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Hello everyone,

a few days ago I came back from a brief holiday to Cilento which is a large part of my province, a beautiful and still wild land that I like a lot. Needless to say that I took orgonite with me because I wanted to complete the gifting of the coast and the inland trying to extend the efforts southward. Actually, my province is the largest in Italy, it takes hours to reach the different locations so you really need a whole day to travel and gift the different antennas. My socio and I had tried a sortie months ago but realized that the whole morning was not enough so we stopped halfway to gift the Alento dam with a mind to complete the gifting in the future:

So I took the opportunity to do this long trip while on holiday. I must add that the arrays for climatic control in the province are all busted so the work to do now is to gift the antennas on the territory which are a lot as you can imagine. Last year I spent my holidays at Ogliastro Cilento which I reached by the coast busting everything on my way; this year I went there again but chose the other route by the inland . Here are the most important antennas I gifted while travelling:

Quite unusual those ones, never seen before. They are near Capaccio Scalo:

The Sele flows nearby so I tossed three TBs into it:

After some days I set out for the gifting run accompanied by a friend who was also with me last year when I went to bust the big antennas at Perdifumo. We drove to Omignano and busted the two antennas near the station but one of the main targets in the inland before reaching the coast was Vallo della Lucania:

Gifting the last antenna was really tricky but I’m always confident in a good place where to hide or bury orgonite.

After Vallo della Lucania we went to Cuccaro Vetere to gift the two big antennas on top of Mount Cavallara. Luckily, a woman told us the way to get there but we had to leave the car at a certain point because the road was too bad. I’m sorry for the quality of the photo, I took it after the gifting:

However, the ascent was worth doing:

Approching the coast we gifted other small antennas and tossed a couple of TBs in the Bussento:

Eventually, we reached Palinuro and headed for the lighthouse where I knew there was a juicy target to gift:

The place is really beautiful and I wouldn’t mind living here:

Then we went to eat something and had some rest before going to Ascea where we gifted the antennas up the hill:

We reached Ogliastro in the evening after busting other antennas on the way:

So this is a map of the gifting done in my province/region so far. The red dots are the operating chembusters while the colored lines are the different operations I reported on EW:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The blue line is the one of the present report but I hope to extend the gifting in the future to the bordering region, Basilicata, where I already did something last year.



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Magnifico Vittorio…

let’s encircle Napoli now, Vittorio & c.!!!

nice reports everytime!!

Thanks guys, I’m very satisfied with this gifting run! We spent a nice day out and saw many interesting places too so this is good. I wish I had more time and orgonite to go farther, though.
The Germans did a good work in Naples when they came to Southern Italy but there’s still a lot to do, especially when it comes to the pollution from the illegal dumping of industrial waste, one of the biggest business for camorra mafia, of course.
Naples is a big target, I know. Anyway, I wish to thank the German gifters here for what they did for us. Grazie mille!


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