Back To The Roots - Back To Fun!

Manfred Hotwagner
10 May 2008 12:00
Subject: Back To The Roots – Back To Fun!
Since a few weeks I´m entering more and more into Hungarian territory.
It is like making a new start with orgonite. The results of gifting are as dramatical as they were when we started here in the southeast of Austria about 4 years ago.
Birds start to sing after gifting, colours getting more intense, smooth breezes coming up after dropping a TB near a transmitter, lovely cumulus clouds are forming in the sky……
The heart starts to overflow with joy, recognizing the effect.

There are things to find there that cannot be found in Austria. Today I had finally found the road that leads up to a big concrete tower near Szombathely. It has been built in the years of the cold war and was, then, a military object. Now it is called a tv-transmitter.
There are drums on it with a diameter of at least 3m (10ft)!!! aimed at the city of Szombathely.
Will have to pass by another time, because this monster doesn´t feel done yet. Next time I go there I will post a photograph of these drums of a size never seen before.

Watching these dramatical effects of gifting is a lot of fun!

Don Croft
12 May 2008 12:28
Subject: Re: Back To The Roots – Back To Fun!
Good work as usual, Manfred! Hungary seems to be on the verge of getting a whole lot of orgonite and it may be that your current efforts are enabling that process–sort of priming the pump.

It’s not unusual for this to happen but it’s usually a singular demonstration of commitment, like this one of yours, which seems to initiate the really big campaigns and network expansions in relatively ‘virgin’ territory.

I’ve known of some ‘fits and starts’ gifting efforts in HUngary in the past but they were kind of tentative and I could tell that the psi corps worked these guys over pretty thoroughly as soon as they disabled a couple of death towers. The very committed and experienced gifters, like you, are more or less immune to that sort of interference and suggesion and I think that this signifies the essentially parasitic nature of this world order, which need not be feared any more by anyone.

We can have all sorts of lawful fun, meanwhile, and if it weren’t for the intense pleasure that the confirmations provide, who would bother doing this essential healing work?


Manfred Hotwagner
12 May 2008 13:01
Subject: Re: Back To The Roots – Back To Fun!
The surprising thing is, that you need less orgonite to re-establish a lovely atmosphere compared to the amount of orgonite we had to distribute in Austria.
This is a very good sign and shows how much vibrant the energy in Hungary still is. Even in communist times Hungary was not as bad as many other communist countries.
The countrysite is surprisingly alive and very much inspiring.

Some places nevertheless are really bad and sometimes one gets attacked immediately after gifting, but you can boost these attacks away. This is the case in bigger settlements and towns or when the arrays are erected on vortexpoints.

Hungary is also a very flat country. In towns and villages drinkingwater is stored in big waterballoons on masts. Very often these ballons are crowned by death transmitters. So if you look out for death transmitters you have to look for waterballoons and they´re easily found.

I´ve got the same feeling too: it is just priming the pump. The time feels not so far away, when Hungarian gifters will take care for their own beautiful country.

And as far as I know, also Kelly and Ceso have already done some good work in Hungary when they travelled from Vienna to Budapest.

Manfred Hotwagner
08 Dec 2008 07:51
Subject: Re: Back To The Roots – Back To Fun!
The reason for this gifting report is rooted in a different thread and is somehow a very impressive by-product of it. So it fits better here.

When planning to gift Sarvar Castle because of the satanic crimes of Lizzie Bathory, I already reported that suddenly my car´s electronics started to go crazy.
Yesterday morning I then intuitively started to experiment with the fuses and finally plugged out the one for the servo steering. The electronics calmed down and the car started to work properly, the only disadvantage was that the car was a little harder to steer.

My wife did accompany me and we went off at noon, arriving about an hour later at Sarvar. On the way we perceived very good energy, especially around Szombathely, where we did some gifting two years ago an one gifting run last spring. But this time also the towers that were left over felt busted, so we really got the impression that there is someone at work with orgonite.

The town of Sarvar is situated around the old pentagon shaped castle.
We had brought about 15 tbs and two bigger devices for gifting the ponds south of the town (was feeling somehow that there was a need for gifting them).
As we parked the car near the castle the grey cloud layer got thinner very quickly and blue sky appeared. The castle itself had been an island in a muddy pond (Sarvar means “mud castle”) which now is turned into a park.

We did not experience nasty energy, the whole town only felt somehow tired and drained. There were also almost no people to see, neither in the park nor on the street.
We went into the castle, but found no good possibility for gifting it inside, so we surrounded the castle with a few TBs which we buried in the park. This had also the positive effect that we simultaneously gifted a couple of surrounding death towers Wink

Strange enough, when we went out of the castle we both got attacked by a nausea….

We then headed towards the big ponds outside the town. We gifted them and went back to the car, as we dicovered that there must be another pond off the main path.
There was an open canal where the water of the ponds, supplied by a small runnel could flow off……and into this canal went a tube where black water was flowing into the canal.

We found that additional, worm-shaped pond, surrounded by dead trees. The water was black an gave off a creepy feeling. There was no obvious inflow into the pond, but the black water steadyly went off through a tube towards and into the canal
We were glad to have left over one of the two devices for water gifting an threw it into the pond. This was around sunset.

On the way back home, driving towards west we noticed that the cloud layer had changed into healthy cumulus clouds and we were rewarded with a great long lasting colorful sunset that we were driving towards to.
Cool experience.