Back from Extended Vortex Hunt with Kelly (Laozu)

About 2 weeks ago Kelly arived here in Johannesburg with plans to gift a large number of vortices in order to create a positive Chi (orgone) canopy like he has done in the US, Germany and France to date.

After doing some vortices in Johannesburg and surroundings we embarked on an extended tour through Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, thereby circumscribing an approximate parallelogram of some 800 km length and 300km width.

For now I can only say the trip appears to have been very successful and we are back safely. I think Kelly has already posted some stuff on .

Vortex gifting is a totally different story from tower busting as the gifts have to be placed absolutely “on the spot” and wherever the vortex is, you have to go.

So lots of crawling through the thorny bushveld, in soaking rain mostly and lots of physical exercise.

More to be told of this soon.


Carol and I haven’t yet encountered anyone who can do what Kelly does and I’m hoping that others will learn, if possible, because that man gets a whole lot of bang for his orgonite buck.

Thanks for sharing this, G, and congrats on your latest Big Mission and for getting Kelly’s peerless help! Carol and I really miss him these days.