze is an invitation to disaster.

Hi Don,

The forum for Orgonito.- Republica Dominicana is set up, and it is invitation only type of forum. It’s located in this link
just in case there are spanish conversants interested in participating.

Am willing to help the gal from the spanish board in any way possible for me. Please if you read this, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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