It's July 2020, and great positive changes are underway at every level of our reality. They began in earnest in 2012, and have been increasing in speed and magnitude. I began writing this series of articles, entitled "Positive Changes That Are Occurring", in July of 2013.

These historically-unprecedented positive changes are being driven by many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices based on Wilhelm Reich's work.

Since Don Croft first fabricated tactical Orgonite in 2000, its widespread, ongoing and ever-increasing distribution has been unknitting and transforming the ancient Death energy matrix built and expanded by our dark masters, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before. And, as a result, the Ether is returning to its natural state of health and vitality.

In response to these great positive changes, teams of what we euphemistically call “secret agents” are engaged in ongoing animal killing operations on behalf of the barely-closeted Death worshippers they work for. Sometimes they use poisons or designer viruses. At others they use blunt force trauma, or sonic weaponry. To name only a few methods out of many.

The words “mystery”, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything.

That’s why a Chesapeake Bay Journal article from April 2002 is headlined “Striped bass illness baffles Bay scientists”.

“A handful of scientists around the Bay are trying to solve a baffling ecological mystery: They want to know why as many as half of the Chesapeake's striped bass are infected with a disease rarely seen in the wild.”

That’s why another Chesapeake Bay Journal article from 2006 is headlined “Sick stripers' fate remains a mystery”.

Where, under the false guise of familiarity, the author has abbreviated the correct name, “striped bass”, to make the subject drastically less searchable.

The author avers that “Mycobacteriosis—and what it means for the Bay's most valuable recreational species—has been a frustrating issue for scientists and fishery managers alike since it was first discovered in Chesapeake striped bass in 1997.

That’s why a July 2011 article from the Baltimore Sun says “Many adult striped bass have sores and are ravaged by a fatal disease that remains a mystery to scientists.”

The Montana state record smallmouth bass from October 2017 weighed 7.51 pounds, and was 1.5% larger than the previous 7.4-pound record holder from 2016.

A Chesapeake Bay Program article from January 2017 described a “hopeful recovery for striped bass”.

The author said striped bass abundance in the Chesapeake Bay has increased “dramatically” and is not overfished.

Where “dramatically” is a hedging generality, put forward to blunt and defray in place of a far more impactful statistic.

A Chesapeake Bay Marine Fish Conservation Network article from June 2017 says “Something is out of balance and since the Chesapeake Bay produces more than 70 percent of the striped bass stock, it behooves us to try to figure it out. Maryland Department of Natural Resources scientists Tom Parham and Jim Uphoff may have a clue in solving the mystery. In response to concerns from fishermen on the Western Shore, they compiled data from the Eyes on the Bay monitoring system, as well as yearly core samples. This data shows nothing short of a complete collapse of the Western Shore benthic community from the Potomac River north to almost the Bay Bridge. Low oxygen levels (dead zones) killed just about everything that lives on the bottom in depths greater than twenty-two feet. The polychaete worms that were once abundant sources of protein for post-spawn stripers are gone from the area. These worms don’t need much oxygen to survive. However, they need a little and they aren’t getting it.”

The folks in charge distributed poison throughout the Bay, or perhaps even algae to suck up the Oxygen. The “out of balance” meme plays the “boom/bust cycles driven by Climate Change” and “World Out of Balance” memes that are currently used as covers for the ongoing animal-killing operations I’m documenting here. 

Try to figure it out”, “mystery”, and “have a clue” all give you the confidence that Shaggy and Scooby Doo are on the case! It will be fun and exciting as they solve the big mystery they’re working so hard on. It’s a nice fantasy, to be sure.

A Daily Press article from November 2017 is headlined “VIMS, Maryland see strong striped bass numbers in the bay”.

Where the most striped bass anyone’s ever seen in all history is referred to merely as numbers that are merely “strong”.

“Today, the population is so healthy that experts consider it recovered”.

So healthy” and “strong numbers” are hedging generalities, put forward to keep you from getting a clearer idea of the great scope of the increase.


Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, July 26, 2020

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