Back from Matatiele, eyeing Kenya and Tanzania now

I don’t seem to be able to respond to my own post “as usual instant satisfaction” here, so have to open new topic.

Rainfalls were widespread over the whole country. Another drought that did not happen. They’re trying it every rainy season with all the fear that goes with it.

Now the rap is “freak rains” due to “global climate change”, hehe…

I must tell you how beautiful the clouds are getting and we rarely see any chemtrails any more and minimal HAARP ripples in the sky, only in the beginning of our work in Matatiele we saw some but that quickly dissapeared.

So it looks like we’re winning here in South Africa.

The evil empire has concentrated it’s African efforts on East Africa where a drought catastrophe is presently unfolding (being engineered, one should think) in Kenia, Tanzania and Somalia/Ethiopia.

Drought in Malawi and Northern Mozambique is stopped for now even though we haven’t reached these places yet, but some TBs were given to a Malawian spiritual healer recently, so that may have contributed.

There are some critical underground bases in Malawi, aparently quite big stuff.

Funds permitting we shall see to that some time this year.

I was planning to go to Tanzania and Kenia by boat (cruise ship is the only way and why not)

There is a suitable one-way coming up end of Feb.

Who would like to come along or support this trip financially?

I have basically organised a 4x4 vehicle on the Tanzanian side and accomodation should mostly be with friends, but the passage is some 1500 USD for a 7 day cruise with lots of dolphing gifts accidentally falling over board and some beach fun etc…

From Tanzania the way back can be by bus (cheap) or plane to Johannesburg.

Also you can support Don’s initiative and buy TBs for our Tanzanian Associates from me. They go by airmail and can be distributed by our friends there.

The link on my website is: … uctid=SP04


So, hey, I’m looking for a potential companion to share the cabin and the trip with (agents need not apply please) and possibly some financial help to make this trip happen. (This can be done via a sponsorship on my website or arranged othewise, please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.