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The Auckland region has 49 volcanoes, the last of which to erupt was Rangitoto about 600 years ago. … dprint.htm

Given the probable importance of volcanoes as energy vortex and their possible corruption, I decided that along with the general gifting of man made objects, I would try to gift as many of the local volcanoes as I could. I started with Takarunga (Mt Victoria) and Maungauika (North Head). Maungauika has particular strategic importance for Auckland with gun emplacement and tunnels during WW1 and 2. They both served as Maori pa (fortified villages) before that. I have posted pics of these trips here … 290160267/

I started with Takarunga (October 2008). The swallows joined me early on as I ringed the cone with six TB’s. Then I did Maungauika with seven TB’s. No earthpipes yet… On the way out I gifted all the cell phone equipment along Lake rd, from memory about five different sites.

Next came Rangitoto, an important target I felt due to it’s relative size and its young age. On the ferry ride out I tossed a few TB’s into the harbour. Primal tells me that he gifted the water around Rangitoto with orgonite too. Once on the island I made my way to the summit, depositing three TB’s on the way. The landscape is quite surreal, a mixture of rock (basalt scoria) and trees (mainly one particular type, Puhutukawa). Once I got to the cone proper I started to look for signs/feelings of good gifting sites. The first came when I rounded a corner and two Tiwakawaka (birds, fantails) started chirping loudly and flying around me, then back to a hole in a rock face, back and forth. So I tossed a couple of TB’s into the hole, which was probably an old lava tunnel. I’ve learnt to pay close attention to birds now, and keep a lookout for them when ever I’m gifting. There was a track to some other lava tunnels further on so I gifted those as well. On the way up to the summit I passed a particularly large tree which felt like a good spot. Once up at the crater, I tossed a couple of TB’s in and then decided to make my way right down into it, which wasn’t strictly on the track but obviously plenty of others had done it before. I had my lunch there (joined by a small bird) and deployed a large earthpipe I had made specially for the trip, plus another TB. Then on to the top which has two high points so I gifted them both.

I deployed a peacemaker on the side of Maungawhau (Mt Eden). Primal has gifted it with TB’s.

Recently I gifted Owairaka (Mt Albert). This cone has been quarried so is quite a bit smaller than it used to be. It also has some interesting Maori history … nt-d5.html
[In fact New Zealand is quite a mysterious place. Here’s a good summary
This site is worth a look at. The author has gone to some length detailing his interesting theories on ‘totalizm’. He has theories on ‘free energy’ (telekinetic cells and the story of the revolutionary sonic boiler) and ‘ufonauts’. Of course I’m not saying he’s right, make of it what you will… I have herd from other sources conformation about the various mysteries though.]
Anyway, there is also a water reservoir buried at the top too. I gifted an earthpipe and six TB’s around the cone. I also found a pipe to put an orgonite plug into. In one of the photos on Flickr you can see Maungakiekie (One tree hill) in the distance. Word on the street is that this is one of the most significant energy vortex in the country. I have no idea of the source of that info or its validity. Regardless, acting on that Primal has placed (at a guess) at least 20 EP’s and 40 TB’s on it.

Primal and I recently went on a cell tower gifting mission. I put a video on youtube

I mention this here as we also circled Remuwera (Mt Hobson) with TB’s. I will go back and earthpipe it at some stage. I captured a couple of interesting flying objects in a couple of the photos.

Thanks for reading, more to come…

I have been a bit slack with gifting lately. I have taken care of another old volcano, Mangere Mountain (Te Pane o Mataoho) and the odd cell tower. So I thought some more retrospective posting was in order, especially as this was some of the better confirmations I’ve managed to catch on camera.

At the end of last year and start of this one I was doing some work in the Albany/Paremoremo area in the north east of Auckland, so of course I was gifting what I found there too. That consisted of cell towers and a power transmission station with its associated high tension power lines (most of the power lines still need gifts, I only did what was easily accessible by road). There is a prison at Paremoremo (now gifted outside with a cell tower near by) which Primal somehow managed to get a couple of pieces of orgonite into (he also got some into Mt Eden prison in the city). The sports stadium has cell panels on the light towers so that received a ring of TB’s.

When I was driving around the area looking for cell towers I spotted a large transmission type tower in the distance so one day I set off to gift it. It was in the middle of the suburbs so I had to backtrack a bit to find the road which also took me past this tower

Which you can see is sitting right next to a water reservoir. I imagine that most in the local councils who allow towers to be built next to reservoirs (and there are many – some even have the panels attached to the tank itself) have no idea of the research showing how the structure of water is easily effected by electromagnetic radiation. This taken from

"We have established with substantial evidence the influence of radiation – single mode 2. 45 GHz Microwave radiation and polarized 13.56 MHz radio frequency field can alter the structure of water and indeed totally destroy it in the later case. The time of relaxation for such changes is up to a few hours."

Either that or they don’t care. The kick backs in the form of rentals from the cell phone companies are too tempting for them to turn down. Yet another example of the economic considerations outweighing any rational environmental health or cultural considerations. I’m sure the promoters of the NWO are well aware of the health implications. Oh well its gifted now suck on that you ar$ehole$!

You can see what the sky looked like at the start of gifting.

The tower I was really after was probably less than a kilometer down the road.

The sky has a sick hazy look to it and probably what looks like a chemtrail still just visible. It didn’t take long for the sky overhead to start clearing.

Great idea! I never thought of volcanos that way. Looks like the sylphs were happy with your water gifting. Way to stick it to em!(nwo) Cool pics too

The gifting of Auckland still continues all be it a little slower now. I can’t accurately give any estimate for how much has been done, but I know that at least between Rick (Primal) and myself many antennas, many people, power lines, parts of rivers, parts of the sea (all too little though), volcano’s, local council, police, court, members of parliament offices and what ever else that has taken our fancy have been gifted. There are of course others doing this work here and around NZ and I thank them, which is why I have no real idea of the total extent. My subjective feeling on the areas in greater Auckland that need more orgonite would be the north, east and south. There have been inroads made in those regions from the centre outwards, mainly targeting antennas and high tension power lines. The west and central city are resonalby well covered, although not gridded.

So it was with interest that I read of NIWA’s (National Institute of Water and Atmosphere) efforts to start monitoring air quality in the city. Surprisingly this only started in 2006, with the data “yet to be analysed”. Because of Aucklands geographic location, a narrow isthmus with the Tasman sea on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other, the atmospheric conditions that tend to trap smog are not so common. However I can say that the smog does now not look as bad as it used to, or is not apparent at all. I can remember when driving into Auckland from the south seeing a reasonably thick brown haze hanging over the city. Although there is still a haze apparent now, it is no where near as bad as it was, particularly around the turn of the century. I think it is now mainly just normal haze like dust and water vapour.

I saw a photo showing bad smog on an article accompanying the story regarding the monitoring that was underway. … 006-11/air
I wrote to NIWA asking how old the photo was and if they had any more. They wrote back saying that it was from 2005 and sent me another three from 2001, 2003 and 2004, showing bad smog. I wrote back asking if they had any more recent shots because I felt that the smog in the last couple of years had actually diminished. Certainly I have not seen anything like the smog that the photos showed. To date, after around five weeks and another email I still haven’t herd back. A relatively simple bit of internet detective work would have revealed these posts and my youtube channel so maybe that’s why I haven’t herd anything. Or it could be that I’m just an interested citizen rather than some company or environmental agency and they can’t be bothered with me. Whatever, it seems as though there is no good record, photographic or otherwise, of atmospheric conditions in Auckland over the last 10 years.

So here are the old photos from 2001, 2003 and 2004 (with thanks to NIWA).
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

So I can say that something has improved the atmosphere in Auckland and given the evidence from around the world documenting the changes once systematic gifting has been carried out, I would have to say that it looks as though orgonite is doing the trick in Auckland too.

I’ve noticed that more people in NZ are becoming concerned about and noticing chemtrails. So much so that the corporate lackey for the environment, the (dis)honourable Nick Smith, was asked a question about them in parliament.
Watching those muppets at work makes me sick so forgive me.

To those in NZ and elsewhere worried about chemtrails, I can only reiterate what many have said on this forum, make some orgonite and see for yourself! Most of the trails laid in Auckland don’t last too long or else are cleaned up by sylphs. Some do still persist but don’t seem to do any harm. People aren’t getting sick on mass anyway.

And to finish, some nice pictures of sylph like creations in Auckland skies.
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Good job Luke! in my experience the systematic gifting of towers and such with TBs takes care of about 60% or so of the smog, If you want to get rid of the rest, planting EPs is crucial, this gets rid of the low-level smog (very close to the ground) due to underground DOR, whatever the source might be. one of the resutls of gifting Santiago is that there are no more public health epidemics of respiratory dieseses since 2007. These were associated with high smog levels. BTW earthpiping Santiago is not complete and theres is still smog, this will be done when I get back from Bogotá, Colombia.




Luke in order to properly post photos you have to post the direct link to that photo, not the URL of the page with the flickr slide show, for instance: … 3da3e4.jpg on the other hand, 21-may-2004—air(2) is NOT a direct link for a photo Direct links always end with .jpg .gif .png or such…

i fixed a couple of the photos of your post this way. Photobucket makes this easier as the “direct link” in easiy avaliable and you don´t have to right click “see image in new window” to see the direct link of the photo. Also use the middle icon for the photo and not the “alighn left” icon this way your posts will look more neat.

use the “edit” button to fix these problems in your posts,

hope this helps,



All right! Cheers Alejandro, I spent ages trying to get the pictures to appear in the post like I had previous, but flickr have changed their format and I couldn’t work it out. It is annoying, I wouldn’t recommend anyone use flickr, but since I’ve got a whole lot of other photos on there already I’ll stick with them as I now know what I’m doing – I hope!

Yes more earth piping is needed for sure. As is a whole lot of orgonite in the harbours. There is still smog, I’m going to try and get a photo as bad as those from a few years ago although I think it will be difficult. For instance we have had several days of beautiful and fairly still weather here, conditions favourable for the formation of smog, yet it was barley perceptible. The atmosphere had lot of haze in it too, from natural sources I presume although we did have some chemtrails on Saturday (23/10/10 – we have a lot more days without chemtrails than with).

I took some shots yesterday.
Looking north east from the Waitakere ranges looking at the central city. You can see the haze.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Looking back to the Waitkere ranges from the city. Haze still apparent although this is later on in the afternoon.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Looking at the central city. Some smog barely perceptible. Or possibly haze.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

One looking west
[Image Can Not Be Found]

And East
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve got some other shots of the same day and bigger versions on my flicker page if anyone’s interested (…..nchenstein). More of the same really, though.

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