Austrian Easter Fires--Orgone Functions?

Don, I´m quite sure these fires are originally linked to orgone dynamics.
They can be found mainly in the German countries, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Archeologists could trace them back to at least 3000 years. Written testimonials of these fires go back at least 500 years or so.
Traditionally we have the fires at easter, which is the first full moon after the vernal equinox and at summer solstice.

The roman church saw them first as pagan practice, but later on integrated the lightning of a fire as a part of the easter liturgy.

After worldwar II there had been attempts to outlaw these fires as remnants of nazi ideology, but people are clever and understand that there had been no nazis 500 years ago [Image Can Not Be Found]

The newest critics of these fires are coming from………haha, yes of course, environmentalists! They are making really attempts to get these fires forbidden, because of air pollution, as they say. And in some townships they had already been successful for a short time. But people pretty quick recognized the present kind of environmentalism as fascism. So the tradition goes on, even stronger than before.

Manfred []


Manfred, I’m posting your interesting email and my comments. I felt it was too precious to pass up [Image Can Not Be Found]

Civilization evidently declined in Europe long before the Romans showed up and initiated the Dark Ages. Similarly, high ciivilizations existed in China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America and elsewhere long before recorded history started.

The Zimbabweans were making carbon steel with charcoal fires ten thousand years ago and continue to this day. Credo Muttwa explained some of that to Georg because Credo was initiated into the society where that secret is kept. Western metallurgists can’t figure out how they do that [Image Can Not Be Found]

An archaeological site in Cambodia shows 40,000 years of continuous occupation, during all of which time the residents were making bronze implments.

I mention the metal bits because archaeologists claim that the Egyptians and Mesopotamians were the first to use bronze ‘just the other day,’ relatively speaking. Institutionalized. myopic jerks. They’re committed to burying or scorning all of the best empowering archaeological information but I think they’re about to be ignored, finally. People are getting tired of all forms of parasitic tyranny, including the academic kind. Ignoring them is our own ‘peer review.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

I don’t mean to spark a discourse on arcane, forgotten high tech but it seems obvious to me that the ancients had orgone-based technology and that we’re just recently beginning to return to that; perhaps build on it. Some of us who have had personal experiences with Lemurians have seen their craft, which perhaps operate along the lines of Dr Grebbenikov’s simple resonant chambers–very ancient and very applicable now, if I’m correct.

Dr Reich avoided mysticism and I’m not aware that he was interested in ancient cultures. Je Torres, who has initiated the destruction of the Global Warming scam, also doesn’t care about any of this. I personally believe that discussion of ancient stuff is only germane if it can be applied practically. Orgonite is obviously more powerful, for instance, than lighting fires on mountain tops during the spring season’s first full moon but nobody was making polyester resin in ancient times and machine shops hadn’t been invented.

When Manfred told me about the easter fires I felt encouraged and grateful, though. Anciient orgone tech and related, substantive traditions are another avenue of confirmations for us all and I think it’s good to see our place in history.

‘Germane’ just means ‘appropriate; relevant,’ but I like it better. it’s from middle english, ‘having the same parents’ & middle french, ‘sprout; bud.’ English can make you crazy but it’s got a lot of gems, too.


The environmentalist fascists seem more frightful to me than the 1930s/40s/50s kind in Italy, Germany, England and the USA because environmentalists are the evident products of Tavistock’s brain police agenda: mind control through peer pressure.

No wonder Je Torres is getting attacked in the Spanish media, now, and orgonite is being attacked in the Italian media. The Tavistock-created paradigm is failing, though.

Interesting that Freud was the patriarchic boss at Tavistock in its heyday, during the same time that his outcast protege, Reich, was laying the foundation for the destruction of the entire corporate world order via orgone tech.