Battipaglia - last Sunday my socio and I went to Battipaglia

Hello everyone,

last Sunday my socio and I went to Battipaglia, a town in the suburbs, to gift all the towers there. We had already gifted an antenna on the hill which I reported in one of my reports on EW so we went to complete the gifting of the town. Actually, I did most of the gifting of the suburbs as a lonely gifter, but there’s still much to do.

The previous week I had made a good bunch of TBs, three pyramids and four disks so I used part of the ammo for this adventure:

As soon we got out of the motorway we took care of this monster:

Then we busted this antenna on the roof top of this building:

However, our main target was the antenna just in the middle of town that we had spotted from the motorway during our gifting trip to Eboli:

It took us quite some time to surround the antennas with our TBs, but in the end we managed to bury all of them everywhere it was possible. We also gifted the Tusciano river which flows just in the middle of town, very close to the last antenna and buried the 460ml pyramid in the public park. I didn’t take the photos of the other antennas we busted near the station and the stadium. All the gifting was very tricky but we are very satisfied with it because our target to free the town from the nasty energy of the antennas was completely achieved.

While we were gifting the town the Sylphs were doing a great work in the sky cleaning the non-persistent trails left by the flying psychopaths since the early morning. It was a great demonstration of power and strength, I’d say. I often see them doing this kind of work. I believe that the problem with seeing the Sylphs at work is that they are very slow so no one notices that. Sometimes you can see an intelligent thing in 20 minutes, sometimes in an hour or two, but good observation and luck can give a good reward. I have seen the most amazing things during the gifting or on spray days so I have no doubts that these entities exist and believe they do it to avoid their detriment. The photos show how they absorb the chemsoup. I hope the filaments can be spotted in this first photo:

This one is better I guess, there’s also a rainbow effect just in the middle of the photo. They love orgone, I’ve observed that so many times, so I know that I’m helping them everytime I go gifting. The area on the right is covered by my CB, for example, so they can work better:

Going back home I took other photos – actually with my socio’s camera because I had forgotten mine – which show the filaments. Obviously, seeing that live is another story because they managed to clean the sky completely:

I have some beautiful photos of the Sylphs taken along the years and I’d like to share this one with a rainbow effect:

Also, I have to report great changes here after the gifting of the main mountain top arrays in our province. It seems that although they try to destroy the cumulus clouds, these form again helped by the CBs web and the gifting done. This is a good and meaningful confirmation. I saw that last week and was positively impressed. The cumulus clouds form all the time in the sky and the chemtrails don’t seem to stick:

Another confirmation is that the good and abundant rainfalls of the last winter have been really helpful for the life in the province and this river, almost dry by the end of last September , is flowing again:

Ciao from Southern Italy,


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