Auras and nightmares

Dear EWs,

I would like to bounce some stuff around and maybe get some feedback from you…

A friend of mine is kinaesthetically very psychic. She doesn’t have full awareness of it, stuff kind of just happens, (like there’s a particular spot in the supermarket by the checkout where if she stands there, everyone around her will stop….until she moves off the spot!)

The first time we met I asked her for some feedback on the orgonite I had recently made. She asked it she could keep one. I took that as a good sign.

She has three sons all of whom are also psychic. No 2 son has Asperger’s and has not left the house for a while. When no 1 son looks at his aura he describes it as horrible, black and sticky.

They have orgonite in the house; my friend put a tb in no1 son’s room, to counteract the em pollution from his computer and games consoles etc. Two days later she found it on the landing. He couldn’t keep it any longer as he was having terrible nightmares! My first thought was that this was a clearing reaction to the orgonite…

Their house has at least one portal type thing which comes and goes and more than one ghost type. They have never felt any overt negativity from any of these things.

I was wondering if any of you wise beings had any comments, suggestions or similar experiences which might help these guys?



I like that supermarket story, I have a friend who can shift people out of her way if she projects energy out of her navel which I wouldn’t mind seeing in my local supermaket on a saturday.

I don’t know about the psychic stuff but dowsers have found ley, water lines or geological faults can make ghosts and similar entities appear or make them worse as Cowan mentions in his first book that is on line,_Safe_As_Houses.html He mentions this in this article

If you can dowse, find if there are any lines going through the house and put 6 TBs on them/it

Asperger’s–most of that is from vaccines—mercury poisoning—some are getting help from chelation and homeopathy

Another consideration, which is rarely mentioned, is that all psychics, including psychic children, are heavily targetted by the World Order for either recruitment or neutralization these days. No psychic is untouched by this and many thousands, who simply wouldn’t work for the World Order, have been killed in recent years. Most bend over, of course; psychics are not automatically blessed with discernment, courage or integrity, after all. It’s probably a good idea for the mom to examine her own possible connection to that machine. Not much in her life, including the vaccination/poisoning of her kids, is incidental, I reckon. If she’s connected, it’s going to be a hard struggle for her to break free and help her kids. That sort of institutional programming starts when one is a toddler, usually.

UK is the worst place for that, since London is the logistical center for the World Order and a huge amount of mind control is exerted (since WWII) on a relatively small population. Australia and New Zealand (isolated test beds) aren’t far behind and America & Canada, with millions of people in one or another CIA Monarch program, is actually a little better off, apparently. Places like Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America remain pretty much out of that loop because the World Order apparently tagged those populations for extermination rather than manipulation, though all of that is failing now, thank God

If a healer won’t factor this huge social problem into a course of treatment, he/she will only get partial results. For a healer to ignore aggressive, intrusive mind control programming these days in the West is sort of like how Einstein ignored the existence of the ether (orgone) in favor of lifeless, mechanistic science: explains everything but answers nothing. I think that pernicious Western habit of wearing intellectual blinders is also like being a celebrated expert on cars but believing that tires have no function. DR Reich’s essentially functional approach is something that I hope we can emulate here, more and more, because it’s the new paradigm for science and spirituality, too.

Kelly found, through extensive experimentation and some inspiration, a sure-fire way to neutralize even the worst geopathic lines, for instance: put six ordinary TBs in a circle on the line, anywhere, and it’s done–no rituals needed and no ideology or belief necessary.

99% of children abruptly stop having nightmares and night terrors when even a crude, 3oz towerbuster is put by the bed and I think most houses have geopathic lines that will never be balanced because the occupants will remain unaware or uninterested. They’ll probably all have orgonite in their homes, though, because even PJ folks mostly enjoy orgonite’s effects and they don’t have to be intellectually vested in it .

We’ve heard from countless parents about their children benefitting this way. The PJ folks in their billions are the ones who will ultimately bring orgonite to mainstream awareness, not us, by the way.

If a child has a black aura it should be considered that this was done by external, ambulatory, flesh-and-blood parasitic influences. Irrationalists may try to make the case that a child ‘agrees’ to being molested that way but the human heart naturally rejects such heinous ideologies, as it certainly should.

How rotten does an adult have to be in order to have a black aura; how many murders has he committed? How many of those adult hard cases are we likely to encounter in a lifetime, in fact, unless we work on death row? This is quite serious, Khalil, and I hope the mother recognizes it and will work with you to mend the child and herself, though some aggression toward the source of the trouble will have to be intelligently and effectively applied, of course, in order to achieve success or even a small sign of progress. There’s nothing casual about this situation.

Just as the Jesuits are apparently responsible for the ‘demonic possessions’ that wealthy Catholic families are routinely subjected to, we really ought to look to MI5, perhaps Tavistock Institute, as the source for this child’s and his mother’s problems. Geopathic lines, alone, can’t account for something like that, in my opinion, and maybe you were guided to help this unfortunate family.

The extreme cases of geopathic stress, like the ones in science fiction/fact movies, shouldn’t be perceived as the norm. I doubt most of us will ever see something like that, in fact. There’s a tendency to assume that this is a universal problem when one reads the exceptional accounts, especially if the author is selling tools to fix the problem.

If that house is a hard case, the confirmations for you, as you solve it, will be that much more dramatic, though. I assume you know that this ought to be seen in context, too; every aspect of pathology in a sick person are aspects of one underlying problem, for instance, so can’t be isolated the way serial killers (MDs) try so hard to do. A family is the same, and the house they’re in is part of the whole thing, though it’s possible that just moving to another house could help them a lot if there are aggresive, vindictive ghosts who won’t be budged. We’ve encountered that but it’s still rare, even in UK.

As a rule on Etheric Warriors, when one encounters a problem, one is obligated to do his/her best to find and apply a solution for it, sometimes through networking, but this is a privelege and it sets us widely apart from mediocre, ‘lowest common denominator’ board efforts.

Our comments might be helpful, Khalil, but you didn’t give us enough information to offer specific solutions and maybe it’s impossible for anyone but you to help them, since you’re the only one there who might have access to orgonite and some inspiration. I hope you’ll post about your progress in this thread because EW is a viable source for solutions and inspiration.

People who know me personally can see that I’m a happy-go-lucky guy. It’s something that doesn’t show up in posts like this but I can tell you that one reason I’m so happy is that I know that I’m a viable threat to the World Order and that helps me have a sense of purpose. Lots of us are that way after we’ve distributed a few thousand towerbusters and helped a few people begin to escape the clutches of the Tavistock Institute’s and CIA’s dissociative programming. In my view, one has to go through the recognition of how bad things actually are and that we can do something about it before he/she can start to be genuinely happy. Until then, one’s happiness is kind of conditional and based largely in denial. Right now, things aren’t like they used to be in the world, in terms of our ability to remain ignorant of pervasive tyranny but the next step is a doozy: relative global peace, freedom and prosperity; an end to excessive, centralized power in our world.