Ball Bustin O'er the Holiday weekend

Nothing is more fun than penetrating the local international airport and busting a highly acclaimed HAARP weather monstrosity. Make no bones about it, these things are military weapons bent on destruction of our beloved country and world. The good news is that we have been awakened to the facts and we are working 24/7 to end the negative possibilities and ensure a safe and peaceful future for all of mankind, and yes we are doing it peacefully without becoming the killing machines the powers that be would have us become.

Doppler Weatherball in the background at airport

Appropriate photograph of Doppler Weatherball I gifted several times and closed the loop on this weekend.

Nexrad Weatherball in Jackson/Brandon Mississippi I busted last weekend among other things

We are making no plans to stop or slow down, only to expand our efforts in a more combined overall manner with our fellow warriors at home and abroad to get the job done quickly and efficiently