BC, Mobius, AC/DC Etc

I have few questions for you:

  1. Have you ever made Broadcaster (BC) type of the orgonite device: orgonite with the ordinary coil wrapped around it and activated by electric current (DC or AC)? I ask this because some folks are saying that these devices are generating DOR or just electro-smog?

  2. We managed to make enormous breakthrough in increasing the power (POR) output of these devices by these modifications to the original design:

a) Coil wrapped around orgonite is NOT ordinary coil. It is Mobius coil of 10 meters and longer.

b) End of coils are connected to ground and to the one connector on the ordinary household AC power supply which has no significant voltage to the ground (not phase output, we called that output ‘zero’, I’m not sure in exact english terminology).

Basically this type of BC does not draw any significant current from AC power supply and we are assuming that electrical lines inside AC power suppy act as some sort of antenna for Mobius coil and orgonite device that are sucking all this DOR energy from power grid and converting it to the POR.
Example of this device shown in pic below.

Question: do you have any experience with this type of devices, or just in principles and effects of connecting long antennas (long metal wires) to the Mobius coil and orgonite devices?

Has anyone tried it yet, some opinion or experience to share? thx

In case it is not quite clear how should it be done, here is a drowing from my friend Milan from Serbia how to do it:

nula means uotput zero and uzemljenje means grounding…

On the second drawing, on the left is a cable from the cable TV…

I like the concept, using there own grid to send good energy!
It’s my hope that small free-energy electrical generators will be supplying power into the grid and soon the big power stations will be replaced with the new-age rural “trap-line”. Young electrical apprentices will be checking grid-feed generators and distributing local produce. A grass-roots revival!

thx bmosley,

so far the results are amazing, the Sylphs appear on the sky almost instantly when such device is activated, especialy if it’s activated for the first time in some region…

the chem-spraying also dissapears very quickly

A few monthes ago I stumbled upon this article on another forum , and I made it on one of my 3 cbs. I must say that I didn’t notice a dramatic change but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work due to the numerous positive testimonies.

Broadcaster on the Electricity Grid https://orgoniteplus.net/Forum/…2&t=4

@ Laurent

Between the “classic” BC from the link You gave and the BC that I’m talking about, is a difference, because the other has a mobius coil (scalar waves production) around the base (it can be inside as well), and doesn’t use electricity from the grid, but the zero output (works as antenna) and grounding on the other end of the mobius…

It makes the effects much stronger (I saw pics of the sky and they are amazing) and has a bigger working radius…

I also use the classic BC as You at home (I’m quite satisfied acctualy with it), and haven’t tried the other one yet, because it is good to know something about the electricity before You start to connect the zero output to the mobius [Image Can Not Be Found];

That’s why I’m interested if anyone from this forum tried this version and has a opinion from personal experience…


I will manage to broadcast my stratosfeeric2 cb ( https://www.orgonisetamèrelaterre.ch/?page_id=18 ) the way you promote and see what happen.

I have been experimenting with combining electrostatic speakers, mobius coils , cb’s and diffrent “input” signals to a 500 watt amplifier. I find the electrostatic speakers transmit more “information” than a wire-wound voice coil.

Fellas, this sort of discussion is what Manfred Hottwanger created ethericresearch.com for. On this forum it’s mainly a distraction from simple orgonite, which is what anyone can use to consistently create even grand-scale results. He’s a capable person, open minded and has a science background and training so he can keep things on track and productive, there, as I’ve managed to do (so far) here over the years.

Since Manfred’s forum is currently being targetted for extinction by the corporate order (he survived their attempt to end him a few years ago) I think that’s another reason to start putting substantive research reports there.

I keep asking other people to create specialized forums that more closely align with their own personal passions when they insist on posting material, here, that doesn’t directly relate to exposing and taking down the world order and/or the use of simple orgonite to heal the world.

We have a research and development section mainly for focusing on ways to get more done with simple orgonite devices. If I didn’t insist on this guidelline, then the substantive reports would be drowned out, regardless of the good intentions of the people conducting these discussions.

It’s the simplicity of our approach that is so inclusive and draws more and more people to do this work, of course. The moment that our readers generally start assuming that only aficionados or a complex approach can get things done, then this movement will start to die.


Under the Research and Development is written “New ideas, designs and improvements.”, so I thought that it is a good thing to write something about orgonite development of my friends from our forum…

I’m sorry for my misunderstanding of the intentions of making this theme, I’ll post this new idea to some other forum.

I agree completely about the simplicity.

If there is a possibility to delete this theme because of the confusion it created, please do it. Thx…