Australian Wildfires Are Mass Murder

Yes, they’re mass murder. Even the Aussie PM says so. 171 people are confirmed dead already but they expect more bodies to be found. The area affected in the state of Victoria, north of Melbourne, is dry as a bone and the fires were deliberately set, then heavily fueled by winds (also deliberate, although I doubt any paper will state that). People are dying in their own homes as are domesticated and wild animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Queen Elizabeth has even given her condolences (or is that congratulations?) on the situation, so I guess she’s paying attention.

[Yahoo news : Australian wildfires/url:s4ohj1x6

[Australian bushfire toll rises to 171/url:s4ohj1x6

[LA Times : More than 200 feared dead in Australia wildfires/url:s4ohj1x6

From the LA Times article :

“Most of the fires are in inaccessible terrain. They’re likely to keep burning for some time,” said fire specialist Sullivan. “All it takes [for it to get worse] is another week or so and we come back to the same heat wave conditions.”

Temperatures have cooled significantly since the weekend and reached a high of just 73 degrees Tuesday, but a new heat wave is expected to roll over southern Australia’s fire zones by the end of the week.

“What they need is rain, and that’s not forecast,” Sullivan said.

Does this place not sound like it’s dire need of gifting or further gifting? If it doesn’t, I don’t know what does. This is much worse than the fires that were plaguing California. Something is very wrong here.

Looks like they are trying to turn Australia into a desert, haven’t heard of any Aussie gifters.

I quite agree, John and they’re (half) succeeding too.

These satellite images were saved at random during the current Indonesian monsoon season:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Heavy flooding in the north and drought in the south (does any of this look at all natural?!)
Good point; where are the Australian gifters?


Joaquin from Spain read my piece about a suspected HAARP array in Western Australia and kindly sent me some Google Earth shots of a hexagonal array at the end of the peninsular north of the town of Exmouth.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]
Close-up of the central antenna.

If there are any Australian gifters in the vicinity; this looks like a juicy target to me.

Unfortunately access appears to be through a military base which could present problems.

Unless the waters around the peninsular are similarly restricted; surrounding it with TBs would seem to be the best option here.

If you can’t get close enough; Dolphins may take the TBs closer to the reef.

If anyone has any further info on this; please feel free to email me [email protected]


Our HAARP antennas here in Alabama bit the dust when we gifted the perimeters of ones that we were unable to get close to with good old fashioned earth pipes. We had not used any earth pipes for a while but started using lots of them when we realized how effective they were, especially against the tougher weather control devices. Another trick we use is to gift the mid points in between antennas symmetrically aligned with one another that work together. (Most of the antennas in the weather control network are connected with each other at precise coordinates to strenghten their electromagnetic fields) When you view them from the top of mountains for instance, you can how they are connected and draw straight lines between them. A small amount of orgonite situated in the “right places” will go a long way under emergency conditions.

Our prayers are with the good people of Australia, may God Bless you!


This site: … stems.html has the locations of a number of prime sites that need to be taken down.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Grand confirmations await the good folks who take care of this little lot.


Geralton and Exmouth marked on the map above have now been gifted…….

Geraldton took 2 huge HHGs and about 8 TBs (hopefully close enough)

Exmouth took on 4 huge HHGs and about 150 TBs (Hopefully close enough – 2 HHGs definately got close enough but the whole thing is 2.5KMs in diametre!!)

Updated map on way with orgonite placement marked……

Humptey Doo near Darwin shall be gifted shortly!



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