Bali Gifting

Chem-spraying in Bali only started at the end of last year and there’s been a succession of white un-marked prop-planes used.

The first one was rather small and had a red crop-sprayer slung under its right wing; this was replaced by a larger plane with a grey external sprayer under its left wing.

At the height of the monsoon season (that never happened) these were changed for two larger planes; one twin-engine and one with four engines (both apparently with internal sprayers).

Recently the wind changed back to its dry-season mode (blowing from the east) and the spraying seems much lighter with clear blue skies everywhere and they only seem to spray against any cloud that puts in an appearance.

He just sprayed a short trail right over my garden which disappeared slowly over the next 20 minutes and came back for a second look and I finally I managed to snap this rather poor shot of the latest spray-plane with its external sprayer clearly visible.



And here’s another one of the same plane taken today (April 22):

Crud Plane 2

Thanks for the outstanding gifting reports and photos, Dan, especially since you’re focusing on the confirmations for us all.

I want our readers to all get a glimpse of how empowering gifting is, also how consistent the results/confirmations are in such a short time–usually before we’re even done with a day’s gifting.

I think the key is to load up with as much orgonite as one can feasibly make and carry, then distribute it all according to one’s instinctive and rational promptings, as you’ve been doing in and around Bali.

When Georg Ritschl started giftging in South Africa the economy was flat and the government was warning the populace to prepare for a famine. After a couple of years of his mostly-singlehanded gifting in the region the entire nation had become prosperous and was greener than ever. Even the Kalahari Desert has been blooming.

I suspect that Bali is another good test case for orgonite’s phenomenal power to revolutionize a region’s fortunes and health and we can see from your photos that what you’ve done, so far, has begun to revolutionize that region, which had been so pitilessly targetted by the new world odor in recent years.

Very encouraging!


The good new is that yesterday’s trip up to Singaraja to take the Dolphins some more Orgonite went well; the bad news is that I have little in the way of confirmations to report (and no photos to post either for that matter).

The fresh batteries that Nita put in her camera turned out to be duds and we only realised this when we were out at sea. Before our last trip, the area was totally ungifted and the sky was (chemical) overcast and had produced little rainfall for months.

Since then, I distributed TBs along the beach and to the Dolphins as they swam and busted every tower in the region and it’s apparently rained frequently ever since (and this trip was to be no exception).

It was pouring with rain as we descended from the mountains but clear skies greeted us upon our arrival at the seaside and we arranged the boat for dawn the next day.

Torrential rain overnight threatened to scupper our plans but it eased up by the time we took to sea, heavily laden with Orgonite.

I brought 40 cricket ball sized TBs for the Dolphins to distribute, six hefty Dolphin Balls (still in the jam jars they were cast in) with charged Big Secret coils and crystals and 150 regular funky TBs to gift the moribund coral reef.

We soon located the Dolphins and this time there were many more of them and they semed to be more inclined to cruise closer to the boats which delighted Edo Star who so wants to swim with them.

I guess I’m just going to have to ignore my profound reservations and take him one time to a hotel in the area where they hold a number of Dolphins prisoner in a swimming pool as tourist attractions.

We dropped all the ‘Cricket Balls’ and the DBs evenly as we pursued the pods while they pursued their breakfast but eventually had to retire as the rain had resumed in earnest and by this time we were all cold and bedraggled.

As on the last trip, the sky looked healthier by the time we beached the canoe; Nita and her sister took Edo back to the hotel for coffee and croissants while our Captain and I headed back out to sea to gift the reef.

The tide was high enough for us to drive above the coral and from what I could see, much of it was very pale and dead looking.

I dropped the TBs in rather at random, but in a far greater concentration than Don’s ‘one per half mile’ suggestion and finished up in a wide area favoured by the local fishermen for taking tourists snorkelling where I generously distributed the remainder.

Confirmations of the efficacy of Orgonite to regenerate this area of coral will have to wait a while although I understand from Don that the prospects are excellent and it quickly returns to good health.

We headed back home later and it was my feeling that the gifting of Lovina Beach is just about done, except perhaps for the addition of a Cloudbuster somewhere (I’m workin’ on it).

We’ve deliberately chosen the same hotel now on three occasions and are on good terms with the owner; a Balinese woman called Ibu Rini.

Along with the other Orgonite was a HHG for her which she accepted with interest (so I added a bag of TBs for her to distribute around the grounds).

Perhaps next time I’ll give her a CB.

Bali Lakes

On the outward journey over the mountains I dropped one of my jam-jar Dolphin Bombs in one end of Lake Bratan and coming back earlier today, the sky was thick with rain clouds except for a patch of clear blue sky directly over the spot (so I lobbed another three in from along the shore-line for good measure).

A useful little outing and everyone loved to see the Dolphins again.


On my way around the island a couple of weeks ago (see: ‘Tower-Buster Tour above) I was an hour from home and seriously saddle-sore so chose to ignore (temporarily) a couple of hilltop arrays that I spotted, resolving to get them on another occasion.

Well that occasion was yesterday and I set off with my saddle-bags stuffed with TBs as usual (but this time I included a HHG that was a bit bent and one of a pair that I made the other day…Here’s its twin:

Someone told me about another array hidden behind an important temple site in roughly the same area so I had three hills to bust in all.

The first one turned out to be the most interesting and fortunately the Telkom gate was open so I drove in and up and up until I reached the towers on the summit.

There were two together set outside the compound and one by itself behind bars.

On an inspiration I decided to bury the HHG between the twin towers and busted the other one by liberally chucking TBs around the perimeter fence (there was someone inside) whilst pretending to be a stupid tourist taking photos of the countryside.

I took the shot of the first tower and when I went back to shoot the twin towers, the sky was clearing fast and this sylph had appeared.

I didn’t think anything much of it (just another nice little confirmation) and drove back down the hill to discover to my horror that the gate had been locked shut during the half hour I’d been at the hilltop.

Fortunately there was a hole in the hedge beside the gate-pillar but it was the other side of a deep drainage ditch which I would have to man-handle my heavy bike across (twice) before I was back on asphalt.

The alternatives were rather worse (eat humble pie at the hilltop office or wait for whoever locked me in to come back and ask some tricky question) so I bit the bullet and wrestled my way to freedom.

Found and busted the other arrays although the one near Lempuyang Temple turned out to be not so nasty (worth busting all the same).

When I drove past my first hilltop about an hour later, the gate was still locked but the sky in the area was a deeper blue and crystal clear (and my sylph was still there).

Since then the sky has remained fantastic in spite of the chem-plane’s best efforts and his trails evaporate in minutes if they stick at all and this got me wondering if I might have accidentally struck a vortex with my HHG (but I’m not in a position to do anything more than speculate on this).

Certainly there’s been a noticeable boost from yesterday’s little run whatever its specific causes.


I’ve lived in this house now for more than five years and in that time I’ve never seen a rainbow.

Since making and deploying orgonite I’ve seen more and more of them to the extent that now they’re quite common.

Here’s a seletion of recent rainbows:

And a couple of Chemical Rainbows too:

Chemical Rainbow

Personally, I prefer the first lot anyday.


Since the end of the Balinese monsoon season I managed to bust all the towers on the coast road and the central north-south road and this seems to have greatly increased the rainfall in the mountains.

The other day I went down to the ‘Bukit’; the southern peninsular of Bali, an area I hadn’t visited for a few years and found a large concentration of towers had sprung up there recently.

All the TV stations are there and many of the regular towers that we’re all familiar with now although these two were a little out of the ordinary:


I drove the only two roads in the region, right down to the Mother Temple of ‘Uluwatu’ and busted about 40 towers in all.

Another development here is the addition of Cesco coils to my CBs and the combined effect on the weather in southern Bali has been dramatic.

It’s hardly stopped raining since the weekend when I busted the southern towers and improved my CBs and the near constant chem-spraying is having very little effect.

My Father-in-law visited recently and he says the rain in the area of his CB is frequent and only punctuated by blue skies and healthy clouds.

He’s an old Javanese rice-farmer whose experiences with orgonite devices in the last year have completely convinced him of their effectiveness (and the crimes committed by the chem-planes) although he doesn’t tell anyone else about it as they’d just think he was going barmy in his old age.


Since the white-out (see ‘New HAARP white-out in Bali’ in ‘Tips and Strategies’)


The skies have been amazingly untroubled by chemtrails and the deep blue has returned everywhere with healthy cloud formations.

Earlier today a lone chem-plane laid what was supposed to be a chem-trail but disappeared like a contrail.

Then, in a sky devoid of all other cloud, there appeared this strange cloud in one small part of the sky that the plane passed over:

Lonely Cloud

It looks decidedly chemical to me but faded steadily to nothing over the next minute or so.

(The little speck some way below it is a kite).

So much for chemtrails in Bali


Your post contents me greatly!! Thank you!

I’m glad you liked it, Javi; here’s another one for you:

This morning I went up to Kintamani; one of the volcanoes in the middle of Bali that has a large lake inside its crater (and another smaller volcano rising from the lake) to do a little inland water gifting.

This is where the original Hindu settlers in Bali fled to centuries ago and from whom all Balinese are said to be descended.

I took with me a bunch of regular TBs (for busting towers) and twelve cylindrical blocks of orgonite containing Cesco coils and DT crystals which I threw into the lake from the water’s edge.

When I arrived at the rim of the outer crater, the sky was filled with Sylphs clearing chemicals:


Shortly after I finished my little tour of the lakeside, I took this shot (from inside the outer volcano) which shows a much healthier sky.


(Nita’s clever camera managed to change its own settings all by itself which accounts for the difference in the resolution of the two shots).

There are many roads up the mountains and I managed to choose two that were previously un-busted and disabled about fifteen towers en route.

I went through some spectacular countryside in the interior which looks all the better now for its deep blue skies.


PS: And then (as if by coincidence) for the first time in over a week they attack the sky right over my garden:

Edo was off school on Friday so we took the opportunity to go up to Lovina to see the Dolphins again.

We took with us a CB (with Cesco coils in the base of the pipes) for the grounds of our regular hotel and 100 TBs as part of an experiment that Don and I have been hatching to see if they would be distributed by the Dolphins if simply dumped in a heap on the sea bed.

The skies over the mountains were overcast with healthy rain clouds as is apparently usual now (according to a strawberry-grower who was bemoaning the lack of sunshine to ripen his fruit) but descending to the coast at Singaraja, the chemicals were only too evident.

That night I set up the CB in the shrubbery next to our hotel room and the sky cleared within the hour to reveal bright stars and a full moon.

The next morning at sunrise we set off as usual to try and locate the Dolphins and I tossed a few of my Cesco coil blocks in the sea for good measure (I cast them in 3 inch sections of 1.5 inch diameter plastic pipe) but initially found no Dolphins.

Then one of the boats evidently located some a way down the coast near the port of Singaraja and the entire flotilla headed that way.

On previous occasions there were lots of Dolphins but this time they were fewer in number and seemed to be mostly adults with a few juveniles and they weren’t hunting for their breakfast but just cruising around lazily.

Edo gave them a few Cesco blocks and I tipped the bag of TBs in the water and we chugged around catching sight of Dolphins here and there until I noticed that some of them were following the same pattern; apparently circling the spot where I dumped the orgonite before deliberately diving straight down (tail flukes high in the air) in twos and threes, never to be seen again and I had the impression that this was intended to tell me something as I’m sure they could have located the stash of TBs without such an ostentatious demonstration.

Back at the hotel I moved the CB to a place behind the staff quarters with the help of the hotel manager, Kadek who seemed very interested in the device and asked me to send him such information as I have translated into Indonesian.

I emailed Don from a local Internet office giving the time and approximate location of the TB drop to see if Carol could track their progress and I understand that he intends to post some comments here in due course.

The only other thing I have to report is that the water in the bay is now very clear and the coral is much more visible from the boat than it was six weeks ago when I gifted the reef in distinctly murky waters.

Our regular boatman said that it’s consistently clear now but he hasn’t noticed any improvement yet in the health of the coral.

The sea is now quite well gifted up at Lovina as is the beach and the coastal road; all the towers are busted and with the placing of the CB, it’s my impression that there is little more gifting to be done in the area.

Certainly the Hotel Rini is the best gifted hotel in Bali now and has TBs buried everywhere (even the vehicles have TBs in them) and now a CB.

Heading back over the mountains again, I took this photo of the sky over Lake Bratan.

Bedugul Sky


Thanks for the exemplary thread, Dan, and especially for photographing the confimrations in the atmosphere.

When I opened your email this morning, I asked Carol to track the orgonite you dumped in one spot for the dolphins and she told me that they had taken all of it to appropriate spots in the surrounding sea. If there’s been smog on the horizon you might notice it disappearing after this, as we saw happen in Florida while gifting around the peninsula.

By the way, when you see one dolphin, there are generally ten or more under the surface. With sonar (fishfinder) you can see them as very large fish, usually quite deep underwater. The reason they look big is because the sonar bounces off of air sacs in sea creatures. Dolphins have lungs, so have a lot more air in them than fish do. Fish have little flotation sacs to make them neutrally buoyant at a given depth.

It’s anyone’s guess how long it will take for the reef to regenerate there. The fact that it happened veyr fast in the Florida Keys, and with comparatively little orgonite, might not have much bearing on the conditions you’re facing, there, but time will tell and this is an extremely valuable research project as well as a healing one.

It’s funny, to me, that if one of the fascist corporations had found a way to clear water as dramatically as orgonite does, the media would canonize them and these nazis would charge the people billions of dollars to do the work, probably collected by taxation at gunpoint Cool. Parasites never heal the earth, though, of course.

What we’re doing is nothing short of miraculous but the only way someone is going to know about it, at least for now, is if that person is actively seeking solutions on the internet. Fortunately, there are apparently enough of us to get it all done b efore the Pajama People even notice that the world has improved.

Dan, your dad might find open ears if he starts telling his colleagues how well a little orgonite can boost the health and productivity of his crops, also keep pests away.

If we try to ‘convert’ people by proclamation and protests we’ll meet nothing but resistance, mixed with paranoia, but if we sincerely share what we’ve learned with people who are being victimized by the parasitic cartels (all farmers in teh world are resentful toward these fascists) they’re more likely to listen than not.

Contrary to the old paradigm of big business or Rothschild/Rockefeller-financed environmentalists tackling big environmental problems nobody, here, is soliciting funds and, in fact, most of the work is being done by people who wouldn’t be considered able to afford it. Some of us give up things like home ownership in order to invest in resin and travel, for instance, and the majority of us are wage slaves or pensioners, gifting on a small scale but steadily over time.

This is a very healthy characteristic for a grassroot revolution, of course, which is entirely sans administration or organization.

Carol and I started flying lessons in advance of acquiring the ability to gift remote targets and long stretches of coastline economically and the Federal Aviation Agency landed in our awareness like a nuclear bomb, pretending to own the skies and own all the pilots–quite a rude awakening even though we’ve been painfully aware of the inappropriateness of a centralized, misrepresentative political entity controlling everyone’s personal lives and crapping on evreryone’s natural rights in the process, through intimidation.

When these wicked, centralized, parasitic corporate entities have finally been discarded, as obsolete tech always is, there will still be a need for standards, of course, and if I were to step onto a commercial plane in those bright days, I will want to be sure that the crew have been evaluated by a competent, reputable group of assessors and have been given their stamp of approval. Anyone applying for credentials can pay a reasonable fee for the privelege of being evaluated. There’s absolutely no reason why any federal government ought to assume this responsibility.

The way the world will be run, then, is already within our comprehension, of course. For instance, is a place where the participants aspire to high intellectual , spiritualand work standards, so gifters and readers generally look here for viable information. It’s like that because we know that earning a reputation, through work, is an essential part of getting our points across effectively. That’s not to say that we’re responsible for anyone but ourselves, as individuals, of course. This global movement is not, nor will it be an organization as long as I’m drawing breath, grid willing.

I get a lot of email from readers who say that the mountain fo disinformation had threatened to discourage them until they found this website and learned about this movement, in which absolutely anyone can shine and be confirmed. One by one, the heavily-sponsored fakers have fallen away after enough people figured out that associating with them only led to confusion, backbiting and inactivity. LIke any other camp followers, some of those will always be in our wake but I’m quite proud of the fact that they’re less and less likely to steal our thunder or poison our reputations.

This has been coming about organically and naturally over the past six years or so and the internet, itself, started not long before that. Standardization is a marvellous thing which modern man instinctively gravitates to. Contrary to causing conformity, which is a bad thing, standardization makes diverse expression more feasible and heighten’s the potential importance of any individual’s contribution.

Dan is, singlehandedly, returing the island and waters of Bali to pristine splendor after a few years of degradation and etheric poisoning at the hands of the world odor, who seemed deadly-determined to destroy the culture and land. He’s made tremendous progress in a short time with about a bag of orgonite per week, tossed systematically around the island from a motorcycle. Like the rest of us, this activity is new to him and probably never even dreamt of until quite recently. How different this is from standing on a street corner and haranguing passersby, which is the receding paradigm of what an activist ought to be like.

It was a terrific inspiration to toss orgonite in those volcanic-core lakes, by the way, Dan!


Yesterday I did a little more local water gifting down at the southern Balinese port of Benoa and the ‘island’ of Serangan right next door.

‘Island’ is in quotes here because it’s no longer an island since ‘Tomi’, the Son of former President Soeharto, joined it to the mainland and expanded its area hugely in an abortive attempt to turn it into a casino resort for Indonesia (the Administration collapsed before it was completed).

Today it’s just a vast undeveloped expanse of bare limestone that was used for the land reclamation and the sea is miles from the fishing village.

I cruised its dusty perimeter on my bike chucking Cesco-blocks in the sea at regular intervals and TBs either side of the causeway; busted two new towers at Benoa and tossed more Cesco-blocks off the wharf where a mass of Korean fishing trawlers dock.

The sky was reasonably healthy before I started so no great confirmations but this morning the wind blew rain-clouds over our garden from that direction.

Actually, in the two days since I wrote that, the sky has been a consistently deeper blue than usual and the only thing that’s changed is the water gifting at Benoa (and I become ever more impressed with Cesco’s ‘little secret’ coils).

The other item I have to report is that I just heard from Edo’s Uncle in Java that he faithfully busted some 80 or so towers along the eastern coast of the island facing Bali.

This means that the strip of water that separates the two islands now has no active towers operating along its shores (and I’ll supply the Dolphins with more orgonite in the coming months so that they can disable the underwater platforms).

For now, blue skies and healthy clouds prevail across Bali and it’s become a very pleasant place to live again.


Starting just before the first of the recent hacking attacks on EW (and following an alarming White-out here) Don and I began to hatch a plot to place a Ring of Orgonite around the island of Bali, aimed at disabling the undersea platforms that are down there somewhere but of course not visible (to us up here at least).

My initial idea was to take ferry-boats around the island and drop a string of TBs along the route; some of which might be near enough to the HAARP facilities to reverse their operation but the route was incomplete and the method rather ‘hit and miss’.

Don suggested just giving the Dolphins a heap of TBs to distribute as they know where best to place them and Carol could ‘track’ them psychically.

The first TB drop was to be off a public pier just south of the International airport but coincidentally, it got washed away by a freak high-tide, just days before the initial stash was ready.

Plan B was to take them up to Lovina where we’d seen Dolphins on a previous occasion and where I could get a visual sighting before committing the orgonite to the sea.

My earlier report of this trip can be found on page 2 of this thread.

My next drop was at Serangan Island where there is a man-made harbour, initially intended as the site of a marina and constructed by ‘Tomi’ Soeharto in an abortive attempt to turn the area into a casino resort (the administration collapsed before the project was completed and Tomi spent the next few years on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan).

No pier here or even boat-trips so I found a rocky bank close to the inlet to the bay and just threw another 100 TBs into the water from dry land.

Each time I make a TB drop, I email Don and Carol for ‘tracking info’ and generally receive positive confirmations from the environment (decreased smog over the sea or increased rainfall) that the orgonite was intelligently distributed by the Dolphins.

A couple of weeks later I threw another 150 TBs off the same rocky bank at Serangan before the next drop from the Lombok ferry on a trip there a couple of weeks later.

By this time the rainfall had increased dramatically in southern Bali and the chem.-planes were clearly finding it increasingly difficult to dissolve rain-clouds and we set out to Lombok in torrential (and quite unseasonable) rain….

Leaving Bali ….and out into an ungifted sea:

Ungifted Sea

About half way across the Lombok strait I chucked another 350 TBs into the sea for the Dolphins to distribute as they thought fit and a while later we approached ungifted Lombok.

Coming to Lombok

To my knowledge there is no orgonite on the island and certainly the feeling of the place is a world apart from the way Bali feels now.

Skies on Lombok

Rain-clouds can be seen inland over the Mount Rinjani National Park which is presumably out of range of the coastal towers (which we had to leave unbusted as we had very little orgonite left).

The air was heavy and oppressive and there was no wind at all; chemical skies prevailed along the coast and nobody seemed to be smiling much.

I found a small internet office and emailed Don with the time and approximate location of the drop.

We headed for nearest tourist area on the island at Senggigi and found a reasonable hotel for the night and took this photo from the beach overlooking the sea we gifted earlier.

Chemical Sunset

We had to bust the place before we could get any sleep and Edo put a Cesco coil block in the murky green fish-pond.

By sunrise the sky looked a lot healthier and a gentle sea breeze had returned (and the water in the fish-pond was clear).

Healthier Sunrise

After breakfast we drove up the coast to another tourist spot and the location of three tiny resort islands known as the ‘Gilis’ (although Gili just means small island).

This one is called ‘Gili Air’ and clearly needs three death-towers:

Gili Air Towers

Although we gave ourselves the option of another night on Lombok; my fellow gifters …

Fellow Gifters

…and I decided that we’d had quite enough of the ambient negativity of the place (which we didn’t have enough orgonite to do much about) so we headed back to the ferry before it got too late to return to Bali.

The sea over the strait was now totally covered with cloud apart from this little blue hole about half way back:

Blue Hole

The sea on the outward journey had been quite choppy but was much calmer on the return trip and we made reasonable time, coming into increasing rain as we approached Bali:

Back to Bali

We drove back home in the pouring rain and the weather remained this way for the next few days.

I got a reply from Don before we left to say that Carol saw the TBs being taken in all directions; to an undersea volcano and an active fault-line.

He pointed out that the more ammunition I can give the Dolphins, the more they can get done and I planned to take them some more up at Lovina soon (as the first 100 seemed rather miserly in the circumstances).

Last week we made another trip up there with a further 250 TBs in the car and stayed at our usual hotel which feels like coming home now; not least because it has TBs buried everywhere and hosts a CB.

On this occasion we were surprised to see so much more activity in what was previously a very depressed tourist area; shop-fronts were re-painted and there was an air of optimism everywhere.

I asked the hotel manager about this and he said that although this is high-season, the occupancy at the hotel hadn’t risen to last year’s level (which stood at 40% compared to last year’s 60%) suggesting that the minor influx of tourists didn’t entirely account for the big smiles and relaxed atmosphere in the village.

Our regular boatman said that the water in the bay has remained consistently clear since I started gifting the bay and that the coral was beginning to regenerate.

We took his boat out early next morning to find the Dolphins and give them some more ammo.

There were not so many Dolphins as on some previous visits and they seemed to be playing rather than hunting fish; we’d see a group of them here and there but for almost the whole time a few juveniles swam alongside our boat which pleased Edo greatly.

We left another 250 TBs for them this time and it’s my guess that they can achieve much with this substantial supply of orgonite.

Again, we left Lovina around midday so had little time to notice any great confirmations and anyway most of the orgonite would likely be distributed far away from the area

I emailed Don as usual giving the time and location of the latest drop and in a reply received when I got home, he told me that Carol saw the orgonite taken to the north and east.

When I conceived this; it was my estimate (based on Don’s ‘one per half mile’ suggestion) that about 1000 TBs were needed to surround Bali but I calculate that the second Lovina drop brought the total so far to 950 and we’re only half way round the coast.

It’s the Dolphins who decide on the best locations for the orgonite and my feeling is that telepathically, they’re calling the shots (on this one at least) and I trust in their superior wisdom.

Driving back over the mountains I noticed that the chem.-spraying has increased up in the highlands as it has down by the sea (the shit-bags have little else to use now that their terrestrial facilities are being eroded on a daily basis) but that the clouds remain relatively unaffected:

The area is totally ungridded; I just busted the towers and gifted the lakes a little.

More TB drops planned of course but more about that after the event; I don’t want to invite trouble.


This is one of the most exemplary threads on EW, I think, because Dan maintains some healthy skepticism, as many of us do. If not for keeping fairly objective how could we evaluate the confirmations, after all?

Dan took the leap of faith of throwing all that orgonite in the sea because he’d gotten sufficient confirmation when a pod of dolphins in N Bali dove down in the spot where he had just tossed a number of TBs. The subsequent clearing of the atmosphere in areas beyond where he dropped the orgonite, which you can see in the photos, was perhaps an even better confirmation that the orgonite is being distributed by our friends.

The reason we felt encouraged to keep gifting Florida’s coast is that the dense smog over the sea progressively disappeared along the way, keeping pace with our progress over the months, there. The underwater death transmitters are quite visible on expensive, stereoscopic sonar, by the way, and even our boat’s cheaper sonar picked up their characteristic signatures–confirmation also often coming from dolphins on site, who sometimes showed up in sonar around the underwater towers adn also around the boat. Dolphins are big blips on sonarscopes because sonar bounces off of air pockets in the water & they have lungs, after all.

The appearance, since sea gifting started in earnest, in the Tyrhennian Sea, of orcas and even hump back whales in Elba’s harbor is yet another sort of confirmation. How long has it been since larger cetaceans have been seen in the Mediterranean, after all?

The whale that was hanging out near the entrance of Rotterdam’s harbor was perhaps an open invitation for our Benelux gifting cohorts to get busy in the NOrth Sea, even if only tossing orgonite from seawalls and piers.

This has been happening at an increasing rate and while it requires a leap of faith to commit to doing what Dan’s doing, at least there are plenty of good reports to encourage us.

Great work, Dan!


I thought you might like to see a couple of pieces of Orgonite that I’ve been making in Bali.

The metal is Machine-shop floor-sweepings of highly variable quality; the resin is nothing special and the crystals are mediocre quartz (mostly broken pieces).

Funky Orgonite

A: an HHG.

Mostly for standing around the house and garden but occasionally I bust something with one.

All my cones now contain a charged Cesco coil, a charged quartz crystal point (I think this one has a DT in it) cast in a paper mould and cured on the CB.

B: again these ‘dynamite sticks’ contain the same as the HHGs and I use them for gifting lakes and the like.

C: this is the mighty 3.oz TB.

I guess I ought to charge the crystals first but I usually pour these in such numbers that I figure the charge would be lost before I get any resin to it.

Bali has incalculable numbers of them everywhere now.

D: the School-Buster.

Basically a custom TB, cast shallow so as to maximize the adhesive surface area (of double-sided sponge tape) and intended for sticking to the underside of Edo’s classroom tables (when was the last time you looked at the underside of a table?).

Orgonite Stones

TB stones for surface deployment where there’s nowhere to hide a regular TB.

Spot the real rock.

I made this for carrying around in my pocket (and to save myself the indignity of a chunk of Orgonite swinging like a mill-stone from my neck).Cast in two identical halves with an SBB coil on each side.

Please don’t try and order any of these items; I haven’t got the time to make any for you (too busy busting).


Hey Dan, I loved the school buster!

Wanted to ask you, how do you make the orgonite stones? do you use a mold? what type? These are certainly VERY useful, specially for giting in the city…

Hi Javi.

I used Silicone for the mold:

Just select a stone and oil it lightly; sit it in the bottom of a suitable plastic pot; catalyse the Silicone and pour it on.

I had to cut a hole to get the stone out but the Silicone stretches a lot without tearing.

I initially made these to bust a shopping mall that has a fountain in the atrium; the floor of which is covered with black stones of this size.

They clean the fountain pond every day but after a month my ‘stones’ are still there and the place feels much nicer now.

I only made one mold so whenever I pour TBs I make a ‘stone’ and they do solve a lot of gifting problems.

The ‘School-Busters’ are useful too; you can gift restaurants and government offices and nobody realises.

How are your coils?


Earlier in this thread; both Don and I separately suggested that chem-spraying in a well gifted area is not just futile; it’s downright counterproductive (from the shit-bags’ point of view).

With their terrestrial facilities converted to orgone-production (by the addition of a TB or two) the upshot of a spraying-spree is a net orgone gain.

The last couple of days have seen a sharp increase in chem-spraying in my area with constant over-flights and this photo illustrates the situation at the height of yesterdays attack:

Futile Attack

It was funny to see the planes laying trails so short that it seemed that the fade-point of the trail was chasing the plane across the sky.

Short Trail

Before the start of my ongoing campaign against the undersea platforms, the chem-spraying would dissolve the clouds and stall the wind but now neither is unduly affected as these kites in a chemical sky attest.

Kites in a Chemical Sky

Last night I awoke around midnight and there were beautiful cumulus clouds skating across a starry sky.

A little light rain in the early morning and this is the way it looked before they started spraying again today:

Net Result

In a situation like this; if they really want to reduce the orgone level, their best bet is to recall the planes and turn off the towers (but perhaps this is a little too complicated for them to grasp).


On Wednesday we set out at three in the morning and drove up to the ferry crossing to Java with some more TBs for the Dolphins and a box of assorted orgonite for the fields that Nita’s Father works.

The advantages of such an early start are empty roads and an empty ferry (so no busy-bodies asking me what I just dumped in the sea and why (I didn’t feel like conducting a seminar on Orgonite on the car-deck before breakfast).

As good fortune would have it; we were directed to a small ferry which had low gunwales and I simply tipped all 350 Tbs over the side in a single go (rather than dumping them piecemeal from one of the upper decks) shortly after we set off.

Cumulus and Chemicals The influence of the CB at Lovina could be seen here with the presence of fairly healthy Cumulus in a not-so-chemical sky.

This is the first time we’ve visited Java since Nita’s Father and Brother busted all the towers along the coast facing Bali and the effects were striking.

Where previously there was little cloud in the chemical sky; now healthy cumulus accompanied our trip down to the south.

Cumulus and Chemicals 2

Bad news from the farmers on Java: the rice in these fields looks healthy at this distance but closer inspection reveals that it’s being eaten by thousands of tiny worms and many of the seed-heads don’t contain rice seeds.

This is the situation quite suddenly right across Java apparently and it doesn’t seem to have spread from any one place but mysteriously appeared everywhere at the same time.

None of the farmers I talked to had ever seen this worm before in spite of having worked the fields their entire lives although the Department of Agriculture recommends a rather expensive cure for it in the form of a powder that is mixed with sand and broadcast amongst the crops.

It doesn’t kill all the worms but equally it’s difficult to know to what extent it helps reduce their numbers as nobody has done a control field where no remedy was applied.

To me this is all very suspicious: a mystery parasite that attacks most crops (Rice Paddy; Melon, Tobacco. etc) whose appearance has no apparent epicenter and an active chem-spraying program in operation makes you wonder if there’s any correlation.

In Central Java many farmers subscribe to a Government ‘insurance’ program that offers them free fertilizer and chemicals in return for a proportion of their crop but most people in Nita’s village choose not to participate.

It apparently rains a lot in the area of the CB in Nita’s Father’s garden and when he wants to harvest his rice crop and dry the fresh paddy in the fields; he dismantles the CB and the rain stops (and when he’s finished, he redeploys the CB and the rain returns).

The night we stayed at his house it rained heavily which suited him perfectly as he was ready to plant maize (that seems less affected by the mystery worm) and in the morning I took this photo of a rainbow over the fields:

Rainbow at Dawn

Orgonite is said to reduce parasites and improve yield and we buried all the TBs I had left around the perimeter of our land and put Cesco blocks in the wells.

We put the HHGs in the house and left again for Bali the next day as I wanted to email Don and Carol about the TB-drop and there was no internet office to be found locally.

I spotted this lost chamtrail segment over Java from the ferry home…

Lost Chemtrail

…and we arrived back to clear skies over Bali:

Clear Skies over Bali

On the drive back home I noticed that there is now very little gap between the influence of the CB in my garden in the south of Bali and the other one up at Lovina on the north coast.

Barely half an hour after our arrival back at the house, I saw this plane laying a chemtrail right above our house:

The big deal about this is that it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Jet spew-plane in Bali and it would seem to mark an escalation in the conflict.


Thanks for posting the pics and the specifics, Dan. It will be good to track what effects the orgonite will have in those fields. You should be seeing something pretty soon.

I’m going to ask Carol to track that big load of orgonite you dumped from the Java ferry but I hope you’ll also track changes in weather and climate in the overall region from now on because I think the dolphins and perhaps whales are taking some of that orgonite pretty far and orgonite in the sea disables HAARP.

In Florida, we could easily track the orgonite nearly across the ocean to Africa according to peculiar effects shown by weather radar. Of course, Dave Emmett had been and probably still is tossing huge numbers of TBs into teh sea around Barbados (the eastern end of the Caribbean), so I don’t mean to imply that it’s all from Florida.

The photo of the chemtrail jet seems to show that it’s spewing at the lower level (around 12,000 ft altitude), which perhaps shows their desperation to ‘make a showing’ in the skies over Bali. I’ve rarely heard of chemtrails being spewed lower than that.

The little remnant you noted is probably just a bit of cloud that formed around some of the spew particles and/or droplets. Notice that these don’t fall, as in the years before cloudbusters, but remain suspended as clouds for a little while. Anyone who remembers what chemtrails were like when they were sickening and killing millions of people knows that in those days (before cloudbusters) they quickly spread out to blot the sky and destroyed all water-bearing clouds on their way to the ground. Sometimes you could smell the kerosene base material that the bioweaponry rode along in and perhaps subsisted on, in transit.

An advantage of having constant spewplane activity is that you can track, over the coming months, the time it takes for the stuff to disappear. On average days, we have a dozen or so chemtrail jets in our skies but the stuff disappears so fast that it’s sometimes hard to find those white, unmarked jets without a lot of effort Cool. The spew began disappearing faster after we gifted the big lakes but that disappearance rate is still increasing, nine months later.

I might paint my new gifting airplane light blue underneath, like those WWII fighters, because it’s hard to see from the ground, and NATO gray on top. I’m told that NATO gray is hard to see from the air. It’s nice to have a shop, finally!

I’m getting fewer and fewer Chicken Little chemtrail reports in my mailbox, by the way, which probably indicates that the incessant disinfo efforts on the internet, in the face of our increasing success, are finally failing. I got a typical one today, though, accompanied by a lot of photos. The frantic emailer said that as soon as she started seeing these, her chest started burning and she felt just terrible. She also said that the planes were ‘flying well below 5,000 feet!’ The one photo of a plane indicated that the altitude was far above what Dan showed in the previous post, by the way, and the ‘chemtrails’ were obviously just temporary clouds formed on the harmless spew in that vibrant blue sky.

Some folks who have just begun to notice streaks in the sky get mad at me for saying that the chemtrail program is no longer a threat, though it’s easy enough to see that my claim is valid. I think we humans tend to be irrational and reactive rather than rational and proactive, which makes the parasitic disinformants’ work easy. If it weren’t for solid, sequential gifting reports and photos like Dan’s who would be countering the phrenetic nattering of the disinformants and their peanut gallery? I constantly invite the latter to take the next logical step away from the What To Think Network and start doing their own work and reading instead of assuming that people like Rense, Carnicom and Jones will give them all the answers or convince them that ‘resistance is futile!’ I also assure them that getting from the brain-killing What To Think Network to the livelier, more clever disinformants was a positive step, at least.

I hope we can get some pictures of the DOR-laden atmosphere around Bali the way it used to be, before Dan started healing it. From correspondents who had visited there after the CIA murdered all those tourists, six years ago, it’s apparent that Bali had lost its reputation for being a tropical paradise before Dan came along to restore it. If this were a fair world, he’d get richly rewarded for the work he’s doing, though he’s probably inclined to say that the work IS the reward Cool.


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