Bankster/Genocidist Summit Coming Up: London

You and your team and its work and purpose are surely needed. I know that there are others that have good intentions, also, but the basics come from you.

I got a strong feeling when reading your posts yesterday, and then remembered the G20(22) meetings next week in London UK. Main meeting is at ExCel conference centre in east London.
Maybe there is some link with this event and Tavistock?? Maybe more gifting needed?
There are more sites with special meetings, Queen and Obama, protests, etc.
Found this web site for info, but I am not too familiar with how things are spread out, like your UK team.……25/g20-q-a
G20 summit: Q&A

What is the G20 London summit and why does it matter?

Andrew Sparrow and Matthew Weaver explain; Wednesday 25 March 2009 16.11 GMT


Thanks, Robert, and this link you’re sharing is probably very timely for us! We’ve been on a roll in Europe, including Manfred’s gifting work at the Baxter biological warfare facility in Austria last week.

As far as we can tell, G20 and ilk are the old corporate world order’s effort to achieve genocide through initiating a nuclear war as soon as possible. The Chinese are evidently vested in stopping them but ‘they’re over there,’ after all, and the old Illuminati families still control a lot of resources, including nuke arsenals and secret police networks. I think the reason they aren’t building up the US and Brit armies is becausee they intend to initiate a very ‘short’ and very destructive campaign, probably using the new, brainwashed bornagain-chump Air Force bomber pilots to erase cities like Teheran with a smile.

I know from contact with other legitimate etheric ‘laborers’ that we’re not the only ones doing this essentiial, timely work against the parasitic tyrants. I’m hereby flinging another challenge to all of them to do it more publicly, though [Image Can Not Be Found]

It was after we started boosting individual Illuminati families last October that many of us in the internatinoal chatgroup started experiencing some pretty daunting assaults. Fortunately for us, I think, the corporate world order is mainly in a reactive mode, now that the international public are casting a jaundiced eye at corporate fascism, finally.

John Scudamore has done some preliminary earthpiping at the Tavistock Rathole and more is in the works. I hope someone will take orgonite to the public protests so that the corporation’s braindead cops won’t kill and maim innocents, there. Orgonite really sweetens these Gestapo trolls.


We boosted the G20 meeting and Tavistock in both the Saturday and Sunday chat last weekend. Stevo and I both feel that this meeting is not of great importance to the NWO agenda specifically, but more of a chance to trot out the world leaders and do a lot of PR. However, we do feel that gifting near that meeting with orgonite containing Lapis Lazuli would be extremely beneficial. You don’t even have to get that close…ringing the area a few miles out with HHG’s would probably do the trick since they have a long range. I know it’s short notice but if someone can accomplish it, I believe we will see some interesting press after that meeting.

In boosting Tavistock, we specifically boosted their computer system…the orcas had a blast with that!


Bit like the UN, all the real meetings go on underground. Would it be a good idea to put Lapis in earthpipes?

I’d do that but it’s a 6 hour round trip for me. Somehow just managed to get 2 copper 28mm lengths for free, told the lady the price seemed cheap but she said it was ok, who am I to argue [Image Can Not Be Found];

So the 35mm EP length came free. [Image Can Not Be Found];

I’ll do some more in due course unless it is urgent. Should be enough.


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