Bad Juju On The Mount

Last week i took my dog out for a walk near my home. When spring came and bees started to come out, i realised there were some type of bees which were bigger and fully red and very hairy at heir back of their heads. I had never seen that type of species, always accostumed to the yellow/black version even in the wasps that are bigger and so it was unusual to acknowledge they exhisted. I thought maybe they colonised the island by transport , that they came from somehwere else. Chance of an experiment also crossed my mind. Maybe someone who knows about bees could tell, so far noone i asked seem to have realised they are even there.

I talk about the bees cause the day i was walking with the Dog i noticed there was a guy dressing with the Park ranger outfit for the local corporation called GOB, who really do nothing to protect the land but distract people form real issues, was knealing on the floor and picked up stuff. It felt strange cause this mount isnt really a protected area of ¨interest¨ , we crossed looks and he left inmediately.

I thought of the possibilty the red bees and him had a connection and feeling curious i went around the area to see if i could find some ¨bee studying materials¨or something but i got a big surprise instead.

All around the mount, now about 500 meters away from home (used to be my back door) there were stones circles arranged in an open U form with a center stone in the middle of the U such as the ones in the pics. I had found between 100 to 120 of those. See, noone really goes up there , except some infantile people.

Under the center stone there were hand made ¨voodoo stuff¨ made with electric material which had a very bad energy attached to it.

the mount:

here are some stone circles:

and here is the Juju pieces, when i took these 3 home for taking pics my energy was going down dramatically, shortness of breath, slight nausea and headache, had to ground well after touching them:

They consisted on a wooden platform where pins to hold electrical wires were attached in series from top to bottom. These pins would then carry the numbers 1 or 2 in different combinations. On top of the wood panel you would find two versions: one which had 2 plastic pieces (the ones used to put on the wall if you want to hang something) pinned to the wood. The other version had an electric plug penetrated by one of those plastic tubes and then would always have plastic dolls representing human beings, either alone or in pairs.

Yet another version had installed a plastic box with loose pins and one pin with a rolled message attached to it in the form of a picture like 2 hammers and 2 stars for instance.

I undid most of the circles and took apart the pieces, after i had to do a long personal cleanse from this.

Now this is infantile in itslef but the funny thing is that a couple of days later i crossed ways with 3 military kids on a small car returning from the area. On return the other day i found that many circles were up again but this time you could see they were done in a hurry, no stuff underneath and this time in very obvious places like in front of the path or right next to the beach with big stones, so i wouldnt miss it! [Image Can Not Be Found];

Hohoho!! i am so terrorised now!! i am so lost and angry to realised that 3 brainwashed kids have been told to come and play mind games with stones and pins [Image Can Not Be Found];


Edit: i really do not know exactly which rituals they might make to charge those things and although i am humorous about it, it is no joke to consider that for each circle a sacrifice may have happened be it goats, ducks or humans, in short very nasty stuff. Maybe someone more knowlagable could add to this view.

Francisco, Carol looked at these and has the impression that whoever made them (those three in the car?) has some skill and is very angry at perhaps the army or gov’t. If it were aimed at you she thinks you’d have felt sick before, had an odd accident or some other unusual unpleasantness.

The army and gov’t probably deserve what’s aimed at them and that fake park ranger might have been sent to check it out. Every Western gov’t has a lot of people in it who practice dirty magic so they’re pretty good at finding out about what is aimed at them, except when we do it in our clean way. In the US, the US Park Service has a lot of ‘specialized’ rangers who set up for satanic rituals in key vortices and they keep the public away during them. We corresponded with one of the good park rangers who had given us some good advice about targets in Yellowstone National Park when we were in the process of disabling the gov’t/military seismic sabotage/terrorism infrastructure, there. When DB, Carol, Ryan and I had gifted the killing zone at Devil’s Punchbowl (a California state park) the park rangers, there, closed the park early, manned the gates to keep the public out and a big crowd of rich and presumably important people drove into the parking lot and started filing down to the gifted area, haha. We were surrounded by allegedly human cops and firemen while that was going on. It was the creepiest day of my life–I got bitten by a rattlesnake, Ryan nearly perished in teh desert, DB nearly died of dehydration and dirty magic and the cops tried their best to disappear my wife. It was the creepiest day of my life so of course I had fun with my portion of tossing a spanner in the world order’s satanic machinery.

What’s in your photos has a radionics feel to her. Thanks for posting the photos because magic is more common than most people realize. What we all do is simply magic of a clean, healing order. Magic is neutral, sort of like electricity or fire. Everyone who turns a lightswitch on or boils water is not practicing black magic, for instance. The only people who practice dirty magic are people we don’t ever want to know personally because they’re predators and parasites. The old order does their best to make us all believe that we’re that way, which is a ridiculous notion.

If it were directed at you it might be closer to the house, which is not uncommon when the agency-sponsored satanic groups are assigned to interfere with us. It’s really tough for them to punch through that energy-transmutation field so they need to rely more on corrupting our own character flaws and exploiting our fears, instead. The folks we hear about who are dying from the effects of energy weaponry aimed at them 24/7 probably indicate how we’d all be if we didn’t have orgonite around us.

The bees might be weaponized insects. I get quite a few odd reports from potential zapper customers that tend to support what the psychics are seeing about this tech in the past few years–a US Air Force and Chinese joint military project, presumably. We started noticing it about five years ago. A bunch of us in the US got dosed with nanoweaponry at the ankles and spine about three years ago. Magnets evidently disable that stuff. Our Terminator zappers have a good track record for curing Morgellons, which we assume is a similar recently-deployed weapon, individually applied in Canada and the US but resembling hookworms, which are only tropical parasites.

I thnk it’s a good rule of thumb that whatever ugly tech we see in science fiction movies has probably already been implemented against humanity by the $#!+bird agencies. You might glean more over time as you keep paying attention and hopefully can talk to someone else, there, who pays attention. You might get lucky and find someone who watches more than the tops of his shoes and derrieres.

If those arrangements are in a power spot it might be showing you where to put a bunch of orgonite (buried?). You can probably discern whether it’s a power spot (sacred site).

The reason I think this is an exemplary post is that it shows how closely we all need to pay attention to our environment. Some famous rabbi once said, ‘Everywhere you look, there’s something to see.’ The sewer rats are very, very good at studying their environment but they do it in order to harm humanity better. So we need to get good at studying our environment.

Good posts for EW have a lot of this sort of observational material. The other day, Silvio in N. Italy was gifting and heard what sounded like an enormous flock of noisy birds. The sound came from inside an open arena if I’m not mistaken, but he never saw a bird there. He took it as a sign that the place needs a lot of orgonite and I think the next day he found a bizarre, modern sculpture of a flock of birds, nearby–they looked like crows or ravens and the feeling I got from seeing it was not pleasant. We never need to analyze a situation before gifting; the best gifting is done with guidance from the gut and from ‘animal prompting’ like the sudden appearance of a bunny, the flight of a hawk or some such.

One night, when Carol and I were in the worst period of active, mostly FBI, surveillance and murder attempts (2004) we felt compelled to get out and grid-gift our neighborhood. In many cases we were pretty obviously guided by housecats that winter night. This is a big part of the fun of gifting and those of us who pay attention get the most benefit from it. I think our orgonite gets more bang for the buck on account of it in this stage of the war when our numbers are still small, though ‘carpet happy bombing’ key areas may be the ultimate answer to what ails the world. It will happen, I’m sure. When it does, folks will look back with envy to these days when only a tiny number of us are doing the work.

I can say these things on EW without worrying about ridicule or judgement because I won’t allow those things, here. Subjective expression is extremely valuable on several levels and I want more EW contributors to indulge in this in relation to the work we’re doing. Posting an impressive scorecard is okay but it doesn’t inspire our readers to engage in this effort; the subjective reporting does.

People who deny magic are probably the most susceptible to magic assaults. I learned more that when I worked at a sugar mill in Louisiana in my youth and was the target of a (failed) voodoo campaign. I think it started when I declined to dine with the Cuban engineers in the mill owner’s house and preferred to eat the better food in the workers’ messhall. I was the only white guy but I felt at home with my buds. The voodoo maven came in after that (hung around all day but didn’t work there) and everybody, including the mill owner, but me was afraid of him. I was in my element, there [Image Can Not Be Found]. My first exposure to the old world order’s magic had been when I was in the army in Germany about a year before that and the German $#!+birds attempted to recruit me by impressing me with their work. I was impressed but it stank, of course. African-based magic is a lot stronger than the old Babylonian/Egyptian crap that the European aspect of ancient parasitic world order has.

Thanks again for sharing this, Fran! Somebody else might also have something positive to add.


Don, regarding the birds sounds experience I must clarify – and I apologize to the readers for not writing in better way in the post – that when I heard the birds voices there were crows and pigeons in that area, actually I have seen pigeons from my arrival and the crows were on a field, whilst the pigeons over a warehouse. But I was hearing seagulls during the gifting with sort of echo reverberation. The actual sculpture it is in a totally different place at more than 100km away, Casale Monferrato in the Piedmont region, while this experience happened in Segrate near Milan. There is no way that I could have possible knew that in Casale there was such sculpture, it is interesting that I already planned to gift in Casale next.
It is true that the area of needs more orgonite, in fact there some more gridding have already been done yesterday along the canal and metro railway up to another place called Gorgonzola, and there will be more later.

There is one big difference between dirty magic and orgonite, which orgonite can be applied without any limit and also without hiding from the community. The black arts are occult, and are also limited as they can backfire. Its like eventually we are all being twisted around God little fingers, just choose which side. [Image Can Not Be Found]

i forgot to mention an important part. I gufted the place with an EP some cones and Tb´s as well.
I lived for two years just 50 meters away from this place. From what i have seen, this has been used for a very long time judging by the estate of some of the actual items. Some others were very new.
In any case, ti is now exposed, opened and turned around.

I feel like I’ve left this hanging. I forgot to mention that the reason our psychic associates prefer to work in groups, especially when someone’s welfare is involved, is that it’s the best way to get an overview and to find suitable targets. We don’t consider anyone to be wrong when sharing subjective impressions and it’s true enough that when the whole picture is discerned it’s not going to be exactly what any of us assumed, in many cases. For me, that’s half the fun of the group exercises.

Carol’s initial impressions shouldn’t be considered authoritative; nobody has that kind of authority and she’d be the first to agree. I think they’re worth throwing in the pot along with the impressions of others, including those of us who aren’t particularly psychic.

If one of the aims of the people who made these magic sigils was to make Fran paranoid it’s obviously failing. He’s like many of us: signs of interference and opposition are taken as encouragement. ‘Trouble is just another word for fun,’ so to speak [Image Can Not Be Found]

When something is undecided I usually prefer to let it cook for awhile and not be anxious about it. Everything comes clear, sooner or later and Francisco has already gifted that site, if I’m not mistaken.

Readers who are conditioned to discount or deny that these things happen can at least look at it through new eyes. In my travels, the people who seemed to appreciate magic the most were the Germans. Africans whom I’ve known consider magic in the way we Westerners consider electricity–commonplace energy dynamics.

When I lived in Tonga in the South Pacific the Polynesian islanders felt that the UFOs seen regularly in the atmosphere were no more remarkable than passenger jets. When Carol and I encountered UFOs, up close or far away, it also felt ‘normal.’ That only seemed to happen in the early years of this movement. I think that in some cases the US Air Force parasites were trying to frighten us, haha.

If ‘everything were disclosed’ the only thing that might cause many to go crazy would probably be the knowledge of what the upper echelons of this old world order do to millions of children, each year. The majority of PJ folks could probably handle seeing reptilians and other sentient species, as well as antigravity craft, without a problem. There would be no eerie or horrifying Hollywood soundtrack in the background, so I suspect that most PJ folks would barely notice, even when seeing them clearly.


At the time, about 2 weeks ago, me and Fran had a chat concerning this.

My impressions were these things were aimed at Fran because he had gifted so much the island where he lives, that was the only way to hit him. I thought I saw a bigger plot working against Fran and using the black juju stone circles as a kind of “bridgehead”. It involved old aristocracy, masons and jesuits.
We ended up hitting some jesuits who were, Fran believed, in a cave complex important to the old order called Covadonga:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

With 2 kings buried there and a church built against the rock.
What I saw seemed an underground catacombs and sacrifice chamber with well of souls underneath, as we have found in another location.
Fran also felt there was a relation to some religious knightly order but we couldn’t really find it though I feel there was something to that prompt. We also saw and blasted an “observer” who looked like some monk in brown robes.
There was a feeling to go back and blast more of those places (I remember a monastery and a masonic hall too) but right now I don’t feel it’s necessary.

The reason I like to get input from other psychics is so we can “compare notes”. I do think one can get mislead during a chat session though, as the predatory psychics try to derail us and throw illusions at us. It’s very important to stay grounded and keep the ego off the driving seat.
In this particular time the chat was definately successful as it felt the “edge” was taken off those stone circles and objects. Even through the pictures they felt much less harmful afterwards.

It definately feels the psychological aspect had a part to play in their plans, as Don pointed out. I think it was also Don who said more than once something like “black magic is 90% fear”. Indeed, harmful magic only has an effect over us if we give it the power to do that, by being afraid, but mostly it’s like a puffed up giant balloon – easy to deflate [Image Can Not Be Found]


yesterday i was back in the area walking the dog and as we made a turn around some bushes we found a neighbour knealing with a rock in his hand arranging a circle! [Image Can Not Be Found] his reaction was to jerk, didnt know if to stand up or kneal again, we caught him red handed.

So i said hi to him smiling and told him: well, well, so it is you who is making these circles all around here!
answer: ahhh…mmm……ahh…… he stood motionless and speechless.
I asked him: so… it is certaintly interesting stuff, i found so many. listen, what s the stuff that you put nder the rocks, you know the electrical parts…
him: NOTHING NOTHING, very nervous.

  • But sure must mean something all of this. I am used to strange stories, you can tell me, no worries. Looks like ancient rituals lol
  • eh….ah… it is nothing. just electrical parts.
  • aha… and the stone circles?
  • oh well… i go to work at 5pm and after lunch i come here and make them just for fun [Image Can Not Be Found];

so strange hobby the fellow has…


ah for a photo !..