Bali Gifting

Gifting in Bali is a lonely affair and as far as I know, I’m the only gifter on the island.

When I started making orgonite a few months ago, the sky was a hazy pale blue with no recognizable cloud-formations and I hadn’t seen distinct cumulus for a long time.

Today the sky is a clear blue graced by majestic cumuli wherever one goes (in the south).

This suggests that Bali was indeed totally ungifted before I learned about orgonite a few months ago; a situation which I hope to rectify in time.

Whenever I have occasion to drive up north, the good weather fades as I climb into the hills of central Bali where familiar pale-blue hazy skies prevail, urging me to widen my field of scope from my own back yard to the mountainous north.

I’d like to site another two CBs in the north-east and the north-west respectively to triangulate the island but there are problems.

In contrast to its international image as a holiday destination, many of the Balinese are actually quite poor so a badly secured CB would quickly find its way to the nearest scrap-yard.

They are also a highly superstitious people and are devoted to their complex religion (a kind of animist version of Hinduism).

If it were known that there was a strange device in their village that could effect something as fundamental as the weather, any number of ills could be blamed on it and I fear that it would not be long before it would be destroyed by a lynch-mob.

For this reason I have told very few people about my own CB and any further devices would need to be placed with trusted allies who could keep a secret

Solitary gifting has many advantages and I generally cruise around on my motorbike with my shirt stuffed with TBs.

On a bike nobody bothers me; they haven’t had the time to wonder what I’m up to before I’m in the saddle again and gone.

I’m fast enough to cover long distances with ease and slow enough to chug down alleyways pretending to be looking for an elusive address whereas in reality I’m searching for access to an elusive tower embedded in housing estate.

I can pretend to be fiddling with the engine when I’m actually burying a TB at the roadside and can pull up on the sidewalk to lob a couple into a river or an overgrown vacant lot.

In this way I’ve gifted most of the main roads and many of the smaller ones and sniffed-out the bulk of the towers in Denpasar, the major town in southern Bali where I live.

The ‘city’ of Denpasar is criss-crossed with rivers and storm-drains and these make excellent locations for general gifting.

The bulk of the public areas are swept fastidiously on a daily basis by an army of locals who take pride in keeping their houses and shop-fronts clean making the opportunities for sidewalk gifting few and far between.

As Hari mentioned in his Malaysia gifting reports, the danger of being mistaken for a terrorist in this part of the world is all too real.

There have been a number of high-profile bombing campaigns in the region that have had a catastrophic effect on tourism which used to be one of the major sources of foreign exchange and upon which many Balinese had come to depend.

One fortunate legacy of the erstwhile tourist trade is that Westerners have been visiting the island in such numbers for so many years that they aren’t regarded as anything special anymore and clandestine gifting missions aren’t likely to attract much attention (except where security is high).

Still, it would be a shame to end up in Guantanamo Bay for trying to bust a microwave tower.

Towers are often sited on private land and the owner receives a nominal rent and can still use the ground that’s not taken up by the foundation stones.

I can only imagine what it must be like having a tower buzzing away in your yard but the locals don’t seem unduly bothered.

I gifted this tower a few days before I went back to take this photo:

The house isn’t quite finished yet and the owner has yet to move in (rather him than me).

Happy gifting.


This is terrific for the record, thanks Dan–the more we can report the before and after effects of our efforts, the more solid and unassailable our body of empirical evidence of orgonite’s effects can be.

It’s possible that if you go back to the rural areas you’re gifting you may find receptive souls. This is another common effect of gifting that hasn’t gotten its fair share of reporting but I think you’re going to discover that on your own.

Carol and I have hidden CBs in key areas, including the Hopi and Navajo Reservations. Sometimes even a temporary atmospheric boost from a cloudbuster is worth the risk of it being eventually found and dismantled. It may be that you can turn the tide of the present terror in Bali. I hate to think about how things would be in America if the federal gov’t had got its terror wishes granted, as happened somewhat where you live.

That big bomb blast is one of the four in the past five years that we failed to discover in time to stop; the other three being the train bombs in Spain and UK and the detonation of the H-bomb on the seabed not very far from you.

I think the larger calamities are social and political ones, including the final obliteration of the rule of law in America and the destruction of the gender equality movement and all other progressive cultural developments in the Middle East. Oddly, it’s the isolated government-terrrorist events that catch most people’s attention, though. The upside is that we can economically prevent most or all of the latter so that the PJ folks will remain relatively terror-free and are more inclined to notice and resent the new, overt tyrannies.

I reckon Bali is the only region that declined to convert to Islam, centuries ago. I shared a house in the mid-1980s in Western Samoa with some guys from Tanna in Vanu Atu. That island was made famous by a National Geographic magazine article about the vine jumpers, which these fellows were. It’s also famous for the John Frumm cargo cult from WWII and the fellows dressed up in discarded US Army uniform items, for which there was apparently a brisk trade on their home island. I mentioned them because that culture, too, remained free from missionizing, so it was an anomaly. It may be a rule that cultures that resist peer pressure that way (conversion by missionaries) are generally quick to accept practical new tech. Japan has always been that way, too.

If you ever see a bumper sticker that says,‘What Would John Frumm Do?’ you’ll know why it’s funny. Worldwide fundamentalist churchianity, since the late 1960s, is mostly a CIA-created cargo cult, by the way. Religion, via dirty clergy, has always been the best means of infiltration and cultural sabotage.

My good friend, Kizira Ibrahim in Uganda, is a Buganda witch doctor who planted himself in a rural village because he felt a conviction that it was where he was supposed to be. He’s from some other part of the country but within the same tribal region. When I visited him, there, the villagers were still kind of leery of him, even though all the sick folks came to him for healing. He had done that work, before, in Kenya but apparently it was too difficult to get things done among another tribe, so he moved back to his native region.

He certainly kept in mind the notion that the villagers (just about anyone we ever meet is a PJ person) had limits to how much information they were willing to assimilate at once. He had to put his cloudbuster in the house at some point because so much rain was being generated that the dirt tracks were getting impassable and the villagers were giving him the stinkeye on account of it. Six months before that, our mutual friend, Dr Paul Batiibwe, had built Uganda’s first cloudbuster, 20km away, and ended a very long HAARP-induced drought in that farming region.

Dr Paul was often under the gun because he ran the Kiboga district hospital mostly without the use of drugs, including antibiotics, and was getting consistently phenomenal results. This brought a lot of pressure from the UN onto the Uganda Government at a time when the CIA and MI6 were inciting and paying for large-scale bloodshed to the north. Doc Kayiwa’s timely gifting in the north and the neighboring areas of Sudan and Congo, late last year, quickly stopped the violence, though CIA and MI6 aren’t gifing up entirely, of course.

When I travel I do my best to get acquainted with locals and to develop working relationships, if possible. I did this long before I ever heard about orgone–been doing it since my teens and I’m a middle-aged guy. It’s the best kind of tourism, really, and if I’d had orgonite to hand out, back in the day, I know I’d have made even more friends.

I hope you’ll try that, especially in the remote regions, Dan–if you’re gun shy, why not pepper the area with orgonite, first, on your scooter and then go back, a month later after the energy has had a chance to percolate in people’s energy fields? It’s now even possible to hand orgonite to many white strangers in America, which is as closed a culture as the one in Bali, I bet. It’s human nature to remain separate from other cultures, even when we’re surrounded by them, but i think that trait is as obsolete as tails and canine teeth and the only way to get past it is to consciously go against the tendency.

I wonder why the sewer rats want so badly to isolate the Balinese these days with CIA nightclub bombs, etc. Maybe you can tell us–everyone’s curious about Bali and I, for one, didn’t even know that the terror campaign is succeeding there or that tourism has died. I know that tourism in America, at least via air, is almost dead on account of the airport Gestapo. Our airports are like ghost towns these days. Hopefully something will soon break in the pajama people’s consciousness and they’ll recognize that the airport Gestapo and the associated new treasonous form of government are unacceptable. Apparently the world odor has had to ‘put up or shut up’ and jumped the gun by not sufficiently terrorizing the PJ folks before saddling them with overt tyranny. This is a global problem, actually, as your observations also indicate.


Thanks Don.

To elucidate; the bombs that were detonated in tourist areas of Bali were widely blamed on a militant Islamic organization called Jemaah Islamiyah whose stated goal is the creation of an Islamic Super-state in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Philippines.

It’s also become quite obvious that they are under the tacit protection of the Indonesian Government and Military.

Islamic terrorists are routinely either never found, manage miraculous escapes or their trials are subject to protracted delays, procrastination and endless appeals etc whereas any reprisals by non-Islamists like the (fabricated) ‘Poso three’ are swiftly executed by firing squad.

The first step in creating an Islamic Super-state is to eradicate all non-Muslims and to this end Balinese tourism stands out as a prime target (killing two birds with one stone so to speak).

The Balinese are a deeply religious people and neither know nor care about politics and many of them still don’t understand who targeted their island and why.

After the first Bali bomb, the tourists fled but when it became clear that this was an isolated incident and many of the culprits had been caught, they began to return.

Just when the tourist industry was getting back on its feet again, J.I. sent a bunch of suicide bombers and the tourists fled again.

It seems that as long as tourism remains at a pitifully low level, the island will remain as safe as houses but there’s little doubt that history will repeat itself should the infidels return in significant numbers.

When I first heard of the organization and their ambitions, I though it a preposterous plan with no chance of success but now I’m not so sure.

They have played their hand quite skillfully and the economic and political climate seems to have swung in their favour

Jemaah Islamiyah is protected by the Indonesian Government (whatever they may say to the contrary) who in turn are in the pocket of the US Government (whether radical Islam likes it or not) and I leave it to you to decide where the sewer rats come into all this and to what twisted purpose.

Interesting to read, Don, that you were in Western Samoa in the mid ‘80s as I was there too for about six months in ’82; staying at Betty Moore’s in Apia (when I wasn’t cycling around Savaii) before jumping a sailing ship to Tonga, Fiji and Vanu Atu on my way to Indonesia.

Life was still good back then for the Pacific islanders who lived in true paradise (would that it still were).

Reading Hari’s latest post on the haze from forest fires in Indonesia and the regular chemtrail spraying over KL, I feel very lucky that Bali is free of both.

The distance from the remaining rainforests and the direction of the prevailing winds conspire to keep the air in Bali clear and to my knowledge Chemtrails never been seen here.

The island has its fair share of Towers of course and they seem to be visible everywhere I go.

My gifting operations are on hold for the time being; some doubt has been cast on the positivity of my stainless steel orgonite and the aluminium tailings from the machine-shop have yet to transpire (perhaps next week; but this is Indonesia).

When they do (and weather permitting) I shall be back on my trusty steed and busting towers further afield.

The monsoon season is finally beginning here in Nusatenggara (usually starts around early November) and last night we had the first heavy rain in months.

Happy gifting.


Today is a black day for Bali with the first sighting of a chemtrail.

Yesterday’s weather was fantastic (this photo fails to do it justice) and I saw what I think is my first Sylph over the garden.

Possible sylph

This morning I was surprised to see how much ‘moisture’ there was in the sky replacing the clarity that has become usual and on closer inspection there seemed to be a feint criss-cross of grey lines everywhere similar to the pictures I’ve seen of high-level chemtrail spraying.

This faded somewhat but still the sky wasn’t anything like as clear as it was yesterday although the cumulus were there as usual (looked like the lower part of the photo below).

I was pouring the last of the TBs before breakfast when I heard a helicopter approaching (a black one as it turned out) that flew down from the north, circled round the east side of my garden and away to the south-west.

I banished paranoid thoughts from my mind and went back to my TBs.

Later in the day I was just sitting down at the computer when I noticed the chemtrail through the window and snapped it for posterity.

Chemtrail over Bali

It was nearly right over our garden and the bit that passed nearest the CB was already nearly gone (just off-camera to the right).

As time passed, I saw that it was definitely a chemtrail as it just spread out and out and finally enveloped the whole sky in a thick white haze that’s slowly thinning as I write.

I’ve mentioned once or twice in my posts how glad I was not to have to contend with chemtrail-spraying but alas, those days seem to be over.

I’ve found a good source of machine-shop floor-sweepings that seem to make better orgonite than the expensive stainless steel scouring-pads did and when I collect my next sack-full, I’m going to make another CB to counter the muck from above.

So much for ‘happy gifting’; this is War.


This is the day after Bali’s first chemtrail attack and I’m pleased to report that my defective CB has managed to restore the sky to good health:

health restored

In fact the sky is even more splendid now than before the chemtrail turned it white and makes me think that perhaps they did us a favour.

Is it possible that their injection of DOR, converted to POR by our orgonite, results in an orgone-boost for the region?

I was also wondering what happens to the dangerous chemicals that they spray when a CB ‘dissipates’ them.

They are rendered invisible, that much is obvious, but what of the chemicals?

Surely they’re still there in some form or other.

Anyone know the answer to this?

The sky was virtually clear by late afternoon and we had another spectacular sunset (albeit a bit weird-looking) but by morning it was lovely as usual.

Happy gifting.


Well the morning passed pleasantly enough but I knew it couldn’t last:


For some reason this stuff stuck around for a couple of hours but was pretty much clear by sundown.

Next day…

Next day

…started off okay but got kind of strange as the day progressed.

That evening a prop-plane flying at low altitude laid three trails over our house in quick succession.

What was particularly freaky about it was that they were clearly targetted at the CB as the plane didn’t start spraying until it got in range of our garden and stopped the trail just as soon as it passed.

On the third fly-by, the pilot turned off the trail as he left the area and then as an after-thought, turned it back on again and continued until he was out of sight (presumably to empty the tank).

These trails seemed to be different as they didn’t become milky-white as the others had done but just spread a bit and hung in the sky for ages.

I pointed my CB at them and they moved off (against the prevailing wind) to the west.

Perhaps they were testing a different compound on the CB to see what would happen (who knows?).

The next morning….

Morning day 4

….more visits from the black helicopter and a clear sighting of our by now familiar spray-plane (but alas no time to grab my camera).

It’s a medium-sized propellor-plane with sharp wings, white with no markings at all and carries a red sprayer slung under one wing.

There’s visible evidence of spraying up in the hills out of range of my CB but for the time being they seem to have given up on my area which continues to have a healthy sky.

I’ve built another CB which I’ll be deploying further afield shortly.

The constant visits by the black helicopter and the plane that lays no trails seem to suggest that they don’t understand why the crud doesn’t stick and keep coming back for another look.

There’s no overtly intimidating behovoiur by the chopper and it all seems to be conducted with surprising openness.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy gifting.


Last night at sunset our friendly neighbourhood spray-plane laid a couple of crud-trails across the sky above Denpasar to the west and within minutes it looked like this (and heading in the direction of our house):


I hastily erected my spare CB so that I had two of them ready, awaiting the arrival of the chem-cloud.

No doubt to the dismay of the hapless perpetrators, the cloud was eaten alive in about 20 minutes.

Done and dusted.

Happy gifting.


I took this (composite) photo earlier as the same thing was happening again but in daylight this time.

CB clearing crud

The friendly spray-plane had laid a load of crud way off camera to the right and the CB is standing centre-right of the photo.

You can see the difference in cloud-health as it passes across the garden (right-to-left of course).


Sunday is a holiday in Bali and everyone takes the family to the beach but there was no let-up for the spray-plane who flew constantly all day in by far the heaviest spray-day here yet.

Poison sky

This was after one could just see the sky through the crud (and he was still spraying!).

I wish I knew what they’re spraying but everyone I know (including my family) has a heavy flu that just goes on and on for weeks on end.

Habby gibding.



This photo was taken about two months ago (well before I said they started spraying chemtrails here) and yet with hindsight, I see that what I thought at the time was just a pretty sky at sunset, contained chem-clouds.

Around this time, a lot of people (including myself and my family) contracted influenza.

There’s nothing unusual about ‘flu’ here and lots of the locals get colds etc when the usually stable weather pattern gives way to temperature-fluctuations (as the monsoons start for instance).

The strange thing about this strain of ‘flu’ is that it never seems to go away; just gets a bit worse or a bit better or changes from nasal-clog to sore throat to headache and back again.

Recently, as reported above, they started saturation-spraying on Sunday and continued (with lesser zeal) on Monday and Tuesday and as result I started to feel seriously poisoned.

This was no longer ‘flu’ and all the previous symptoms intensified until we were all feeling like death.

Today is Wednesday and for some reason I’ve only seen one or two short trails here and there.

Blue skies prevail, the symptoms have greatly subsided and I see very little cloud of any kind anywhere (return of the Blue Hole?).

When I built CB2 (see Grounding CBs) and had both devices standing together in the garden, the Blue Hole returned and all the clouds receeded to the horizon so I dismantled one.

Later I redeployed it at a friend’s house about five miles away and until today the two CBs have not conspired to produce the Blue Hole.

Perhaps in the absence of chem-spraying and working on a relatively untroubled sky, the two devices are still too close together for comfort.

Happy Gifting.


Amid constant but gentle Crud-spraying, the rain finally seems to have arrived in Bali (about two months late) although my Father-in-law in Java reports clear skies and continues to irrigate his fields with a diesel-pump from a well he dug (with intel from a local dowser) on his land.

Refreshing to have some serious rain after so long but the continuing bad news is the Crud-trails.

My question (above) about what happens to the chemicals when our CBs appear to make them ‘go away’ seems to be answering itself as time goes by.

They’re still there and still make us sick.

In direct proportion to the amount of spraying in the skies, my family and friends in the area report the same fluctuating symptoms (Cold, Fever, Headache, Cough and a lack of motivation).

My CB seems to be able to remove the DOR element from the crud-cloud which results in improvements to the appearance of the sky but the toxins clearly remain (although to what extent they’re unchanged I can’t tell as I’ve lived with a CB throughout the current attack).

Happy gifting.


For the last few days they haven’t just been spraying; it’s been a total white-wash and everyone’s been feeling really poisoned as a result.

The entire town has been complaining of persistent headaches, nausea and a feeling of disorientation and pointlessness.


Bali Sky

They have yet to start spraying (bet you can tell).

This is the way the sky is whenever they give us a day off from obligatory poisoning.

Long may it last.


Here in Indonesia, the monsoon season should have started back in November sometime but until now the drought has persisted (and the chemtrails too) and it’s my observation that there’s a direct link between the two.

When they stop spraying for a few hours, dark cumulus frequently appear and it threatens to rain. The spray planes return, the clouds disperse and are replaced by the general white-out to which we’ve all become accustomed.

This has happened time and time again and is clearly no coincidence.

At the same time there are regions of the country that have experienced rainfall well in excess of normal levels (although it’s becoming hard to determine what is normal anymore) and these floods are largely confined to the great conurbations in the west of the country.

Now if I were a scumbag NWO weather-control architect and it was my intention to inflict maximum suffering on the dispensable population of a mineral-rich country, I’d create drought in the rice-growing regions and catastrophic flooding in the cities (which would appear to be what they’ve done).

My Father in law has reported no significant rainfall during the rice-planting season with the bulk of the arable land in his area now abandoned by bankrupt farmers.

At the same time, Jakarta has up to ten feet of sewage flowing through it; the rich have decamped to hotels on higher ground while the rest of the population fester in inner-city refugee camps.

Yesterday I had two CBs running in my garden (one of them is destined for the town of Ubud in the centre of the island later today) and the sky remained clear-blue in spite of sporadic spraying.

Late afternoon saw the backlash with saturation-spraying over the city yet the blue sky prevailed above my house.

Finally at sunset, the planes criss-crossed my village and managed to white it out (but it was clear again by mid-evening).

At sunrise there was no evidence of overnight spraying and the sky started clouding over.

I’m pleased to report that I write this in the early morning to the sound of torrential rain and a thunderstorm.

In Java too the weather seems to have turned and this week saw the first heavy rain of the season (only three months late).

My Father-in law is the only farmer for miles around who has continued to irrigate his rice-crop with a diesel-pump from his well; others in the area who bothered to plant at all, gave up and left their fledgeling crops to die in the parched soil.

It remains to be seen whether this is another ‘false dawn’ or if the spew-planes will manage to reverse the situation.

This photo was taken just after posting the above:


The crud-plane has dispersed the rainclouds and replaced them with chemclouds.

A case in point.


When was the last time you saw a rainbow?
I’ve seen two in as many days and in the same location above my garden:

This is perhaps not as surprising as it may seem as both were in chemical skies; the poison mist apparently refracting the sunlight.

The short horizontal rainbow in the second image eventually grew longer and formed a semi-circle below the sun but grew paler too and shooting directly into the sun, I failed to get a decent photo of it.

Since I deployed the second CB in my garden they’ve been saturation-spraying against the blue sky above and the chemical they’re using in the last couple of days smells similar to the one they started with a few months back.

In the interim period, we’ve experienced the same dry throat, sneezing etc but it’s been lighter than the choking acrid stuff they’ve used again recently.

A friend just flew in from Singapore and took this shot of the chemical haze above southern Bali.

Crud from the Air


Just returned after an interesting trip back to see my wife’s family in Java (where I deployed a CB on an earlier trip).

The ‘Blue Hole’ info’ forms the basis of my 'Grounding CBs thread and it was this alarming function of the CB that seems to have led my Father-in-law to secretly lay the device down for most of the time I thought it was being used (a fact that I only just discovered by going there in person).

I’d previously assumed that the current chemical attack in the area was confined to Bali in general and the south of the island in particular but it seems my information was wrong.

The chemical sky prevailed throughout the trip to Java and although it was obvious enough to me that the sky was heavy with chemicals and bore no visible signs of healthy cloud, Nita’s Father seemed unaware of the chem-spraying (just wondered why it was always overcast yet never rained).

I asked after the CB and was led to the back of the tool-shed where it lay under an inch of dust (a terrible sight for any gifter) so I brushed it off and set it up again in the garden.

Within the hour, the sky was much healthier and that night it rained for the first time after a long dry spell.

Nita’s Father was amazed and started to learn the difference between grey clouds and grey chem-soup and more about the function of the CB.

I explained how the chem-spraying resulted in cloud-depletion and was probably responsible for the drought this year; how clouds are held together by orgone which is why they disperse when sprayed with DOR-laden chemicals and return when the CB clears the chemicals and restores the POR (and why laying the CB down in the shed will deprive him of any chance of rain as long as the spraying persists).

I’d planned to bring the CB back to Bali if indeed there was no chem-spraying in Java but we decided to leave it there as it was clearly necessary.

I noticed a circular rainbow around the sun (as viewed through a sheet of chem-cover) and he said that many farmers had observed this phenomenon in recent months and there had even been an item about it on TV.

The journalist had apparently received information from a ‘meteorologist’ that this rainbow meant that there was going to be a series of whirl-winds along the archipelago probably on the 12th of March if not a little later (a suspiciously specific prediction).

This ‘prediction’ is an obvious attempt to cover up the chem-spraying program and to prepare the starving farmers for further weather-control attacks.

We have about two weeks to see if their plans materialize.

Upon my return to Bali today, I read an email from Hari (Drakull) in which he mentioned seeing the circular rainbow (the sun viewed through chem-clouds) so it’s obviously an embarrassingly persistent tropical effect that threatens to blow the whistle on the chem-spraying program (farmers are generally far more observant than city-dwellers).

Every time I cross the narrow Strait between Bali and Java, I throw in a few TBs and the sky is always a lot healthier in that area than anywhere either side of it (and today was no exception).

The chem-cover was a total white-out but over the ferry-crossing there were distinct holes and patches of clear blue sky.

Driving down south on the Bali side; I counted no less than 40 towers along the road that I have yet to bust (so a coast-road expedition is clearly in order).

The white-out persisted until about 60 kilometers north of my CBs at which point the etheric health of the sky quite suddenly improved.

Back at the ranch and the battle for control of the skies continues between my CBs and the poor Chem-plane who seems to be having an increasingly hard time closing all the holes in the sky around here.

Long may his problems continue to multiply.


Dan, thanks for posting such a well-detailed and illustrated journal, here, of your observations and efforts!

In fact, any of us who do a lot of gifting and cloudbusting encounter the same challenges that you’ve been overcoming but not many have been subjected to low-level chemical/biological attacks, as you obviously are these days. I hope you and yhour family are zapping as soon as the symptoms start to occur. This stops the poisoning process and limits the tissue damage caused by this weaponry. It’s unfortunate that others in the area are sickened, of course, but you’re certainly not rsponsible for what the world odor does to people.

Some gifters in Africa started seeing chemtrails for the first time after they cleared the sky and brought rainfall to drought-ravaged areas. I suppose it’s also happened in parts of Asia and South America where there were no chemtrails, before people in those areas started restoring our environment after the world odor’s abominations were committed.

I know those are huge islands but I suspect that orgonite in the sea around them will have a profound effect on HAARP. I can say this from direct experience in an approximately equally large landmass, South Florida. We discovered that a lot of HAARP infrastructure is on the seabed and the only explanation we have for the HAARPicanes getting neutralized so far from the gifted areas, last year, is that dolphins distributed much of our orgonite to these underwater weapon platforms, even as far as Africa. We certainly encountered a lot of dolphins in the process of distributing it and, of cousre, DAve Emmett dumped about as much in the water around Barbados, at the other end of the Caribbean Sea.

I"m awfully happy that you’re not entirely isolated, having Hari and Didier, at least, as relatively close associates. Kelly’s apparently back in Malaysia, doing some followup work that might affect your area positively, too. He’s the only gifter, so far, who accomplishes grand-scale successes with only a little orgonite, focusing mainly on the ch’i (orgone) streams in the atmosphere.

If NIta’s dad will keep that cloudbuster set up they won’t likely experience destructive weather but we’ll also see what we dan do in the chatroom to block, the apparently scheduled HAARP assault on that island in March.

Sometimes, rainbow around the sun is a good thing, by the way. I once saw that in San Francisco on a bright ,clear day without chemtrails and the atmosphere felt lovely, there. It, too, was remarked on even by the What To Think Network. That’s not to say that what you saw wasn’t heinous, of course.

I noticed in some of your pics that the Sylphs are apparently making a showing in your sky. You can consider them allies, of course.

We hid some cloudbusters on teh Hopi and Navajo Reservations, five years ago, and those two stopped the chemtrails and dense smog in a day, apparently perpetually. Carol psychicly checked with the elders before we did it and she told me, recently, that the CBs are still there. The HOpi, and many of the surroudning Navajo, had erected kivas in their yards (sort of like fallout shelters, dome-shaped and partly underground; made of adobe and mud. They were instructed to do it by the elders after the prophesied ‘spider webs in the sky’ showed up a few years before.

It’s pretty cool that we’re living in a time when teh prophecied destruction of civilization has apparently been mostly diverted. The worse calamities, including the systematic destruction of countless millions of families by state-sponsored divorce mills, the trauma-based programming of countless millions of white and Asian children by the CIA and MI6 (this puts the rampant divorce rate in another, even more sinister context: a constant supply of already-disoriented small children) the slaughter of untold millions of innocents by National-Socialist (including the US one) and communist regimes, the obliteration of most of the previously vibrant cultures in AFrica, the Americas and Asia by materialism and missionaries, the spiritual degradation of masses of gullible PJ folks by institutionalized drug culture and promiscuity, ad nauseum. All of that was aimed at humanity in order to cause people to become less responsible and accountable, of course, but it’s all backfiring.

Dr STevo (our own GPS) is fond of pointing out that no matter how hard the world odor tries to destroy us all with environmental poisons, bioweaponry, radiactive materials, bad food, depleted soil, poisoned water, etc., we continue to survive and even thrive as a species; much like cockroaches, in fact <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” title=“Cool” />

YOu assume that Muslims are responsible for the bombings, perhaps because that’s what the What To Think Network keeps harping on. Similarly, PJ folks in the West assume that some ignorant, greedy smugglers in Colombia are responsible for the intricately coordinated global dope trade, complete with price fixing, subsidized distribution networks, complicity by US presidents and Air Force, etc. For that matter, the same mindset is now led to assume, by the What To Think Network, that this fake, cretinous and capricious US President orchestrated the destrucytion of the World Trade Center. More, nobody on the What To Think Network stops to consider where these ‘terrorists,’ who are allegedly villagers in third world countries, mainly, get so much money and costly weaponry if not from the same London bankers who have been financing all the wars in the world since the early 1800s and, before that, built up the largest empire in recorded history and subverted all the clergy (including the Muslim clergy) in the conquered lands. They didn’t completely take the Middle East until the end of WWI but they had begun subverting all the Muslim clergy a couple decades before that, through their sponsorship of Jalal’ud-Din Afghani and the Pan Islamic Movement. The Brits used the Young Turk Movement to depose the Sultan of Turkey in 1908, for instance, and all of the Middle East, west of Persia, belonged to him, before that, as did part of Europe.

Here’s a case where studying documented history pays off in terms of not getting perpetually mind-buggered by the What To Think Network and I doubt it’s possible to have genuine peace of mind, these days, without being willing to independently examine real, factual info.

Holland got Indonesia, perhaps, because for a few decades before the Venetian bankers took over England by subterfuge, they based their operations in Amsterdam. Those parasites had to leave Venice not long after Sultan Abdu’l Aziz took Cosntantinople, which was the Venetian bankers/traders’ buffer. They had built Venice because it’s easiest to defend a city that’s surrounded by water, or at least it was when it was built, in the days before artillery [Image Can Not Be Found]

Another thing about the new, allegedly dangerous Islamic fundamentalism that the What To Think Network won’t likely mention is that it appeard suddenly and uniformly, worldwide, after Khomeini was put in place in the late 70s. Anyone who has studied Islamic history knows that it’s impossible to get those self-seeking mullahs to work together to accomplish anything exceptt to exploit their flocks, so that sort of uniformity was not their doing. Many Islamic countries that were quite progressive, before, were thrown back into the dark ages by top-down machinations and, as some German research journalists have shown, many of the SS men who escaped prosecution at Nuremburg ended up heading the police agencies of all the Middle Eastern countries, possibly except Israel, where Mossad can arguably outdo any of the transgressions that the SS were known for.

The only other modern instances I’m aware of in which comformist movements had spread so fast and thoroughly in modern times were the sudden establishment, in Europe and the US, of fascism in teh 1930s, the hippie movement in the sixties, the degradation of family life after WWII (current with the rise of the MOnarch and Tavistock mind control agenda) and the sudden proliferation, worldwide, of the current version of fundamentalist Christianity, which is cultish and characterized by centralized mind control via televangelism and other new tricks.

Identical What To Think Network smear campaigns convinced their national audiences that Poles, Japanese, Germans, Gypsies, Chinese, Koreans, Jews, Russians, Americans, etc., were subhuman, just as the What To Think Network is now trying to convince the entire world that Muslims are all mean-spirited, suicidal bomb throwers. It’s not working as well, now, as it did in the previous century, thank God, but I feel compelled to ‘answer back’ any time Islam is spoken ill of on account of the What To Think Network’s lying agenda, even though I’m not a Muslim. I’d have done the same in the 1930 and 40s when other groups national and ethnic groups were turned into scapegoats by the world odor but I probably would have gotten imprisoned or executed for it, then <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” border=“0” alt=“Wink” title=“Wink” />. By their standards, Christians would be considered a lot worse than Muslims, of course, based on history, but I’d defend Christianity if it were under attack by the world odor’s brain police.

A couple of days ago I overheard a grocery clerk and customer talking about some bad news on TV and I interrupted to comment about how the ‘What To Think Network’ (yep, I use that term on PJ folks) strictly avoids telling good news. The customer’s eyes got glassy and she numbly wandered off without acknowledging me but the clerk said, ‘You know, my brother in law had high blood pressure, but it was cured in a short time after he stopped watching TV news and resorted to the newspaper, instead!’

Dan, we need to watch the sky for confirmations and I don’t know of anyone who’s been doing a better job than you’re doing (thanks again for posting that here!) but I hope you’ll also take note of the improvements on the ground in the form of more enlightened attitudes and decreasing suspicion, xenophobia and paranoia among people where you’ve been gifting. The hill people are likely to respond most dramatically to your gifting efforts, in fact, and you miight be astonished to find that they’re more amenable to receiving orgonite than the city folks are. I hope you’ll get in touch with Eddie-san in Japan, who has experience with this in the mountains of N Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

I think it’s awfully cool that you gift from a motorcycle, by the way! Ed does, too.

When I travel to other countries, I generally don’t seek the company of my own kind but rather seek to make friends among the locals. To be fair, some places have been much easier than others for me: I was accepted by Western Samoans but not by Tongans, for instance, and it was very easy for me to meet and work wiith Ugandans but the Namibians were more standoffish. I’ve never been to your region but the Malaysians I’ve met have been more relaxed and tolerant than the Indonesians I’ve met, for what that’s worth. In the Phillipines, just about everyone’s your friend <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” title=“Cool” width=“18” height=“18” />
and quite a lot of gifting has been done there, though we’re not in touch with any of those gifters at the moment, except Jukka in Finland, who spent some time there last year and posts occasionally on EW.

I used to get culture shock only wnen returning to teh US but that’s been changing in recent years. Gifting has contributed to this place being nicer than it was, before, and I want you to find the same happy result from your own efforts, which have been very good and thorough, I think.


Thanks Don.

Okay; down from the skies and you’re absolutely right; most of my reports feature photos of confirmations and illustrations from above the horizon.

The reasons for this are two-fold:

1).The sky is easier to photograph than the feeling of community in a well-gifted neighbourhood.

2).The major catastrophe in Bali since I moved here 20 years ago started this year with systematic chem-spraying shortly after I began gifting and deploying Cloudbusters.

Another quite striking difference that’s easily observable (but difficult to take a picture of) is the lack of exhaust-fumes in the street.

Previously the air in the centre of town was barely breatheable at peak traffic times and any busy street was choked with the blue-grey haze of vehicle exhaust, one couldn’t make out details at the other end of Main St and the smog extended up to the first floor windows.

Now, it’s quite clear everywhere; visibility along the same stretch of street is perfect and the air in one’s immediate area (even in the middle of heavy traffic) is quite pleasant.

Main St. is about half a mile long and suffers from the well-known features of an almost un-giftable road with virtually nowhere to hide even a single TB.

There is, however a large river crossing it half way along the street that now hosts about 20 TBs (I seem to lob one over the parapet whenever I cross the bridge).

I find myself using this as an example when answering sceptical questions regarding the effectiveness of Orgonite and anyone who knew the town before and after has to admit that the difference is remarkable (although they have to take it on trust that it’s because I’ve hidden hundreds of TB there).

Many of the other effects that gifters quite rightly attribute to the judicial distribution of Orgonite are less easily proven.

I guess this is the reason that I tend to avoid armchair sceptics; secure in my own well-confirmed conviction that Orgonite works better than I expected it to (and I don’t care whether anyone chooses to ‘believe’ me or not).

The general feeling in southern Bali is greatly improved and I’m sure it’s not my imagination that people are friendlier and more helpful than they’ve been for years.

This is particularly noticeable when there is a minor traffic accident.

These days people will naturally rush to the aid of the victims where previously it was considered quite ‘normal’ to see everyone watching from a safe distance.

As for the generally held assumption that it was Muslim Fundamentalists that placed the bombs in Bali; I didn’t mean to imply that this was also my conviction.

What I actually wrote was that it was ‘widely blamed’ on them and I tend to agree with Don that this was a well-worn ‘spin’ by the What to Think networks and unlikely to bear much relation to the truth.

The link between future bombing campaigns and the preponderence of tourists in Bali still holds true, of course, regardless of who is held responsible for the carnage.

The sharply different treatment that Islamist and non-Islamists get in the World’s most populous Muslim nation is just human nature, I guess.

Dan. (Edostar).

PS: Anyone know why these posts end with such a long blank area?

Another sky-related post I’m afraid but only because it describes a shift in the chem.-spraying that’s caused us so much grief over the last few months.

The general pattern (up until recently) has gone something like this:

The health of the sky is reasonably good with sporadic spraying that doesn’t stick around for long.

Then it threatens to rain, the plane sprays its poison all over the place and the clouds dissipate (and rarely are things left long enough to generate thunder or lightening).

Three days ago there was a violent electric storm with blustery winds that appears to have caught them off-guard (or perhaps they were servicing the plane and couldn’t prevent it in time, who knows?) and it rained hard all through the night and into the next morning with deafening thunder-claps.

Then they sprayed a lot to dissipate the clouds and return it to the deathly calm and white-out conditions that have prevailed ever since.

It was usual to see the blue sky at least once a day prior to the storm but now it’s totally hidden behind their constantly replenished chemical haze (and we hear the distinctive drone of the chem.-plane coming in to land in nearby Kuta many times a day).

Last night the brightest stars were just visible through the chem-cloud but by sun-up the blanket had been thickened again.

They spray so much that it’s almost as though the two CBs in my garden have stopped working.

We also came under chemical attack again the morning after the storm when they sprayed the debilitating acrid chemical that our lungs reject (causing us to take short, widely-spaced breaths and giving us all sandpaper throats and pounding headaches).

Don hoped that we were all Zapping to reduce the harmful effects but I don’t even have a Zapper (although I ordered one from Georg a couple of weeks ago).

In fact I’m just a ‘CB-and-TB-man’ and have no additional equipment at all (harmonic protector, power-wand, succor-punch or whatever) figuring that money spent on peripherals could be better spent making TBs.

I set off at dawn today to gift Kuta (including the airport perimeter) as the beach is deserted at that time making gifting the tourist-town a breeze.

Found a few more towers and busted a military residential complex.

Bali is often known as the Paradise Island but that tag is becoming increasingly anachronistic.


Just a quick note to confirm the ‘prediction’ that there would be a series of tornados along Java on or around the 12th of March (see ‘Java-run’ above).

Local TV reported that on the 12th of March three twisters; two in west Java and one in central Java, trashed three villages.


Today is the festival day of ‘Nyepi’ (Day of Silence) which happens once a year here in Bali.

It marks the night when all the demons congregate to do battle with the humans; huge bamboo and paper statues (Ogoh-Ogoh) are constructed by the villagers and fire-crackers are lit (in years past the monsters were the focus of staged battles in the streets and were eventually burned).

The night of the demons was last night and today is the day when everyone stays at home and remains completely silent (apparently to fool the demons into thinking that they won the battles with the humans and leave us alone for another year).

The roads are deserted, air and sea ports are closed and all flights are stopped over the island to respect this important Hindu festival which is also a national holiday.

Notwithstanding, our friendly neighbourhood chem-plane continues to work and just laid this short trail right above our house:


It didn’t stick.

After reading Dave Rusin’s recent post, I over-gifted this immediate area with another three hundred TBs and seems to have achieved a similar effect to Dave’s area.

The above chemtrail hardly spread at all and was gone in half an hour.

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi.

Dan (Edostar).

Singaraja is a quiet port town on the north coast of Bali whose waters are host to a colony of Dolphins.

My wife Nita and I took our 5-year-old son Edo Star up to visit them a couple of days ago and take them about 50 spherical TBs (not strictly speaking ‘Dolphin Balls’ as they contained no coil or DT crystals).

A rather run-down tourist area straggles along the black sand beach and appears to have been dying slowly since the bombing campaign all but destroyed the tourist trade on the island.

All that keeps this area alive now are the dolphins that attract a slow trickle of tourists up to the north for a night or two to visit them at dawn in local fishing boats.

The continued presence of the dolphins in these coastal waters represent a valuable source of extra income to the fishermen in the village and I was afraid that the boatman would be worried that tossing TBs into the water might scare them away and ruin the village.

In the event I didnt feel comfortable sneaking them into the water unbeknown to our captain so I just handed him one.

Above the chug of the diesel engine I explained (in simplified terms) that the dolphins like them and urged him to drop it in the water when we saw some; I said that it restores the natural energy to the sea and might help to clear the sky too (he told me that it had been overcast with very little rain for months).

Beneath a chemical sky in a totally ungifted area, our little flotilla of dug-out canoes crossed the bay and soon the Dolphins began to appear alongside the boats.

We gifted a relatively small area with all the orgonite balls (on the understanding that they would most likely be redistributed anyway) and it seemed to us that the Dolphins were congregating closer to our boat than any of the others.

We spent about an hour driving around in the area heading wherever a school appeared and after a while our captain tapped me on the shoulder and pointed upwards; the sky was beginning to clear and the chem-soup was giving way to healthy cloud formations against a clear blue sky (and he seemed rather impressed).

In the photo above, the chemical white-out is visible in the distance and the bank of rain clouds spread down from the mountains within an hour of gifting the ocean.

I took this shot as we were heading back to the beach and the blue holes are behind us.

By the time we returned to shore, the sky looked much healthier and its epicentre was clearly right above the gifted area of ocean.

We spent the next day in the village; I gifted the beach on foot and busted all the visible towers along the strip.

Our friends arrived with their two daughters later in the day and they planned to go out to see the dolphins the next morning.

They had seen them before but this time they returned amazed to see such a spectacular display; the dolphins were far more energetic than usual and many of the adult dolphins were leaping clear of the water and their young turning spirals in the air.

I told them that I’d gifted the area the day before and although rather sceptical of the whole orgonite thing, they had to admit that perhaps this might have been responsible for the startling increase in the animals’ energy.

The main road to Singaraja runs north, straight up over the central mountains from Denpasar and on the way home we found (and busted) all the accessible towers along the way; some of them were rather curiously set hard against the rock face at the foot of a mountain.

The good thing is that many of these towers are sitting at the roadside on the outskirts of sleepy villages and are easily gifted (sometimes without even getting out of the car).

We plan to return to the area in a month or two to see the effects and to gift it further.

Dan (Edostar).

have you gifted the airport where the chem plane flies in and out of, maybe the pilot would experiance an elevation in consiousness

A minor update to the Dolphin report above.


200 TBs in the saddle-bags (and a soon-to-be-busted tower in the background).

I stayed overnight in Singaraja to break my journey the other day on my way around the coast road on a tower-busting mission and spoke to the fisherman who took us out to see the Dolphins last time.

He asked if I’d brought any more of the little balls for the Dolphins and I told him that I was going round the island busting all the towers that I could see from the road and I handed him a TB to put by his TV.

We were sitting with some of his friends who all asked for a TB (or two) and seemed very interested that it could make the Dolphins so lively, clear the sky and even rejuvenate the coral reefs that are slowly dying off shore (when they’re not being dynamited by pirate fishermen from other islands).

They said they’d be happy to gift the reefs if I’d provide the ammo (but I think I’ll oversee the job myself).

The sky was largely chemical when I arrived at the beach in the late afternoon having just busted all the towers to the west and by sunset it was all but clear.

The next morning, people I’d never met came and asked for TBs and it seems that the villagers of Lovina are rapidly becoming Orgonite aficionados.

Many of these villagers have never been to school and yet accept orgonite with the ease and curiosity of a child (in contrast to the wary skepticism almost ubiquitous amongst the more ‘educated’).

The weather in the mountains is quite healthy now that the towers on the central road are busted and thick cloud prevailed in the interior throughout the two day journey.

A friend who made the journey along the central road the same day said that traffic was brought to a standstill by total cloud-cover on the precipitous descent to Singaraja (rather than the chemical haze that greeted us on the last run).

Most of the towers are concentrated in the west, north and centre of the island with very few along the east coast where the views are largely uninterrupted.

2 TBs to a tower (minus the hand-outs along the way) makes about 90 fewer active towers.


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