Battlefield Intel For Corporate Chinese Etheric Targets?

Don Croft
23 Nov 2008 17:31
Subject: Battlefield Intel for Corporate Chinese Etheric Targets?

Dear Don,

I’m fighting a block here to keep me from writing this, I think. So,
forgive me if I just blurt everything out.

  1. A couple years ago, I think I psychically saw a huuuuuge black
    “dragon”, looked a bit like a snake and felt dark, slithering across
    China. Got the intuition that it feeds off the Great Wall somehow. like
    maybe its a negative chi generator or something. Since China’s moved to
    center stage and you now have the Chinese instructions posted, EW might
    want to look into that. (also maybe your abduction dream was a result of

  2. I was also wondering this morning if the power of orgonite is more
    closely linked to elementals. Maybe a lot of the reason they work so
    is simply because they help local elementals have a safe place to
    their energy? Saw your post about angels and elementals and decided to
    mention this, as it seemed so synchronous.

  3. Last, I was poking around the archive just now and after reading some
    of CBSworks posts about sound, the forum stopped working! All the
    come up empty. I was reading his post about sounds, like “om” and
    “yahweh”. What he was saying corresponds to something I’ve found by

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you for some time now. When I saw the
archive vanish right before my eyes (around 11PM MNT), decided NOW was
time to write.

Hopefully, this will reach you ok. Please let me know if you got it.

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